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Geek Week: Lara Croft's Peanut Butter Power Breakfast Smoothie

MAKING 1. In the food processor combine banana, ice cubes, soy milk, oats, agave and peanut butter. 2. Blend until you get smoothie like consistency. SERVING 3. Serve the Peanut Butter Power Breakfast Smoothie chilled. - 116.598

Chocolate Chai Spice Power Smoothie

This healthy delicious smoothie recipe is from my 30DYC Green Smoothie Cleanse Ebook. 7 days juicing and smoothies will help you get clear, drop body fat, excess toxins and rejuvenate your internal organs. - 105.625

Landon's Power Smoothie

Teen Chef Landon Bell makes healthy creamy chilled smoothies. - 104.83

Sunwarrior Power Shake Raw & Vegan

This is just ONE example of the video support you get in the Warrior Way 30 day challenge by Sunwarrior. Professional raw and vegan chefs guide you via video to make delicious foods. Fitness pros like Marzia Prince give you 3 or more workout options each week... - 103.489

Lettuce And Banana Potassium Power Smoothie

Tired of mainstream energy drinks that are expensive and taste like cardboard? Then try the power smoothie recipe detailed in this video and change the way you think of power drinks forever! Watch to know more! - 95.5296

Green Power Breakfast Smoothie (organic & Vegan)

In this video, Brock shares a tasty and nutritious breakfast shake made in the Blendtec. Weight watchers must give this a try. Watch and learn, how to make this drink from this video! Bon App├ętit! - 94.6351

Power Packed Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The best way to gain back vital nutrients post a workout session in the gym is by making yourself a yummy fruit smoothie. Easy, quick and totally energizing. - 27.2868

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