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Pumpkin Seed Oil Health Benefits

  Pumpkins have always been much in demand during the Halloween and for culinary purposes, but it is the pumpkin seed oil health benefits that are more coveted now. The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as the phytosterols together with the... -

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

    One of the most nutritious oil available, pumpkin skin oil benefits come from the immensely rich concentration of various vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Made from the dark green, flat pumpkin... -

Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Care

You would have always savored the healthful pumpkin seeds with a zestful crunch so how about revering it for its extract in the way of pumpkin seed oi l for hair ? There are quite a few mega benefits of using pumpkin seed oil on hair as the omega 6... -

How To Treat Pumpkin Seeds

With Halloween right around the corner, everything related to pumpkin seems to arouse interest. Pumpkin seeds are popularly used to prepare a variety of delectable snacks for halloween, in case you are puzzled about  how to treat pumpkin seeds then this... -

How To Recover Pumpkin Seeds

With Halloween around the corner on October 31st, how about cooking some traditional Halloween treats such as roasted pumpkin seeds? Rather than using store bought pumpkin seeds , scoop out fresh ones with our guide on how to recover pumpkin seeds .... -

How To Remove Pumpkin Seeds

How to remove Pumpkin seeds , this can be tricky question, if you are scooping out pumpkin seeds for the first time.   Pumpkin seeds are undoubtedly a healthy treat. They are rich in zinc, Vitamin A and C. Mentioned below are certain steps that... -

How To Make Pumpkin Spice Oil

Pumpkin spice oil is a mixture of different spices which when mixed together simulate the aroma of a Pumpkin Use our guide on how to make pumpkin oil to learn more.                                           ... -

10 Ways To Spice Up Pumpkin Seeds

  With winters setting in, pumpkins are in full swing and in comes the season of pumpkin pie, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin lattes, Jack-o-lanterns and the super-crunchy snacks made from pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a great snack, especially when roasted... -

Four Recipes To Be Made With Roasted Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds have been widely acknowledged and recommended by health gurus because of its numerous health benefits. The seeds can be consumed as a snack or may be sprinkled over salads, soups etc. Discussed below are the four recipes to be made with... -

How To Eat Dried Pumpkin Seeds

    When you cut pumpkin to make a soup or bread, do not throw away the seeds, you can eat dried pumpkin seeds as snacks. Pumpkin seeds can be found abundant during Halloween; surely you would carve one for the... -

How To Get Omega-3 Without Fish Oil

  Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for a healthy brain, heart and overall body well being. While it is easy to popup fish oil supplements, most of us like to go the natural way of getting omega-3 without fish oil . Apart from fish oil, there are a number... -

Learn The Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is extracted from grape seeds that are byproduct of wine production. The  benefits of grape seed oil is due to it’s high anti-oxidant, Vitamin C, E and flavonoids content. Researchers claim that grape seed oil is highly effective in... -

Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Scientists from various parts of world have been continuing their studies on black cumin seed oil health benefits . From ancient days, the health benefits of black cumin seed oil is being used as a cure for almost every problem. Recent studies... -

How To Cure Anxiety With Hemp Seed Oil

This blog tells you about how to cure anxiety with hemp seed oil. Before going into details of how to cure anxiety using the hemp seed oil supplements, let’s have a look at the factor called anxiety and how it affects us.   ... -

Sesame Seed Oil Health Benefits

Sesame seed oil health benefits are related to its properties of acting as an antioxidant. Sesame seed oil helps to maintain good cholesterol and fight bad cholesterol. The most important health benefit of sesame seed oil is that it helps to fight bacteria... -

Grape Seed Oil Benefits

    Grape seed oil,  also known as grape oil, and is obtained from the various varieties of grapes seeds. Grape seed oil benefits   have been known for their medicinal value and cosmetic... -

Flax Seed Oil Benefits

Flax Seed oil, also known as linseed oil, is obtained from a blue flowering plant from the Canadian Priaries. Flax seed oil benefits have been well established over the time. It has been highly recommended for maintaining general well being and proper... -

