Pomegranate Sauce


Pomegranate sauce is a sauce prepared using pomegranate condiments like juice, syrup or molasses, and seeds. The pomegranate sauces are integral part of many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Pomegranate seeds and juices are used in many sauce preparations which are used for enriching the flavor of soups and curries. In Middle Eastern cultures the pomegranate sauce is served as a dipping sauce, marinade or a salad dressing.


Popular Pomegranate Sauces


  • Fesenjan – A very thick Iranian sauce prepared using ground walnuts and pomegranate juice. This sauce is traditionally served with poultry dishes, meat balls, fish or lamb. The sauce tastes sour or sweet depending on its cooking style. It is also served with Persian yellow or white rice.


  • Narsharab – This is a dessert sauce from Azerbaijan which is served with foods like grilled fishes, grilled lambs, cheesecake, pancake, roasted turkey, and ice cream. Pomegranates are cooked with sugar to produce this sauce. Pomegranate juice or grenadine syrup is also used for making the sauce. The grenadine syrup is generally not recommended by many cooking experts because it is packed with corn syrup and rarely contains any pomegranate in it. Sometimes different species of pomegranates are used in the preparation of this sauce. Several types of pomegranates are combined and cooked to retain the flavor and aroma of the sauce. Narsharab is also used as a dressing for fried fishes.


  • Nar ekşisi- This sauce is typical to Turkey, and it is used as a dressing for salads, or marinade for meat  or is taken straight as a dessert.  In Europe this sauce is known as pomegranate molasses and it is prepared using pomegranate juice, lemon juice and sugar. The sauce remains fresh for about 4 weeks under refrigeration.


  • Muhammara – This is a hot pepper dipping sauce from Syria which is prepared using dried or fresh peppers, breadcrumbs, ground walnuts, olive oil, garlic, salt, pomegranate molasses, and lemon juice.  The muhammara is generally served with breads, kebabs, grilled fish and meat, or it is used as a toast spread.


Nutritional Profile
Pomegranate juice used in the preparation of sauce is high in fibers and is a good source of potassium, vitamin C and pantothenic acid. Pomegranates are also enriched with antioxidants like gallocatechins, polyphenols, and catechins, which are powerful like antioxidants found in green tea. 

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