Plain Biscuit

Plain biscuit is a kind of baked snack. Plain biscuit refers to those baked cookies that are made with only flour, sugar and butter. No extra ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips or glazed fruits are added to the dish. Plain biscuit can be either sweet or salty. It is very easy to make plain biscuit and it is a very quick recipe.
Preparation of Plain Biscuit
As told above, plain biscuit contains only flour, butter and sugar and to make salty biscuits, salt can be added. Baking powder is also included to make the biscuits light and airy. Flavors like chocolate and vanilla are the optional ingredients. All the ingredients are sifted well to make smooth biscuit dough. Dough is divided into small balls and any shape can be given to them like round, oval or square. The uncooked biscuits are kept in a baking tray and baked in a preheated oven. It is recommended to avoid over cooking of biscuits as it may spoil the taste of plain biscuit. The plain biscuits are baked until golden brown and set at room temperature before serving. Plain biscuit is an ideal snack for tea time and breakfast. Many people like to dip the plain biscuit in tea of coffee and eat them.
Plain Biscuit Recipes
Vanilla biscuit, chocolate plain biscuit and plain butter biscuits are some of the common plain biscuits well-liked in all countries.

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