Grape Seed Oil For Skin

    Grape Seed Oil for Skin is easily available and consists of oil extracted out of the seeds of Vits Vinifera or wine grapes which are usually discarded during the wine making process. A well known astringent, the... -

Flax Seed Oil For Skin

The goodness of flax seed oil  for skin goes much beyond the pretty blue flowers of the flax plant. The oil extracted from the seeds of the plant are exceptional in locking the moisture of the skin along with supplying our body with the beneficial fatty... -

Flax Seed Oil For Hair Care

Did you know about the benefits of omega3 fatty acid-rich flax seed oil for hair?  Let us press upon the seed of health and discover how using flaxseed oil on the hair can reap sheen and health.   Benefits of flax seed oil on the... -

Flax Seed Oil Side Effects

    Flax seed oil is very popular as nutritional supplement as it is a rich plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is necessary to learn the flax seed oil side effects since promoters hype the benefits and suppress the side effects in... -

5 Tasty Pumpkin Seed Recipes Post Halloween

Pumpkin is the hero of Halloween and prevails throughout the fall. With pies and cakes along with warm, steamy stews, this veggie becomes an absolute necessity from breakfast to dinner during this time. The seeds of the pumpkin are not to be ignored ... -

Top 8 Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

  Whenever you buy a pumpkin, don’t throw away the seeds! Not only are they delicious when roasted, but they are also quite beneficial for your health. Below, we've compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of pumpkin... -

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds also known as pepitas are one of the most nutritious and delicious seeds. When we talk about the benefits of pumpkin seeds,  we come to know that  the benefits are nutritional as well as medicinal. Here are the top 10 benefits... -

Pumpkin Seeds Calories

Pumpkin seeds calories are reliable resource of health promoting elements, which fortifies your immunize system, makes your bone strong, increases good fat, and disparages the bad cholesterol level in blood. Most of us are familiar with pumpkin seeds as... -

Tips To Make Homemade Pumpkin Seeds

Nothing can be as better as  roasted pumpkin seeds  If you can prepare  them at home.  These are rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients which will help you to stay healthy and fit. If you do choose to prepare these at home, here are some quick... -

3 Facts About Virgin Olive Oil Everyone Should Know

There is very little argument about the health benefits that can be gained by including virgin olive oil in your daily diet. The problem is in a lack of knowledge about what this oil is and is not. There are a lot of mis-conceptions out there about this... -

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Olive Oil

One of the main characteristic of a Mediterranean diet is olive oil. There are so many advantages related this oil, but have you ever heard of any disadvantages of olive oil? Well, there are a few olive oil disadvantages which can actually be a reason for... -

Do You Know About Good And Bad Fats ?

Which is healthier for you: a peanut butter sandwich or a glass of whole milk? In terms of fat, the sandwich is actually better for you, according to an article recently published by American Heart Association.   The AHA recommends a... -

What Vitamins Does Canola Oil Contain

Canola oil is used all over the globe and North Dakota is the leading producer of canola oil in the US. The vitamins in canola oil and the other nutrients make it a healthy cooking option . The canola oil is made from canola seeds about... -

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Grapeseed Oil

What are the advantages and disadvantages of grapeseed oil ? – Announced a newspaper heading. “Do grape seeds also have health benefits? “-enquired my nephew, who was devouring the pages of the newspaper.  Actually he is not to be blamed because ... -

How To Make Olive Oil Dip?

Knowing how to make olive oil dips is an absolute must for creative culinary experts. Olive oil dips are a must whenever you think about entertainment and snacking, especially because of the versatility that these dips bring along. You can serve them both... -

How To Make Herb-infused Olive Oil?

From salads to sauces, from a dash of it on roasted vegetables to a single dip for breads, from plain flavored to the herb-infused ones, olive oil is one ingredient that forms an integral part of varied recipes in a variety of ways. Being such a multi-purpose... -

How To Make Garlic Oil?

