Porterhouse Steak

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Porterhouse steak is a beef steak cut and the bone is in the shape of T. This T-shaped bone in porterhouse steak contains meat on its both sides. Portehouse steak is cut from the larger section of tenderloin and goes till the end of short loin.


How to Cook Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse steak has less collagen, so it takes less time to get tender. It can be cooked with fast and dry methods like grilling or broiling. Porterhouse steak is cut from two different cuts, due to which the two meats cook at different time. Meat near the bone cooks later than the rest of the meat.


Porterhouse Steak Recipes

Porterhouse steak recipes are very popular in European cuisine. Porterhouse steak stuffed with ham, broiled porterhouse and vegetables, porterhouse on bread and porterhouse steak dried tomato pesto are some great appetizer recipes.