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When you have surprise guests, don't you think of a dish which gets ready in a jiffy and tastes good? Here is a video recipe of tostones that you will love to prepare as it uses only one ingredient and hardly takes any time to cook. So surprise your surprise... - 84.5706

Pazham Pori

One of my all time favourite snack and something I often crave for when away from home! This is basically batter fried ripe Kerala plantains. Open to experimentation, you can add flavors to match your taste. These variety plantains are hard to find outside... - 38.861

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Plantain Cheese Burst

Think of biting into something that is sweet, soft and slightly firm on the outside and slightly salty and juicy on the inside? It’s just heavenly and that’s exactly what this dish is all about. Be it a tasty evening snack or an after meal dessert, this... - 38.9544


This Puerto Rican dish is a traditional dish based of plantains and beef! Those wanting to try Latin food in the traditional way, this is the video to see though the quality of the video is rather questionable! - 112.992

Malabar Unnakaya

Want to try a royal Malabar treat? Unnakaya is one a popular sweet fried snack made of plantains, that grown in abundance on the Malabar coast. It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and tastes absolutely delicious. If you can find some ripe... - 80.0187

Banana Romance

An innovative creation, the Banana romance recipe is banana fritters topped with delicious chocolate. A wonderful combination that is hard to resist. Just dig in to this culinary delight and pamper your taste buds. Treat yourself for a change. - 29.8056

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