Poppy Seed Filling

Poppy is an oilseed obtained from opium and is used as an important food ingredient. Poppy seed filling is used for filling rolls, cakes, breads, cookies and this has been adapted from the Central and Eastern European countries.

Poppy Seed Filling Recipes

Poppy seed filling is commonly prepared by cooking ground poppy with milk, sugar, raisins, rum and honey. Popular poppy seed filling recipes are Sunny Poppy Seed Cake, Poppy Seed Kuchen, Lemon Poppy Seed Tarts, etc.

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How To Extract Poppy Seeds

How To Extract Poppy Seeds On : 24-Aug-2010 By : colorfulcandies

The poppy plant has a brightly colored flower which is popular for being a good source of opium. The poppy plant bears 5-inch-wide red, white and pink flowers. The plant is in itself approximately 3 to 16 feet tall along with lobed silver-green foliage....

How To Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers

How To Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers On : 02-Jun-2010 By : colorfulcandies

How to Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers?   Royal icing poppy flowers lend a beautiful look to any cake. Royal icing consists of powdered sugar, water and meringue powder. Unlike fondant, royal icing hardens to a crisp texture over time. Poppy...

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