Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is the actually a type of frozen condition of the regular milk without any type of add on. Many people who cannot drink milk, because of protein allergy or lactose intolerance, can compensate their milk and calcium intake from plain yogurt. It is always suggested that because of the culturing process the yogurt is always more digestible than regular milk. Making plain yogurt at home is as easy as drinking a glass of milk after adding sugar. The main components needed to make plain yogurt at home are milk, dry milk powder and a little plain yogurt with active cultures.

Plain Yogurt Blogs

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Enhance Your Beauty By Yogurt ! On : 12-Nov-2007 By : Ganesh Dutta

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How To Make Yogurt

On : 28-Nov-2007 By : Loins of Punjab

Make Yogurt Yogurt is very easy to make at home. Many homes in India still make yogurt at home each and everyday. It is almost a ritual. Yogurt can also be bought fresh in India from a milk vendor. Special yogurt-making...

Fighting Stomach Ulcers With Yogurt

Fighting Stomach Ulcers With Yogurt On : 25-Mar-2009 By : veg foodie

Finally, there is now a drug free and delicious treat to ‘treat’ stomach ulcer! What is it…? It is yogurt! 25 million people in the US alone are affected by stomach ulcers and research has shown that such ulcers are caused mainly by a type of...

How To Substitute Yogurt For Eggs

How To Substitute Yogurt For Eggs On : 15-Mar-2011 By : Bubbly

  In baking recipes you can substitute yogurt for eggs . Few like to exclude eggs for a variety of reasons such as culture, health and liking. Eggs gives the product the desired texture and taste, however you can also...