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7 Surprising Items That Need To Be In Your Fridge

Refrigerator-a veritable store that saves us multiple trips to the supermarket and helps us to satiate our hunger pangs in the dead of the night . True, you want to plan ahead and store the cooked foods and make-ahead desserts well before a party but there... -

How To Store Open Bottles Of Wine

Celebrating an occasion by opening a fresh bottle of wine is an oft-followed custom. Nevertheless, you don’t really have to drink yourself silly just because you do not know how to store an open bottle of wine. There are ways and means of retaining... -

These Things You Can Do With Chili Peppers

Fresh chili peppers can actually be kept in your freezer for up to ayear if you use a freezer bag and not a regular ziplock bag. I wipe the fresh chili peppers with a cloth or paper towel and then I just put them in the freezer bag whole intact. In my opinion... -

'doomsday' Vault Is Key To Food Safety

While President Barack Obama may have had to face a lot in order to secure the Food Safety Act for America , the courageous scientists at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault are braving much worse in order to keep the crops of the world safe in case the... -

How To Dry Cure Pork

Learning how to dry cure a piece of pork is an adventure in itself. You pick up the meat on your own, then you decide on what cure you are going to use, and finally, you get down and dirty with the whole curing process. This is how it works. If you are keen... -

How To Dry Cure Beef

Long before refrigeration was invented, people used to cure and smoke meat to keep it from getting spoiled. But today, when you do not need such techniques anymore, people still want to learn how to dry cure beef because it lends an interesting texture and... -

How To Dry Cure Sausage

There is nothing like a homemade sausage,  dry cured to perfection, more suitable for gracing your breakfast plate. It is with this thought that you are served this time-tested process of how to dry cure sausages. You can now to do it year after year and... -

How To Dry Cure Ham

Ham has been one of the first agricultural exports of North America and an important food item in the country. Therefore, it is no surprise that everyone wants to know about  dry curing ham in order to treat your guests to a lavish spread any time. You can... -

How To Dry Cure Bacon

Probably the easiest thing to do with bacon is to learn how to dry cure it. This old British tradition   to store meat doesn’t take much physical effort and  certainly, doesn’t require any special expertise or equipment. All... -

How To Store Peeled Potato

If you have a lot of peeled potatoes on your hand and do not need them right away, you have to store them properly as they tend to turn brown quickly. It is easy to store them for many days and even months and  use them at the right time. Here are some... -

How To Store Onion

The widespread use of onions in countless dishes, irrespective of the cuisines, have raised the need for knowing how to store onions in the right way. All of us have the habit if buying onions in smaller quantities and using it immediately. So, we would... -

How To Preserve Zucchni?

      Zucchini is a type of summer squash that is extremely versatile and could be eaten raw and cooked suing various techniques that you might like to learn how to preserve Zucchini. This could eaten raw,... -

How To Preserve Mango

    When you wonder how to preserve mangoes , your search might be daunting as mango preservation techniques are meager. Here are some of the informations that are gathered to serve you for the purpose of successful... -

How To Preserve Rice?

  Rice is the second most common staple food around the world and this is the only food that is eaten the same way, steam cooked. Rice has to preserved, before and after cooking, and is important to learn how to preserve rice at both the... -

How To Preserve Avocado?

    Avocado is a fruit that is used as a savory in a number of dishes, and come with a light green and creamy inner flesh with a mild, buttery taste with a relatively short shelf life and therefore, is very important... -

How To Preserve Hot Sauce

  Fans of hot sauces should know how to preserve hot sauce. Spicy hot sauce adds extra zing to dishes and therefore one should always have a bottle of hot sauce handy in the kitchen. Whether you concoct hot sauce ... -

How To Preserve Jelly

  Want to know how to preserve jelly ? Before telling your more about preserving jelly, please be informed that all types of sweet and savory jellies can be preserved at home easily and enjoyed as desired. Prepare and preserve... -

How To Preserve Chutney

To relish tangy spicy savory chutney throughout the year one needs to learn how to preserve chutney and prevent growth of microorganisms in it. Special care has to be taken while preparing and preserving so that the chutney stays fresh and edible... -

How To Preserve Guacamole

Guacamole is a delicious and delicate dish to handle but the taste and color of guacamole changes within hours making it an unappetizing dish. If you hate to waste your leftover guacamole then try these methods of preserving guacamole. Chill... -

How To Preserve Soup

  If you want to enjoy steamy piping hot homemade soup every day without having to spend time for cooking, then learn how to preserve soup .  Here we are going to discuss two ways of preserving soup, choose the one that suits you best. ... -

How To Store Cookies?

