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Prawn (shrimp) Balls

Prawn (Shrimp) Balls are a favorite for my family and for me too. They are easy to make and the crispy fried prawns are so tasty you will keep making them. Try this Prawn (Shrimp) Balls for your weekend dinner, - 44.6484

Prawn Choux Balls

Prawn Choux Balls is one of the dishes I am known for and is pretty easy to make too. The dish, however, takes quite some time for the preparation part. Just check out the recipe of the rich and flavorsome Prawn Choux Balls. - 43.2721

Fried Prawn Balls

Chop spring onions very finely. Mix prawns, water chestnuts, spring onions, salt, sherry and ginger in a bowl. Add egg white to the mixture with cornflour. Make walnut size balls. Heat oil and fry a few balls at a time until golden brown. Drain on kitchen... - 35.8758

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Pork And Prawn Ball Soup

GETTING READY 1. Combine all the ingredients for the pork balls and form into balls about the size of large marbles 2. In a saucepan, bring the stock to a boil and drop the balls and bamboo shoots, bring to a boil, turn the heat down and simmer for ten... - 44.5951

Sesame Prawn Balls

1. Place prawns, onion and spices in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. Stir in rice flour, oil and coriander. Cover and refrigerate mixture for 1 hour. Using wet hands, roll mixture into small balls, then roll in seeds. Refrigerate for 1... - 34.4472

Crouton Studded Crispy Prawn Balls

1. Remove crusts from the bread. Cut each slice into small crouton-sized cubes. Spread out on a large baking tray and dry in a hot oven until slightly browned. 2. Chop the fish and prawns very finely. Mix together with the salt, pepper, egg white, finely... - 35.4976

Pearl Balls

Pearl Balls are a lovely Chinese delicacy that has a unique and incomparable taste. This Pearl Balls recipe is fantastic and I often serve them for dinner parties since they never fail to impress their guests with their appearance and flavor! - 46.5404

Fried Prawn Balls Soup With Vegetables

Ever tried making prawn balls? An interesting concept, chef Vikas uses these in a soup! Watch this video and learn how to make a great prawn ball soup with vegetables! A quick soup which looks great! - 94.5486

Sauteed Crystal Prawn Balls

GETTING READY 1) Shed prawn shells and clean prawns. MAKING 2) In a bowl add prawns and season with salt and pure cornflour. 3) In a frying pan heat cooking oil. Heat to boiling hot. 4) Place the prawns into it and cook for five minutes. 5) Remove prawns and... - 36.6231

Shanghai Fried Chicken And Prawn Balls

Bone and skin chicken breast. Chop the meat very finely. Place all the ingredients in a bowl except oil. Add 2 tablespoons sauce and mix well. Form into balls. Prepare the batter by sifting the plain flour, cornflour and salt in a bowl. Add water and beat to... - 40.6493

Golden Shrimp Balls

Golden Shrimp Balls are my favorite shrimp preparation. I have been making this delicious Golden Shrimp Balls for a few years now. This Golden Shrimp Balls recipe is simply fantastic. - 44.5559

Prawn Rissois

Prawn rissois is a fried prawn recipe. Prepared with seasonings and spiced with nutmeg, the prawns are coated in egg mix and breaded with crumbs. Deep fried and served with a dip or sauce of choice, it makes a great side or appetizer for parties. - 48.2092

Prawn And Melon Cocktails

Prawn And Melon Cocktails is a prefect summer time beverage. The cream flavored prawns with add on flavor of pepper gives the Prawn And Melon Cocktails a prefect taste. - 31.6683

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