From salad dressings to marinades, from garlic breads to pastas, from stir fries to the main courses, garlic oil adds flavor and depth to all your recipes, and makes cooking much simpler, as you do not need to separately peel, cut and add garlic to your... -

What Are The Qualities Of Virgin Coconut Oil

The coconut oil which does not go through the process of refining is called virgin coconut oil. There are many qualities of virgin coconut oil, it is widely used from cooking to cosmetics and as medicines. Virgin coconut oil is mostly pale yellow in color... -

How To Separate Celery Seed From Celery Salt

If celery salt has gone clumpy and moist in the shaker, here is how to separate celery seem from celery salt. You may have a bottle of celery salt in your pantry but your recipe may ask for only celery seed without the salt. Or your celery salt... -

How To Extract Seeds Out Of Vanilla Pod

I would like to share with you some tips on How To Extract Seeds out of Vanilla Pod as it can be a tricky task and requires expertise, to extract the best out of the “orchid of flavor” Here are some Tips to extract seeds out of... -

How To Use Chia Seeds

Here is the answer for the question, how you can use Chia seeds ? The small black and white seeds which used to be a common ingredient used by the Ancient South American tribes and was a staple in their diet. Include Chia seeds in your daily diet and... -

Sesame Seeds - Use Them Or Lose Them But Don't Keep Them

  Using sesame seeds has been a long drawn practice from various parts of the world. The uses of sesame seed has been enjoyed by humans since the dawn of civilization. A variety of sesame plants have flourished throughout the Middle East and... -

How To Germinate Apple Seeds?

Late spring is the best season to germinate apple seeds . Germinating apple seeds is technically quite a simple task. However, it needs a lot of patience, hard work, correct timing and a good amount of luck. You can easily ... -

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Dry Pomegranate Seeds

  Culinary uses of pomegranate seeds are numerous and are frequently used in Indian and Iranian cooking. It is an interesting substitute for raisins in cakes and other European dishes. Few pomegranate... -

How To Extract Poppy Seeds

The poppy plant has a brightly colored flower which is popular for being a good source of opium. The poppy plant bears 5-inch-wide red, white and pink flowers. The plant is in itself approximately 3 to 16 feet tall along with lobed silver-green foliage.... -

How To Tenderize Meat With Cumin Seeds

Cumin is an essential spice in Indian cooking but is also very popular in Asian, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Tex-Mex and Brazilian cooking. It is also used by the French to flavor their breads. Cumin has a distinct aroma but is often confused with caraway seeds.... -

How To Dry Pomegranate Seeds

Dry pomegranate seeds also called as Anar Dana, is primarily used in Indian cuisines and medicinal purposes. This seasonal fruit is a very ancient fruit prominently available in Indian Market.   Drying pomegranate seeds are... -

Olive Oil – A Twist In The Tale

It is a well-known fact that olive oil has innumerable health benefits . But can we blindly accept this fact and carry on with our love for olive oil?   Recent research conducted by Nicholas Coleman , the chief olive oil specialist... -

Why You Should Not Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil is the favorite cooking medium of celeb chefs and, as a result, the general public is also keen on using it more frequently. This expensive oil is known to be light and healthy on account of its  antioxidants content . However, a... -

Top 10 Italian Olive Oils – Bring The Flavor Of Italy Into Your Kitchen

Italy produces some of the best quality virgin oils available in the world. If you are an Italian cuisine patron who only likes authentic Italian ingredients in your cuisine, our guide on top 10 Italian olive oils is a must read .             ... -

How To Make Hazelnut Oil

If you love hazelnuts, chances are that you would truly enjoy Hazelnut oil. Hazelnut oil available in the market is pretty expensive so if you would like to indulge your taste buds, learn how to make Hazelnut oil at home. Read on to know more!   ... -

What Are The Health Risks Of Using Corn Oil

What are the health risks of using corn oil? Here are some reasons why you should be limiting your use and consumption of corn oil.  As you may know, corn oil is extracted from the germ or the corn kernel and is used for salad dressings, for... -

How To Use Flax Oil On Food

  Research says one can use flax oil to improve the nutrient properties of foods. Flax oil obtained from flax seeds is also known as flax seed oil. Use flax oil to take advantage of essential fatty acids and alpha-lioleic acids. That is why... -