Cookies are most adored snacks by people of all ages, whether one is elderly, ages, or kids. However, if we are not familiar with best ways on how to store cookies, they may go soggy and become soft instead of crispy. Cookies can be made from variety of raw... -

How To Preserve Ginger?

Ginger root, basically of Chinese origin is a popular spicy condiment in the Asian dishes infamous for its sweet, mildly pungent flavor, and aroma. This ginger is edible for up to 6 months in a root cellar and if you are thinking of preserving ginger longer,... -

How To Preserve Squash

If you are wondering how to preserve squash for the winter, follow this simple technique this summer.       Some of the things that you will be requiring to preserve thes squash are the squash, large pot and bowl,... -

How To Preserve Tomato

  Are you dismayed that the tomatoes that you buy in the market go rotten? Do not worry anymore for here you will get to learn how to preserve tomatoes. Tomato preservation methods are usually done using one of the five ways.... -

How To Preserve Figs?

Figs are known for their short life span soon after ripening. Hence, it is imperative to know how to preserve figs.  Also, the use of figs efficiently for a long time will depend on largely upon the method used to preserve figs.      ... -

How To Preserve Olive?

You find that you have a bounteous harvest of olives this season and are wondering how to preserve olive, then here are a few ways that you can follow to preserve both the black and the green olives.       Tips To... -

How To Preserve Apples?

How to preserve apples for future use will depend on you needs. If you want to preserve apples for to a short time the refrigeration is the best method to prevent them from browning. However, if you wish to store them for a longer period of time, then you... -

How To Preserve Cookies

  Wondering How to preserve cookies ? Well, storing cookies in jars mars the taste of cookies as it becomes stale in less than a week. Learning the process of preserving cookies lets one enjoy... -

How To Preserve Cucumber?

  Are you wondering how to preserve cucumbers and   when is the right season to store them, without letting them turn brown or rot.  Discussed here are how to preserve cucumbers: 1. Pickling ... -

How To Preserve Chillies

Chilli peppers, a group of peppers that displays a wide variety of colors, flavors and hotness, are highly prone to browning and mold infestation. So learning how to preserve chilli is very important especially if you love the spice in your food.  ... -

How To Preserve Banana

It is very difficult to ascertain how to preserve bananas for they get brown spots and rot easily if left outside for a long time. In addition, bananas cannot be refrigerated for a long time. This blog discusses some of the sure-shot ways of preserving... -

How To Preserve Salsa

  Many might wonder, how to preserve salsa  and enjoy it fresh every time? Salsa is the best condiment for pairing with tacos, bruschetta and tortillas. Preserving salsa lets one enjoy these foods even in non-tomato... -

How To Preserve Onions

    You need to know how to preserve onions for the rest of the season, especially during the rainy season. Onion preservation helps to keep a watch on your household budget. Some of the best ways to preserve onions are... -

How To Preserve Lemon?

  The question of how to preserve lemon arises soon after you cut the lemon into two halves to extract the juice. The unused half tends to get softened or brown losing the juice. Some of the best lemon preservation methods are... -

How To Preserve Corn

The question of how to preserve corn arises only when you have a great amount of it. The solution is easy enough though. All you have to do is to freeze them properly and you have a ready supply of corn whenever you feel the need to eat them by... -

How To Preserve Meat?

Are you wondering how to preserve meat before the alarms for not consuming meat goes on during the flu season, then here are ways to preserve meat for the rest of the season before the flu virus raises its nasty head...       ... -

How To Preserve Fruits?

  When is time for spring you will find yourself surrounded by a wide range of fruits and vegetables that will entice you throughout the summer and spring, which you would like to carry and preserve them for the winter.... -

How To Preserve Garlic

In general, garlics do not stay fresh, rot and go bad that you may wonder how to preserve garlic , but will find some of ways to preserve garlic here. Some of the simple and ingenious ways to preserve garlic is to do the following: ... -

How To Preserve Fish

How to preserve fish , should rather be asked for very type of fish because preserving fish will depend on the type  of fish. Some of the most common and well-known ways to preserve fish  include: 1. Freezing -

How To Preserve Basil

Before you get to know how to preserve basil , I am sure that you will be aware that you  need to store them for future use. You will find one thing in common that the basil leaves are best preserved with the aroma intact if only the leaves are... -

