Poriyal, a south Indian dish, is served as side dish to three course of meal of rice with sambhar, rasam and curd. You can have the taste of poriyal with rotis as well as naans. Varieties of poriyal can be made, like, potato poriyal and beans poriyal. It is highly nutritious due to numerous green vegetables content.

Poriyal Blogs

Tamil Thali

Tamil Thali On : 25-May-2011 By : nithya

A Tamil Thali is a plated presentation of various dishes from Tamil cuisine. Right from the traditional Drumstick Sambar to the yummy Kesari, the Tamil Thali offers you a chance to indulge in a balanced diet. So if you are expecting a Tamilian guest, then...

Tamil Menu

Tamil Menu On : 12-Jun-2011 By : Sudipa

Tamil menu is specially known for its traditional vegetarian dishes and the abundant use of lentils, legumes and rice in all its preparations. Foods from Tamil Nadu are prepared with a special blend of spices such as mustard seeds, chili, cinnamon, green...

My Gm Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables And Brown Rice Diet

My Gm Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables And Brown Rice Diet On : 28-Jun-2011 By : bronzegoddess_bright

Yay! C'est fini! It was the Day 7(final day) of my GM diet experience. Today, I had a sense of normalcy returning to my diet. On Day 7, the dieter is asked to be on a fruits, vegetables, and brown rice diet. I would have almost killed to have an ounce of...

Top 10 Tamil Cook Books

Top 10 Tamil Cook Books On : 15-Feb-2012 By : oatmeal

The richness of the culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu has played a major role in giving rise to some of tastiest delicacies of the world. Having two or three Tamil cook books handy will always help you to try out some fabulous recipes from this South Indian...