What Are The Bad Effects Of Sunflower Oil

Very less is talked about the bad effects of sunflower oil. The healthy sunflower oil effects are so rich that people are  less concerned about the bad effects of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is the most popular among the cooking oils due to its light taste... -

Top 10 Uses Of Salmon Oil

Science supports the age old saying from our grandma “Eat fish for good health”. Today doctors say  eat salmon oil if you want to be healthy because u sing salmon oil supplements benefit us in more than few ways. Here are  top 10... -

Which Cooking Oil Would Be The Best Choice To Lower Cholesterol Level

Are you looking for the cooking oil to lower cholesterol level  ? Remember, that there is nothing called as the best choice to lower cholesterol level.  Just minor variations in the nutrient content here are there makes a cooking oil more preferable... -

What Is The Effect Of Fish Oil On Brain

  Research has found out the effect of fish oil on brain is beneficial as it improves the functioning of the brain. Some even believe that fish oil is the right food for the brain. Effect of fish oil on brain is due to the presence of... -

Use Oregano Oil To Fight Harmful Bacteria

The essence of nature oiling its way through as a shield against the deadly microbes is simply fascinating. Such is the use of oregano oil to fight harmful bacteria and yet again nature reinforces its position to prevent and cure. Oregano as a... -

How To Make Olive Oil From Uncured Olives

Uncured Olives are bitter and are unpalatable. However, olive oil is made from the uncured olives and let me explain to you in detail How To Make Olive Oil From Uncured Olives at home. Things Required Uncured Fresh Green Olives ... -

How To Use Olive Oil With Breads

“Bread and butter“ - the term is as famous as the Earth and the Moon.  But Mayo clinic recommends everyone to amend this combination with “ Bread and Olive oil ” because butter has gained bad reputation due to its artery clogging, obesity... -

Does Olive Oil Work In Weight Loss?

If you are asking “does olive oil work in weight loss?” then, I will reply you in affirmation. Why just me, the question “does olive oil work in weight loss” will get a reassuring ‘yes’ even from the health experts and all those who have already... -

How To Buy Soy Bean Oil

Are you looking for tips on how to buy soy bean oil ? If yes,read further . Soy beans are now a staple food for most of the vegans and vegetarians. This versatile food is immensely rich in proteins and it can be used for churning out several recipes.... -

How To Fry Fish Without Oil

  Try to learn new techniques to fry fish without oil, as this eliminates the bad effects of oil on health. A few oils can increase cholesterol levels that are bad for the heart. Therefore, try various dishes that can be made from frying fish without... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Fish Oil?

We have all been told that fish oil is very healthy. Most of us have grown up eating those fish oil tablets, but what most people do not know is that fish oil is made from the tissues of fatty acids, and therefore they do have some side effects.   ... -

Address Your Pms With A Combination Of Essential Oils

Not many people would think about addressing PMS symptoms with essential oils. But it can be done and the results are pretty fantastic as well. PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is something all women have to deal with once a month. Some are lucky and barely face... -

Benefits Of Using Vegetable Oils

The virtues of vegetable-based oils are many especially when it comes to health. While olive oil remains the uncrowned king of such oils, there are other kinds that do not lag too far behind either. Cooking with healthy veggie oils instead of the fat laden... -

What Is Cod Liver Oil Used For?

We all know about the wonderful benefits of cod liver oil – but do you know about all uses of this nutritional supplement? What is cod liver oil used for? How does it benefit us – what are the different uses of cod liver? These are many questions... -

How To Use Toasted Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is strongly flavorful that you will simply drool like a child at the thought of it. But toasted sesame oil made from roasted sesame seeds, the roasted aroma blending with the indigenous flavors of sesame seeds and viola! You see yourself rising in... -

How To Use Tallow Oil

Although Tallow has been around for ages and has widespread uses in the kitchen, apart from a few loyal patrons, the oil has lost its erstwhile popularity. Learn what tallow oil is, why it still remains a preferred choice for some people and how to use... -

Uses Of Almond Oil

Wondering what are the uses of almond oil ? Stop wondering and start reading this blog. Almond Oil Almond oil is amongst the most common and widely appreciated vegetable oils. Owing to the many effective uses, almond... -