How To Preserve Sauces

Sauces are spicy addition to savory dishes and by learning how to preserve sauces one can have access to a variety of sauces in the kitchen pantry. Simply keeping a variety of sauces  handy is not enough; one should also have... -

How To Preserve Ice Cream

By learning how to preserve ice cream one can enjoy the creamy and crystal free ice creams all the time. Whether it’s a pack of ice cream or your homemade ice cream, once it is taken out of the freezer, refreezing it causes crystals and the ice... -

How To Preserve Bread

  Breads are prone to developing mold quickly especially during summers therefore it is imperative that one learns how to preserve bread. By learning the tips and techniques of preserving bread one can prevent wastage of... -

How To Preserve Pumpkin

If you are an avid fan of homemade carved Halloween pumpkins, then learning to preserve pumpkins would do you good. And to help you in this task we bring to you some easy protocol on preserving pumpkin.           ... -

How To Use Preserved Lemons

How to use preserved lemons will gen erate multiple answers because there are plenty of uses of preserved lemons. Using preserved lemons in cooking and baking processes are good practice because of its tangy taste... -

How To Preserve Hamburger Meat For Camping

It is important to preserve hamburger meat while camping, as spoiled food would spoil the fun of your trip. You  have plenty of options to store your food while camping.  Also the food must not occupy more space; here is a great recipe to preserve... -

How To Preserve Ginger In Vodka

There are many ways to preserve ginger and its spicy-sweet flavor but in order to extend its shelf life indefinitely, preserve ginger in vodka . Ginger is a common ingredient of Asian dishes and rarely does an Asian recipe not include ginger. Even... -

How To Preserve Fresh Garlic Juice

You can prepare Garlic juice in few minutes and preserve fresh garlic juice by storing them in refrigerator. Garlic is well known for its curative measures. Besides giving a unique flavor, it enhances appetite, strengthens your immune, act as a diuretic... -

How To Sterilize Pickled Onion Jars

Pickled onion is prepared by pickling small onions in vinegar, salt, and spice solution. You should sterilize pickled onion jars to avoid growth of harmful bacteria that would cause sickness. Pickled onions go well with fish and chips and also with... -

How To Preserve Blackberries For Long

Blackberry is an edible fruit, preserving the blackberries will allow you to enjoy them throughout the year. Here are few tips on how to preserve blackberries for long. Blackberry appears plump and uniform in color when they  are ripen. ... -

How To Preserve Horseradish Sauce

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How To Preserve Horseradish Sauce? To make and preserve horseradish sauce , you will first need a basic understanding of the 'pungent-meister' . I'm calling the horseradish ... -

How To Preserve Meat Sauce For Later Use

If you cook a lot of meals at home and have a busy schedule then learning how to preserve meat sauce for later use might be really useful to you. The most typical way to use meat   sauce  is to serve it on a bed of spaghetti with a good... -

How To Preserve Jalapeno Peppers As Whole

  Are you wondering how to preserve Jalapeno peppers as whole,  some ideas here will help you to preserve jalapeno peppers available abundant in your garden. Preserving jalapeno peppers is a great idea as it helps to use them for several... -

Basics Of Food Preservation Techniques

Food preservation techniques involve methods to increase the shelf life of food and has been practiced by man since ancient times. Even though food preservation techniques have evolved since then, the basics of food preservation techniques still remain the... -

How To Preserve Rosemary In Oil

Do you know how to preserve rosemary in oil ? It is very difficult to find fresh rosemary until you have a backyard garden where you grow these herbs. If you know how to preserve rosemary in oil, you can store them up for later use, whenever you... -

How To Preserve Hot Peppers In Water

To Preserve Hot Peppers In Water you must invest in a good quality pressure canner.The peppers that you intend to preserve should be fresh, firm, and without any bruises and blemishes.   Things Required Pressure Canner ... -

How To Preserve Raw Milk Naturally

At times, when we do not have time to boil raw milk, the tension of spoiling raw milk keeps hovering in the mind. In a situation like this, knowing how to preserve raw milk naturally gives us the flexibility of saving raw milk for future use. One may also... -

How To Preserve Food Against Bacteria - For A Longer Life

  Food preservation is an important aspect of the food industry. So, how to preserve food against bacteria for a longer life? It involves methods of processing food to preserve its freshness and nutrition. This is done by slowing down... -

How To Preserve Food For The Modern Palate

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How To Preserve Food For The Modern Palate? Now, that is a very subjective question which can be answered with only a subjective answer; preserving food for the modern palate varies, as it is completely a personal... -

