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How To Use A Maitre's Pressure Cooker

      It is very easy to  use a Maitre’s pressure cooker . It makes cooking simple. So, here I have listed a few tips on how to use a maitre’s pressure cooker, so that you too can enjoy the pleasures of... -

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

The first cookbook I saw in my life was a pressure cooker recipes book by Hawkins. It had several delicious pressure cooker recipes for cooking vegetables and meat. While health benefits of pressure cooker is debatable, there is not doubt that it is great for... -

Different Types Of Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are available in  different varieties - generally based on their type of use and quantity of food which is cooked. Each type has its own specifications, advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick glimpse of the most common type of... -

Pressure Cooker For Healthy Meal!

Pressure Cookers for Healthy, Flavoursome Meals   By Elizabeth Webb   In today’s household there’s often not much time for cooking meals from scratch. Nevertheless if you still like healthy aromatic meals, here’s where... -

How To Use Pressure Cooker

The question, how to use pressure cooker   seems to be a difficult task but actually it is not. The latest models of pressure cookers are equipped with better safety devices and it is extremely easy to handle them, you will be... -

Pressure Cooker Are For Grannies?

A friend of mine told me a while ago she has purchased a pressure cooker. And she was praising it all the time. At first I thought that nobody was pressure cooking anymore. It was kind of old fashione. Then I went to my frined's house one day and was... -

How To Prepare A Pressure Cooker To Bake Cake

Have you ever tasted a pressure cooker cake? It tastes as amazing as an oven baked cake; the only difference is that you have to prepare a pressure cooker to bake cake instead of an oven. The pressure cooker creates pressure and heat from the... -

How To Use Pressure Cooker As A Tandoor

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }   Most of us are under the impression that a tandoor oven is required to make the best tandoori rotis and naans. But, did you know that you could use pressure cooker... -

How To Can Sauerkraut In A Pressure Cooker?

Sauerkraut is the iconic German brine fermented dish made from shredded cabbage and herbs. Canning sauerkraut is the most effective way to increase its shelf life, and it is best to can Sauerkraut in pressure cooker - it is easy, hassle free and economical.... -

How To Use Pressure Cooker For Canning?

    Canning is a science therefore that has many theories and recipes that stand the test of time, even with the use pressure cooker for canning at home level; there are rooms for innovation, which might stand against time.  The... -

Pressure Cookers

                                  Pressure cooker is an indispensible gadget in my kitchen. We Indians use it everyday, to make rice, daal, cook some vegetables, to make idlis, and so many other... -

How To Process Tomatoes In Pressure Cooker?

  When you say that you are thinking of canning tomatoes, then you should remember that canning is a process to preserve tomatoes and that care is to be taken that the tomatoes are canned and not cooked.           However, if you are... -

How To Use Pressure Cooker For Defrosting

  You do not have a micro oven to defrost? No worries, you can still defrost your food with help of a pressure cooker. The information in this blog helps you understand how to use pressure cooker for defrosting. ... -

Blood Pressure Diet Menu

Blood pressure diet menu is formulated for those suffering from blood pressure problems. Abnormal rise or drop in blood pressure levels can lead to a host of life-threatening complications that can be fatal in worst cases. Hence, it’s important to take... -

What Are The Dangers Of Pressure Canning Meat

  Home canning and preservation of food is one of the oldest techniques used to preserve food. What are the dangers of pressure canning meat?  Home made techniques of pickling, bottling with vinegar have been routinely done by our grandmas too. ... -

How To Cook Pasta In Slow Cooker

It is a very tricky technique when it comes to cooking pasta using a slow cooker . Cooking for a very long time in low heat would make it soggy and cooking on a high temperature may turn them brown. But once you pre-boil and blend it with sauces and then... -

How To Make Cheap And Easy Meals In A Rice Cooker?