How To Make Hot Pepper Oil

If you like your food spicy and absolutely enjoy the hot and spicy oil served in the Chinese restaurants or pizza joints, then making hot pepper oil at home may become a much enjoyed adventure for you. Learn how to make hot pepper oil with us and spice up... -

Are All The Olive Oils Worth The Money

Are all the olive oils worth the money is a million dollar question considering it’s importance in cooking, medicines, cosmetics, soaps, fuels and so on. Native to Mediterranean basin, the oil is produced by crushing and pressing of olives through... -

Uses Of Lemon Oil

  Lemon, one of the most popular citrus fruits, is widely used for various culinary purposes. Extensive uses of lemon oil in cooking are mainly because of the nice taste and aroma that can easily spice up the flavor of any dish. It is known for... -

Uses Of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is a very effective and natural alternative to various traditional medicines. It is because of the presence of herbal ingredients such as phenol, carvacrol and carbolic acid, the uses of oregano oil have become so popular. Recently, various... -

Palm Nut Oil - How To Use It In Daily Life

Palm nut oil in daily life has myriad of uses. Palm nut oil is obtained from the seed or kernel of palm fruit so it’s often called palm kernel oil. It’s yellow colored oil composed of triglycerides of lauric, stearic, myristic, palmitic and other fatty... -

How To Use Corn Oil For Frying

Corn oil is the best oil that you should choose for deep frying. But before that you must learn how to use corn oil for deep frying . The smoke point of corn oil is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it resists discoloration, it is tastier and even less expensive as... -

How Is Coconut Oil Produced?

If you want to know how is coconut oil produced , I must tell you that it is extracted in a couple of different ways from the coconut and it is obtained from the milk which is found inside of the coconut. Coconut oil is obtained from the coconuts, which... -

Tea Tree Oil

  Read on to know the impeccable and remarkable tea tree oil benefits . Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, comes in pale yellow and is one of the essential oil groups. Tea tree oil is known to have medicinal, health and cosmetic... -

Uses Of Rosemary Oil

  Uses of Rosemary oil as herbal remedy are well-known. Rosemary oil is basically a herbal oil extracted from the leaves of the famous rosemary plant. Rosemary oil is extremely helpful for serious health problems that include hair loss,... -

Uses Of Orange Oil

  Orange oil is actually a liquid prepared by peeling and squeezing the oranges and their peels. We can start counting the u ses of orange oil  with its domestic uses. It is a very effective household cleaning agent and can also be used in... -

Uses Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil could be of great use in common as well serious problems like dry skin, skin cut or even during tummy ache. Uses Of Coconut Oil are immense. And we are revealing quite a few useful tips about the usage of coconut oil. The idea is to just try a... -

What Are The Health Risks Of Hydrogenated Oil

The health risks of hydrogenated oil are very well known to all of us. We even stopped using our favorite butter and replaced it with table margarines that boasted of being a healthier alternative. But now researches related to health risks of hydrogenated... -

Uses Of Palm Oil

This blog will give you complete insights on the  uses of palm oil . Palm Oil Palm oil is widely utilized all across the world for different purposes. It is usually consumed in unrefined state. It is also used like... -

Uses Of Evening Primrose Oil

  Evening primrose oil, also known as primrose and sundrop oil, is basically the oil extracted from evening primrose plant seeds. The prime uses of Evening Primrose Oil are mainly related to food and medicine. Commonly found in South and North... -

Time To Change Your Oil

When you think it’s time to change your oil at the kitchen, then you should first take some time to learn about the varieties of oils available in the market. Without knowing the insight, you should not drastically take a step to change your oil now ... -

Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is basically the distilled oil taken out from Eucalyptus, a plant that is mainly found in Australia. Uses of eucalyptus oil are immense as it has a history of application starting from pharmaceutical to other industrial uses. Also known as... -

What Does Cod Liver Oil Do For The Body?

