Potato Egg Curry Recipes

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Boiled Egg And Potato Curry

If you are a fan of curry, this boiled egg and potato curry will win a place in your menu. Like all her curry recipes, the chef makes a gravy with fried onions blended in yogurt along with the spices and cooks the potatoes in the gravy. The dark red color of... - 123.555

Potato Egg Curry / Indian Potato Egg / Indian Curry

How to make Potatoes and egg curry with soya chunks, peas and Indian spices. Really yummy curry dish made by frying cumin seeds, onions, ginger- garlic paste, green chillies with Indian spices, tomato paste, potatoes, peas and hard boiled eggs. - 105.961

Potato And Egg Medley

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, beat the eggs and egg whites well. 2) To this, stir in the milk. Keep the mixture aside. MAKING 3) In a nonstick skillet or omelet pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil, over high heat. 4) Add the potatoes. 5) Saute 10 minutes,... - 48.7925

Egg And Potato Curr

1. Hard boil eggs. Crack and cool in water. Shell and keep aside. 2. Peel potatoes. Quarter and immerse in cold water. 3. Slice onions. Chop ginger, grate coconut. 4. Roast red chillies, coriander and turmeric and grind to a fine paste. 5. Grind coconut also... - 47.6127

Potato & Egg Curry

This is a recipe for a tasty Potato & Egg Curry. You can serve this for a heart meal at home. I love this wonderful Potato & Egg Curry recipe especially because it was one of the first few recipes that I learned when I started cooking! - 47.0922

Potato And Egg Masala

This is one recipe that can be eaten with fried rice or flat bread of your choice. It is spicy and the coconut in it adds a creamy flavor to the taste. - 46.4199

Eggs And Potato Curry

MAKING 1) In a wok, heat oil and fry fenugreek seeds until fragrant and brown. Then, add onions, garlic and ginger and fry till soft. 2) Now, add potatoes and spices, stir and then add salt. Cook for 5 minutes. 3) Add thin coconut milk and curry leaves.... - 41.0421