Prickly Pear Jam Recipes

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Peach And Pear Tarts

Preheat the oven to 400° F 10 minutes before the tarts are ready to be baked. Lightly oil 12 3 1/2 inch tart tins. For easy handling, work with only 1/4 of the Pecan Pastry at a time. Keep the rest refrigerated until ready to roll out. Line the prepared... - 38.5567

Christmas Goose With Root Veg Sticky Pears & Bramble Gravy

1. Remove all the fat from inside the bird and use a skewer to prick the goose skin all over, especially under the wings (A), if you have time to spare (although this isn't essential), sit the goose in a sink, then slowly and carefully pour over 3 kettles of... - 39.9909