How To Preserve Pineapple Juice

A tropical fruit, pineapple, is savored raw as well in juice form. Pineapple juice is one of my favorites, not only because it tastes awesome but also because its source, pineapple, is rich in Vitamin C and has negligible fat and sodium with almost no... -

How To Seal Dry Ingredients In Mason Jars - For Longer Shelf Life

You might be pondering how to seal dry ingredients in mason jars –for longer shelf life ? All of us love spices and other dry ingredients, and often strive to use them for  longer time period. And in tryst to keep them fresh we often rely on plastic... -

How To Preserve A Virginia Ham

Preserving Virginia ham is done in three steps, firstly dry curing, secondly smoking and finally ageing . The unique flavor of Virginia ham is derived from these preserving processes that require precautionary measures to ensure that the taste and safety... -

Choose The Best Spice Jars For Your Herbs

If you are planning to re-organize your spice shelves with fresh new jars, then, I am here to help you choose the best spice jar for your herbs. While, you can always stuff in the herbs in the same old jars in which you bought your herbs, but, as you begin to... -

How To Preserve Tomatoes

If you ever tasted homegrown tomatoes , you will agree that nothing can be as fresh and tasty than these tomatoes. However, to enjoy them even later, you need to know how to preserve tomatoes so that they are able to offer the same type of flavor and... -

How To Preserve Garlic In Olive Oil?

The tang of garlic complemented with the subtlety of olive oil is one combination that adds a magical aroma to all your recipes. Learn how to preserve garlic in olive oil and unlock the storehouse of aroma and flavor in your kitchen. Garlic flavored olive... -

How To Preserve Hot Peppers In Vodka

Learn through this blog, the age old method on how to preserve hot peppers in vodka. Once you know how to preserve hot peppers in vodka, you can use the infusion for easing your respiratory distress and even use it to clear your sinus congestion. The... -

How To Preserve Fruit With Silica Gel?

Do you know how to preserve fruit with silica gel ? This is one the basic ways in which dried fruits or other fruits are kept fresh in different wreaths and also in decorative containers. Silica gel has some preserving qualities which helps it to preserve... -

Which Plastics Are Safe For Food Storage?

Plastics have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Be it carrying the shopped items or storing food, plastic is extensively used by us, day in and day out and as such, the question that often arises is which plastics are safe for food storage ?... -

How To Preserve Beetroot?

Beetroot is typically a summer vegetable. So, what do you do if you want to eat them in winters? Simple – know how to preserve beetroot . There are numerous benefits that this nutrient-laden vegetable has to offer and hence, you may want to have them... -

How To Make A Preserve Strawberry Puree

Strawberry puree is a delicious mix of pureed fresh strawberries and sugar. If you want to learn how to make a preserve strawberry puree at home, then let me tell you, it takes a very little effort. All you need for making a preserve strawberry puree is... -

How To Preserve Vegetables

If you happen to have an abundant amount of fresh, seasonal harvest at hand, and want to enjoy it all year round, you will need to preserve it in some form or the other. You can preserve most fruits, vegetables and herbs, and the methods will be as different... -

How To Preserve Flowers

You can easily preserve your favorite flowers, blossoms and leaves in more ways than one. An old art that has been practiced since the colonial era, flowers can be preserved for years, in a variety of ways. The methods for preserving flowers range from... -

How To Preserve Live Christmas Tree

If you are planning to get a potted live tree this Christmas, then it’s evident that you would also consider preserving it. For that, you need to know the right ways on how to preserve live Christmas tree. If you follow some of my valuable tips on how to... -

How Do I Preserve Seed From My Garden Vegetable? - The Heirloom For Sustained Golden Harvest

You love the harvest from your garden, the vegetables in their lush green, bright reds or pricey pinks, something like the colors of the rainbow, which simply drop in at your garden, to donate the natural color. Wouldn’t you feel rest-assured if you knew... - Grape Seed For Food Preservation!

Scientists in the US have found that grape seed extract is a viable natural alternative to using synthetic ingredients as a means of preserving meat for ready-made frozen and refrigerated meals.     ... -

Food Preservation Techniques

Food preservation Various preserved foods Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food in such a way as to stop or greatly slow down spoilage to prevent foodborne illness while maintaining... -

Preservatives In Food

It's a shame that we can't really enjoy our food without trying to figure out what and why is sodium dioxide is in our food. I understand that people in Oklahoma would like fresh salmon from Alaska or delicious strawberries from California, but why... -