  You have volunteered to deliver for large-scale cooking for some social get-together and you are on the look out for ways to deliver your services, judicious on cost, time and energy. Well, your mission is almost... -

Reheat Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is considered as an all-time classic baked favorite among children and adults, still many of us are not aware how to reheat macaroni and cheese together. If we have some leftovers, we love to refrigerate it and enjoy it again later on.... -

Gluten Free Macaroni And Cheese Health Benefits

A hearty meal of macaroni n cheese   serves as a comfort food for most of us. However, there is no reason to feel disheartened if you have to make do with the gluten free macaroni and cheese version on account of being plagued... -

How To Can Vegetables In Glass Jars

Pickling and getting to can vegetables in a glass jar is a cost effective way of preserving vegetables. The process of canning vegetables is easy and will actually provide you with a much healthier option when it comes to preserved vegetables. The nutritional... -

How To Can Corn

  While most of us adore the smell and taste of fresh corns   in the summer, how many of us know how to can corn? Not many. So today, I am going to discuss with you how to can corn easily at... -

Kitchen Essentials

  Here are some additional tips since I last wrote about Kitchen Essentials:   for prior blog see:   - Blender - I think I have finally found a blender I like. I just... -

How To Cook Rice In Minutes

If you avoid eating rice just for the reason that it takes long time to get cooked, then here are some unique tips on how to cook rice in minutes . Cooking rice fast requires some preparation in advance, but that is not too difficult. Nowadays there... -

How To Can Tuna

  Know how to can tuna at home so as to enjoy high quality tuna without having to shell out the premium price that store bought canned tuna costs. Tuna can be bought or even caught fresh and then canned at home. If purchasing... -

How To Prepare Cake Without An Oven

How to prepare cake without an oven make cake mixture ready. take pressure cooker, keep inside small dish upside down (ulta), keep on it the vessel full of cake mixture & close the lid of pressure coolker without... -

Rice Pulao To Rice Pilaf – Journey From Indian To Middle Eastern Food

In this hot summer, my brother-in-law while gulping down chilled water said it is too hot here, but there it is AC, AC everywhere. My eight year old nephew trotted around his father elated that he is starting tomorrow for Middle East with his dad. His mom... -

How To Puree Meat

Pureeing meat at home for babies and toddlers would work to be economical and even give parents complete confidence as to what is being added to the puree that the baby is going to eat. Just keep aside some of the meat that is bought for the family and blend... -

How To Can White Potatoes

To be able to can white potatoes is to increase their shelf lives considerably. The white potatoes are usually sturdy root tubers which remain good for almost a month without any kind of preservation techniques. However, canning white potatoes make them last... -

Tips To Cook Frozen Corn

Fresh corns make for yummy addition to any dishes but frozen corn can taste bland when added to your food. Hence, it is good to thaw them completely in the microwave or heat them on the stove before using it for cooking. Thawed frozen tastes much better as... -

Crumb_fried Chops.

     Hi,, lovres. Here is a special tip  for cooking [crumb- fried chops],details of cooking amnd ingredients, given below;-   12 large mutton chops ,         Salt and pepper to taste, 2 cup bread... -

Chickpea Ideas ("khandvi")

I love chickpeas in any form whether as dahl or as besan flour for various dishes. Chickpea Flour Rolls ("khandvi") Chickpea Flour Rolls by Anupama from India Recipe Story A very very traditional... -

How To Puree Chicken

Preparing to wean your baby but are worried about how your baby would get enough protein? Well, chicken puree is one of the best sources of protein for young children and if it can be made at home, it would be free of preservatives too. Read on to learn how... -

Modernist Cuisine 2 Is In The Wings!

When the “James Beard Foundation Awards 2012” were announced earlier this year, the “Modernist Cuisine” emerged as the top winner in the book category . This six-volume hefty tome on the science behind food cooking is soon going to have a sibling... -

How To Can Rice

Ever wondered you can can-up some rice like other foods and take it for lunch at work like other ready-made meals? Let’s learn ‘How To Can Rice’ with these easy tips. What is canning and why is it important? ... -

How To Can Pinto Beans For Later Use?

The fiber-rich pinto beans is an unrivaled nutritious edible, which you will love to have round-the-year. So here are a few tips on how to can pinto beans for later use.   Extending the shelf-life of pinto beans – A peek into... -

How To Can Meat

Knowing how to can meat can open for you a world full of possibilities to store meat. Home canned meat is way above than the processed meat available in the super markets and is rich in nutrition and texture. All you need to be careful while canning meat... -

How To Can Fish

If you are a fish lover, knowing how to can fish can become a success route to savor this perishable item whenever you want. Canning fish is easy and a convenient way to preserve fish. You just need to know the right way to store and use it.  Though... -

How To Can Pumpkin

How to can pumpkin is an elaborate process however it needs detailed preparation for sterilization of jars and the vegetables. Canning pumpkin is one of the most trusted processes for preserving pumpkin. The process is easy and the shelf life of canned... -

How To Eat Okowa?

