Pot Cooking is a method of cooking which is said to have originated in Rome. Over the years, pot cooking has extended its influence to rest of the European countries and today is highly popular in Asia as well. This method of cooking has caught up in a big way with the Ismalic regions.

Technique Used in Pot Cooking:

Pot cooking, especially that which uses unglazed clay pots employ a typical method; prior to cooking, the pot is submerged in water for about 15 to 30 minutes. This is done so that the pot absorbs water, and later when placed in the oven, it releases the steam. The pot-cooked recipes owe their tenderness and flavor to long hours of cooking over low flame. The tough tissues slowly melt away and become tender to touch, bite or fork.

Popular Pot Recipes

Pot cooking is very common is some of the Asian countries such as Mainland China, India, Vietnam and Taiwan. A dish called as Phoenix talons paigu rice, where chicken feet are combined with rice is a favorite Pot recipe in China which is often served along with tea. In India, most of the states in the South use clay pot cooking to prepare the fiery red fish curry and other seafood delicacies. Kho, a Vietnaminese sweet dish simmered like stew, and Sanbeiji, a Taiwanesee dish, are the other popular pot recipes.

Health Benefits of Pot Cooked Recipes:

Pot cooking allows evaporation of water and this helps the food from getting burnt. Pot recipes do not require oil, and clearly has lesser fat content in them. They are considered healthy in comparison to fried or sautéed food. In certain regions, the mud or clay used for making the pots is said to possess some medicinal values, which gets imparted to the food in the course of cooking.


Care must be taken while scrubbing the clay pots before or after cooking. It is advisable to use salt while cleaning the pots. Avoid using detergents, as clay has a tendency to absorb them and ruin your pot recipes.

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