Wondering what does cod liver oil do for the body? Well, to begin with, the cod liver oil does a lot of good things to your body. Cod liver oil is basically a nutritional supplement which is extracted from the liver of a cod fish. This oil has very... -

Uses Of Lavender Oil

Wonder what are the uses of lavender oil? Well, stop wondering because you are at the correct webpage to get all the answers. Lavender is basically known for the aromatic excellence. Because of the soothing aroma, lavender is widely used... -

Which Is Better For You - Tuna In Vegetable Oil Or In Water?

Tuna is a very healthy fish, we all know that but then rarely do you find people eating fresh tuna these days, it is almost always canned tuna. And here comes the problem; which tuna is better – tuna in vegetable oil or the tuna canned in water? To... -

How To Spread Out Doses Of Fish Oil

To know how to spread out doses of fish oil in your daily health routine , you have to take into account the health conditions you are taking this fish oil supplement for, as the recommended dosage for fish oil varies with age as well as health... -

What Vitamins Are Present In Sesame Oil

  Seasame oil health benefits are multiple and multifaceted; it is not only a popular ingredient in Asian cooking  process but this herabl oil has significant uses in making of Asian medicines, traditional treatments,... -

How To Heat Oil For Salmon

One of the first steps for preparing salmon   in a skillet is to heat oil for salmon . The cooking oil must be hot enough so that you can begin sautéing the garlic. Fret not if you are not well versed with this process for this... -

Understanding The Label On A Bottle Of Olive Oil

What is extra-virgin oilive oil, anyway ?   Extra virgin simply means ‘the oil from the first pressing.”   It has perfect flavour, colour and aroma, and no more than 1% acidity.   Virgin or pure oil comes from the second pressing of the... -

Calendula Oil Benefits

  There are countless calendula oil benefits that you can make use of. Calendula is often called the pot marigold, and is a flower that is commonly found in Europe and Africa. The flowers of this plant find their way for varied use in the... -

What Are The Various Sources Of Fish Oil

  Some of the excellent sources of fish oil include fatty fish such as herring, albacore tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines. These sources of fish oil can be consumed twice a week to derive all the benefits of fish oil. There are variety of other... -

How To Add Whey Powder Into Cooking Oil

We know that cooking oil is a must in many recipes – you will find some of the most mouth watering dishes cooked in this oil. If you wish to add a difference in your various recipes with the use of same cooking oil, you can add whey powder. Adding... -

What Are The Uses Of Rosemary Oil

  Using Rosemary isn’t a very new concept. There are many uses of Rosemary. Romans used to tie Rosemary flower garlands to ward off mental illnesses and rightly so. Out of the many uses of Rosemary oil, the ones related to mental health are... -

Palm Oil..an Eco Nightmare

In the race to find alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, an eager public often hails any new find as the solution to world energy shortages. Initial enthusiasm often fades as the reports of harmful complications emerge – and such is the case with... -

Wine Sells Better Than Oil, Gold

It might come as a real surprise, if someone asked you to invest in wine, instead of gold or oil. The way the U.S market is moving, wine might just be the ultimate form or liquid investment, literally and figuratively.   Top quality wine, has... -

Top 5 Popular Seeds - Powerhouse Of Nutrition

A seed contains the embryo for a future plant. Therefore, it is filled with nutrients and oils for nourishment. Compact in form and healthy , seeds are the latest food item to receive a lot of nutritional attention and for good reason, of course.  ... -

How To Choose A Healthy Cooking Oil For Your Kitchen

  Choosing healthy cooking oil is one the least job that you will not forget to do if you really care for your family and your health. A healthy cooking oil is one that will keep you heart healthy making it pump and work like how this has been doing... -

How To Eat Eggplant Seeds

  Egg plants are fleshy with small seeds inside like tomatoes. You can eat eggplant seeds after removing it from the vegetable, but the bitter taste of the seed restricts many to eat egg plant seeds. The seeds can be... -

Health Benefits Of Pumpkins!

Its Halloween and its time to get out the pumpkins, scoop out the flesh and carve all sorts of grumpy and happy faces on it. But wait, don’t throw the pumpkin flesh and nuts away while making the Jack- o - lanterns! They might just help you in more ways... -