Okowa is a simple Japanese rice dish that is quiet easy to put together. If you have ever wondered how to eat Okowa, then here are a few simple methods of cooking it up and eating it.  Okowa is also known as Japanese sticky rice and as the name... -

How To Can Chicken

How to can chicke n? Many of us would look bedazzled if thrown a question as such. The art of canning and storing is known to very few. However, canning chicken isn't as difficult as it sounds. You can now very easily master the art in few simple steps. -

How To Can Sardines

    How to can sardines  is perhaps an easy task for the professional chefs but for some homemakers it is a tough task. However, canning sardines is not at all a tough job provided you know the tricks. Read... -

Tamil Kitchen Essentials

  A Tamil kitchen consists of authentic South Indian tools and equipments. Here is a reference guide that delineates a few Tamil kitchen tools for your kitchen kitchen.  The list of Tamil kitchen essentials are: ... -

How To Can Sliced Apples For Pies

  Canning sliced apples at home  during the peak season is a good idea of preserving apples for using then round the year, they come in handy for making apple pies, baking and even snacking when apples are expensive during the off... -

How Are Corn Flakes Made

We all love to have  corn flakes for our breakfast – they are healthy, easy to make and very nutritious, but have you ever wondered how are corn flakes made? Yes, most of us know that sweet corns are used in making corn flakes – but what is the... -

Quick And Easy Tips For Pongal Preparation

Pongal is one of the traditional Sankranti dishes and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. It is believed that Sankranti is not complete without eating Pongal. It is not a fallacy to say Pongal is a default dish for many happy occassions in south India. ... -

Traditional Bengali Dinner Menu

A simple Bengali dinner is a very homely affair with rice and lentils (bhaat and daal), two fried items like brinjal fry (begun bhaja) and crispy fried potato (aalu jhuri bhaja), mixed vegetable (paanch mishali torkari) and fish in gravy (maacher jhol). The... -

The Ultimate Guide On How To Steam Vegetables?

Steaming vegetables is the best way of cooking veggies. This technique of cooking vegetables ensure that the nutrient content is retained and also that the vegetables have a nice texture and color. Steamed vegetables are a wonderful addition to your dinner... -

Learn The Quick Tips For Healthy Cooking

  A healthy diet comprises of healthy ingredients and healthy cooking methods. Learn the quick tips for healthy cooking to prevent tampering food nutrition. After all one needs healthy food to prevent diseases. These quick healthy... -

How To Eat Peanut?

How to eat peanut need not be as earthy as “ found a peanut just now and ate the peanut too..” This down- to-earth fruit is sown in nutrients and if you know the ways of eating peanut you can add oodles of flavor to a generous ounce of health. ... -

Must Haves In Your Kitchen:

It’s really important to invest in good quality kitchen appliances and tools for you kitchen. With a few good tools in your kitchen – it really makes cooking go so much faster and easier. I think many people dread cooking because of the time and... -

Fbi Threatened With Burrito Bomb

The police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have arrested one Brian DeMarco for threatening the FBI with a burrito  filled with explosives. The accused was about to board a bus to Texas when the police nabbed him at the... -

Bangalore Kitchen Essentials

  A Bangalore kitchen is always well-stacked with utensils and other kitchen equipment to churn out the varieties of perfect south-Indian cuisines. If you are a newbie and have to set up your kitchen for the first time, you could go through the... -

Arvi Curry

This is a tangy curry made with Arvi or Taro Root. It has a tamarind juice based gravy. You need: 1. Arvi - Choose those with no nodes. Arvi is a root. It is hairy too. When picking, brush off the hair and see if it has too many nodes on it. When you... -

Black Rice Can Curb Allergy-induced Inflammation

You can now curb inflammation with black rice . According to a report from scientists, this forbidden black rice can curb allergy induced inflammation . Black rice is eaten by almost one third of the world’s population yet there is hardly any... -

