Potato Pizza

Potato Pizza has such an irresistibly built flavor medley often done with the deadly combination of thinly sliced or mashed potatoes spread over the crispy n’ crunchy pizza crust and finally given an exotic cheese topping. Often tagged as the vegan or veggie choice, the taste of potato pizza has well caught up with all pizza lovers, irrespective of which genre they are categorized. A very basic potato pizza uses large baking potatoes, often sliced lengthwise, which is pre-baked, given a topping and then again baked. The level of complexity differs according to the use of ingredients and method adopted and hence its fans are of the opinion that making potato pizza is deceptively simple! Also made on French bread loaves or pita bread, potato pizzas are amazing appetizers or snacks to serve!

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How To Make Deep Dish Pizza Crust Crispy

How To Make Deep Dish Pizza Crust Crispy On : 28-Jul-2010 By : frutilady

  Unlike other pizzas, deep dish pizza is 3/4 th part curst and just ¼ part topping, making the crust the focal point of the pizza. The world is divided between those who like a doughy crust and those who like it crisp, attaining a doughy texture...

Pizza Delivery Follows Royal Delivery

Pizza Delivery Follows Royal Delivery On : 23-Jul-2013 By : celebrity_diet

Congratulations Duke & Duchess of Cambridge ! You have given Britain much to cheer about! The waiting crowd at St. Mary’s Hospital erupted in joy on hearing about the arrival of their latest king in waiting. “Yes Siree! It’s a Boy!” was the...

Boston Pizza Menu

Boston Pizza Menu On : 28-Aug-2011 By : FitGal

Boston Pizza (Bo Pi or BP) is a Canadian-based restaurant chain, which has outlets in the US and Mexico as well. Started in Edmonton, Alberta on August 12, 1964, the restaurant has come a long way with the Boston Pizza Menu, which is about much more than just...

Easy Potato Dishes For Kids

Easy Potato Dishes For Kids On : 09-Sep-2011 By : Food4me anytime

My little one is quite fond of potatoes, and it becomes easy for me to make her eat other vegetables or food items (which she otherwise wouldn’t have eaten) by mixing them with potatoes. Easy potato dishes help me save time and I also find my...

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