Puffed Rice Cake Recipes

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Barbecued Meat Cakes

Combine meat, egg, 3/4 cup cereal, salt, pepper, and onion; mix well. Combine sugar, catsup, nutmeg, and mustard; add half of sauce to meat mixture and mix well. Shape into 8 to 10 balls and place in 2-inch muffin pans. Top each with remaining sauce. Spri - 32.7838

Florentine Parmesan Souffle

This Spinach Souffle is one of the tastiest green vegetable preparations that I've ever tasted. My rice and pasta dishes taste incredible with this Spinach Souffle. Don't miss out on this dish at your next meal and let me know if you like it ! - 27.5392

Quick Bhel Puri

MAKING 1) Blend together all the ingredients of tikhi chutney into a smooth paste. 2) Soak tamarind and make pulp. Then, blend it with dates and other ingredients of meethi chutney into a smooth paste. 3) Make stiff dough with suji, maida and salt. Add... - 45.3277