Poached Salmon

Poached salmon is an easy and simple recipe and is great when served with mashed potatoes other than rice. Poached salmon just takes boiling the salmon. After the salmon is ready, it is seasoned with kosher salt. Mayonnaise and vinaigrette sauce can also be added to make poached salmon flavorful.

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Easy Tips To Poach Salmon

Easy Tips To Poach Salmon On : 06-Dec-2011 By : priyam

Poaching is one of the best cooking methods for salmon. Salmon is a delicate fish and poaching it keeps its moisture and texture intact. Moreover, there is no need to add fat of any kind while cooking. This makes poaching salmon a healthy cooking option....

Easy Tips To Poach Fish

Easy Tips To Poach Fish On : 07-Dec-2011 By : priyam

Poaching fish is one of the healthiest ways to cook fish. However, one has to be careful and know exactly how and when to cook it as well as how long to cook it. The poaching liquid can be altered in order to vary the taste of the poached fish. Lean fishes...

Healthy Salmon Dishes For Kids

Healthy Salmon Dishes For Kids On : 29-Aug-2011 By : Sudipa

Healthy salmon dishes are recommended for kids, by dieticians and health experts as these are prepared using herbs, with very little oil and mainly baked with minimal use of butter or oil. Salmon dishes, in order to make them healthy, can be...

6 Salmon Slip-ups To Avoid

6 Salmon Slip-ups To Avoid On : 27-Mar-2014 By : seasonal_foodie

Do you love fish and swear by your salmon? Well, a beautifully cooked dish of salmon is a foodie’s delight no doubt , but are you sure of your salmon knowledge? Or do you often get confused while grilling, poaching, and searing your fish? Check out the...

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