Pomegranate Marinated Chicken Recipes

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Middle-eastern Spiced Pomegranate Chicken

For those who choose to eat “healthier” proteins, but get bored with the same old ways to cook them, here is a great way to turn plain chicken drumsticks into something exotic and truly delicious. This recipe uses incredibly healthy pomegranate juice,... - 101.862

Jewish Honey Roasted Pomegranate Chicken

This chicken dish, using pomegranates, honey, carrots, and apricots, is perfect for the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah as it combines traditional New Year ingredients into a beautiful dish, served with hope for a sweet and fruitful New Year. - 50.4568

Spice Rubbed Chicken With Pomegranate Salad

1. Score the chicken with a sharp knife, about 2-3 cuts in each piece. Mix the spices with a little salt, the olive oil and vinegar in a small bowl. Using gloves (turmeric stains your fingers), rub this spice mixture over the chicken pieces and transfer to a... - 34.9349

Chicken Tabaka

GETTING READY 1) Using a mallet, beat the chicken breasts slightly to flatten them uniformly. 2) In a bowl, place together herbs, butter, garlic, seasoning, flour, lemon juice, broth, catsup, and juice. MAKING 3) In a roasting pan, stream half of the sauce... - 44.7058

Winter Fruit-chicken Combo

Wash the chicken thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Marinate the chicken pieces with a mixture of onion and ginger paste along with salt, sugar and curd. Keep it untouched for 1.5-2 hours. Cube the fruits evenly except the grapes. Heat oil in a pan and... - 40.6499

Mlukhiyya With Chicken

This is a wonderful dish of chicken, Meloukhyia, spices, etc. that is served in a layered fashion in individual wide bowls. Variations of this recipe are popular in Egypt, Lebanon and much of the Middle East. We love it! The boy on the left is carrying a... - 31.8041

Grilled Chicken With Grilled Asparagus And Blue Cheese Salad Part 2- Preparing Salad

Curious about second part of video of Chef Kent's recipe, here it is . This is so easy and delicious recipe, since it does not complete with the blue cheese. The blue cheese added a tangy bite. It can be taken on camping trips or pretty much something else. - 115.974

Grilled Chicken With Grilled Asparagus And Blue Cheese Salad Part 1- Grilling

If you are enthusiastic about Italian salads, then this recipe is for you .In this first part of video Chef Kent has got grilled chicken, grilled asparagus and beautiful tomatoes in it. This is a very simple dish , but it doesn't end here , watch the second... - 111.588

Murg Anari Kabab

1 Make a few slits on the chicken pieces. Combine the rest of the ingredients except cornflour. Marinate the chicken in it for at least 4 hours, preferably longer. 2 Drain the chicken one hour before cooking. Put in a little oil and grill or cook in a... - 35.8451