How To Ferment Soy Beans

It is a common practice among Japanese to ferment soy beans. Natto, a popular Japanese dish, is made by fermenting soy beans. Natto is often consumed as part of breakfast and typically, on rice. It is highly nutritious but is often considered an... -

How To Cook Whole Artichoke

Art ichokes can be enjoyed whole, when boiled or steamed. Steaming whole artichokes, helps retain all nutrients and hence the preferred method of cooking these delights. Read on to know the various ways of cooking whole artichokes...     ... -

Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

  “Chicken Soup for the Soul Day” is a non-traditional holiday celebrated on November 12 every year. Does the name of this holiday remind you about the popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series that features... -

Jessica Simpson Diet

                                       Jessica Simpson's Diet: Jessica Simpson's weight is touching the 150 pound mark and I do agree that it is a bit ungainly for her 5 foot... -

Top 10 Winter Comfort Foods

  When the mercury drops many of us love to recoil within our warm clothes and enjoy something warm, but nothing can be as comforting as some hot piping food. Here are some of our favorite winter comfort foods , that are... -

5 Tips To Make Delicious Chum Chum At Home For Holi Festival

Here comes the festival of colors, romance and joy – Holi, a religious festival of Hindus that comes in the spring season. When we talk about festivals, food follows it. So here are 5 Tips To Make Delicious Chum Chum At Home For Holi Festival this year ... -

All You Want To Know : Methods Of Cooking

The choice of basic cooking preparation is not a problem for who knows its merchandises and ingredients. For example: a piece of veal’s hough can be roasted or boiled, but never pan-fried or grilled. In the kitchen there is basically fourteen methods of... -

5 Popular Indian Lunchbox Recipes

For mothers all over the world, working or not, every morning is a period of struggle when they have to rack their brains to decide upon what to pack in their kids’, husband’s or their own lunchboxes. We bring you 5 popular Indian lunchbox recipes to... -

How To Braise Meats And Vegetables

The phenomenal art of cooking can be executed in different and distinct ways. Braising is one of such method which is very popular due to its effectiveness. In order to know how to braise anything you first need to more about braising. Braising is actually a... -

How To Throw A Science Party For Kids

Science party for kids needs special preparations because as understood it is different from any birthday party. Parents are now showing keen inclination to know how to throw a science party for kids, especially if their kids are fond of science.... -

How To Preserve Chillies

Chilli peppers, a group of peppers that displays a wide variety of colors, flavors and hotness, are highly prone to browning and mold infestation. So learning how to preserve chilli is very important especially if you love the spice in your food.  ... -

Mung Beans Calories

Mung beans calories are heavily stuffed with whopping amount of proteins, and fibers . Mung beans are bright green skinned color leguminous seeds, which has some extra benefits from legumes. They are non allergic to many people, and also do not cause... -

Top Three Lamb Cookbook Reviews - Best Lamb Cookbooks

  Want to learn how to cook lamb in more ways than just a couple? These top three lamb cookbooks will show you how. Available online on , these cookbooks are truly spectacular. Here is a review explaining just what makes these... -

How Is Fat Free Cheese Produced

Fat free cheese might seem like a misnomer, but not so. Fat free cheese is produced at industrial level. All the steps are specific and have set temperature and time, which at the end results into healthy fat free cheese . So let’s see... -

Boiled Beef Health Benefits

While eating beef is often considered unhealthy, the boiled form beef is usully nutritious. Boiling this meat makes it more tender and does not necessitate the use of oil to cook. Hence, it is better than roasting it or stir frying with fat containing... -

How To Ferment Beans? – For Better Nutrition

Fermentation enriches your food with an extra booster of vitamins and also eases out the digestion process. Fermented legumes or pulses, have decreased content, which cause flatulence in our body. So if you know how to ferment beans your favorite soy at that,... -

10 Easter Foods To Avoid For Better Health

Easter fiesta includes food, fun and gambol. There is heavy focus on gourmet dishes with plentiful of high calorie foods that could add  pounds to your waistline which should be best avoided. We start gorging on Easter goodies much early before the arrival... -

No More Salt Shakers At Boston Market!

