Premium Tea

Premium tea refers to flavoured tea which are consumed to serve medicinal, luxury or thearapeutic purposes. The tea is usually sold all around the world in tea bags, cartons or special gift boxes. It is characterized by the aroma it produces. Often consumed for their medicinal benefits, Premium tea ranges from green tea, chamomile tea to herbal tea.

Premium Tea Blogs

What Is The Origin Of Tazo Tea

What Is The Origin Of Tazo Tea On : 28-Dec-2010 By : Nutrition

The name Tazo Tea invokes excellence, it represents a blend of premium quality teas. Origin of Tazo tea can be traced back to just few years back. It was created in 1994 by Steve Smith , a veteran of the tea industry along with Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher....

Ballerina Tea For Weight Loss

On : 09-Jun-2011 By : Sudipa

Ever used Ballerina tea for weight loss ?? Well, this tea is a blend of natural premium herbal ingredients and  popular since several years in treating several health problems from headache to cancer. Though, the tea is consumed by people all around the...

Food & Beverage - General Websites

On : 29-Apr-2007 By : aggregator

Food & Beverage - General Websites Ale Street News Alpirsbacher Beer Brewery Bacardi Welcome to Club Bacardi Bakery Sieber - Online Baking Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co -...

Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu

Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu On : 11-May-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Diabetes Type 2 requires balancing food and blood sugar to lead a healthy life without diabetes associated health problems. Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu had been formulated as a bible for people with diabetes, who can follow these healthy and tasty recipes,...