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Prawn biriyani is an Asian rice dish, most popular in India. There are plenty of biriyani recipe variants and the traditional biriyani is siad to have originated in the region of Hyderabad. The colorful saffron threads and the aromatic flavor of Jaifal and Jaitri are unique for this particular rice dish. Instead of frying, the basmati rice is cooked by boiling with a hint of ghee. The deveined prawns are fried with the paste of cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic and cilantro. The prawn biriyani can be served in layers or by mixing the rice with the fried prawns at once. In some biriyani recipes, cloves are heated separately and mixed with the rice for the extra fragrance. This seafood biriyani can be served with some meat curry or just with green salads by its side.

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