Pepper shakers are going to feel a bit lonely at the Boston Market in the coming days. All because the casual-dining chain is going to ditch its salt shakers in favor of its customers' health. The restaurant, which runs on 476 locations, has... -

Veg Holiday Ideas Part 2

 "3-Sisters" the perfect trio for a Fall meal. Planted -  Corn, Corn Field Beans and a variety of Winter Squashes along with a cover crop/"living mulch" of mustard in a mound/circle pattern.  ... -

20 Foods Your Cardiologist Won't Eat

Salty food may seem like the least of your worries, especially if you're among the 40 percent of people who mindlessly shake salt on every dish. An extra dash here, a few sprinkles there—what's the big deal? A lot, when you consider the fact... -

Meal Ideas For A Lazy Winter Afternoon

The meal ideas for a lazy winter afternoon ; will come handy during the cold days when you don’t feel like cooking the dinner. These quick n easy winter afternoon dressing ideas will be ideal to enjoy the dinner in front of the glowing fireplace. ... -

Lamb Biryani

    Ingredients:-   Mutton- 1  lb (cut and cleaned) Basmati rice- 2 cups (washed) Water- 2 1/2 cups Coconut water- 1 1/2 Green chillis- 3 sliced Pudina(mint leaves)- 1 packet finely... -

5 Animal Parts You Are Unlikely To Cook But Should Learn

We all love to cook meat dishes but here are 5 animal parts you are unlikely to cook but should learn about. These parts are generally not considered to be suitable for eating – either due to their taste, problems in cooking or other  food and religion... -

10 Easy Baby Corn Starters

  Baby corn starters are delightful ways to begin either a formal dinner or a casual laidback brunch. Ifood presents to you some tasty baby corn starters which are sure to help you in impressing your guests. To know more about the... -

German Kitchen Essentials

  A German kitchen is used most often since Germans prefer home cooked meals over outside food. A German kitchen is well stocked at all times. Here is a reference guide for your perusal to make you well aware of a few German Kitchen Essentials.... -

Syrian Kitchen Essentials

Different kinds of tools are essential in a Syrian kitchen.  Here is a guide for your perusal to give you an insight about some Syrian kitchen essentials. A few must have Syrian kitchen tools are as follows: ... -

Food Preservation Techniques

Food preservation Various preserved foods Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food in such a way as to stop or greatly slow down spoilage to prevent foodborne illness while maintaining... -

How To Use Food Panels

U. S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Understanding and Using the Nutrition Facts Panel on Food Labels     People look at food labels for different reasons. But whatever the... -

7 Foods That Should Never Enter Your Mouth

An increasing awareness about the health benefits of nutritious foods reveal that foods that look clean, hygienic or natural may actually be unfit for human consumption. Here is a list of 7 foods that should never enter your mouth ; they are full of toxins... -

Electric Can Opener Ranks As Most-hated Kitchen Gadget

I found this one too funny not to post.... This came from here   A plague on all your houses’ hated kitchen gadgets Caitlin Moran  A recent survey, by the hitherto unheard-of... -

Menu For Mars Mission 2030 A Revelation!

A few days ago, we reported that NASA, along with Cornell University and University of Hawaii, was conducting a study to develop tastier food options for its astronauts in space . The good news is just out that the group of scientists, working inside... -

Top 10 Chefs Of Europe

  European cuisine enjoys a special place in the heart of food lovers; thanks to its richness and diversity. Countless dishes including assorted varieties of stuffed meats, hearty stews, sticky pastries, crepes, danishes,... -

Korean Cuisine-the Next Ethnic Trend

Korean cuisine . "I have a sense it's the next breakout ethnic cuisine," Whiteman says. "The heat, the garlic, the kimchee, the participatory nature of the cuisine with its small-plate garniture — all are appealing." ... -

All About Tequila And Mezcal

Tequila, and its country cousin Mezcal, are made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. The agave is a spiky-leafed member of the lily family (it is not a cactus) and is related to the century plant. By Mexican law the agave spirit... -

National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Are you getting enough folate? We often hear that pregnant women need folic acid but what about the rest of us? Popeye was right! Eat your spinach! Physicians now prescribe diets rich in folate and folic acid , its... -