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Pizza originated in Italy, however, this is one dish that has been adapted by cuisines all over the world and has become a universal favorite. Pizza is a kind of a baked flatbread on which a variety of toppings in ... More »
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Double Cheese Classic Margherita Pizza

How do you like about the idea of grilled pizza? If you have never tried this, then don't miss this opportunity to make one for yourself. It's simple, quick and easy. Just follow the easy steps shown in this video and be independent to grill your pizza. - 142.028

Healthy Salad Pizza

Are you so committed to your health goals that you’re craving and missing pizza? Well, there is no need! In this video learn how to make a delicious and healthy pizza that is easy to assemble, high in antioxidants and fiber and will absolutely blow away... - 139.812

Wegmans Easy Italian Pizza 2 Ways

Make pizza at home! Wegmans Executive Chef Mark Makovec shows you how fun and easy it is for everyone. These are just the pizzas for anyone wishing to have something delicious and different. Naan is a great bread to use rather than pizza dough, and cuts the... - 139.799


To all you Pizza lovers you should definitely check out this dish, it is called Stromboli, it is the best substitute to Pizzas. Stromboli is a turnover and is filled with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, veggies etc. It is filling as well as a... - 138.912

How To Make Thai Pizza Appetizers

Are you tired of pigs-in-a-blanket and looking for something different to spice up your appetizer tray? Lauren Chattman from Pillsbury shows us how to make Thai pizza appetizers that have a sweet and spicy kick. - 134.633

English Muffin Pizzas

Dudes love appetizers. Dudes love pizza. Most dudes like English Muffins. How about the best of all three? Sure, why not. Watch as Adam and Sean take this British breakfast bread and Italian-ize it. Oh, and instead of one or two kinds of pizza, you and your... - 134.259

Potatoes Thin Crust Pizza

Love pizza and want to try some thin crust ones - here is the recipe. A different kind of pizza with marinated potatoes as the topping. The caramelized onion and the anchovy adds a good flavour to it. Worcestershire Sauce which is added in the making of... - 133.716

Wegmans Grilled Naan Pizza 2 Ways

For a fun family dinner or party appetizers, grilled pizza so easy. Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson shows you how. - 133.435

Gluten Free Pizzas

Lizanne Falsetto, the CEO of thinkThin's all natural, sugar free protein bars and mother of two, shows you how to make delicious Gluten Free Pizza and turn cooking with the kids into a weekly ritual. Her show, Lizanne Naturally, focuses on easy portable... - 133.256

Homemade Pizza

Looking for a fun meal the whole family can enjoy? Well, this week Rebecca is in the kitchen showing you how to make her homemade pizza. With a delicious homemade crust, and everyone's favorite choice of toppings, we think this homemade pizza will make any... - 133.136

Pizza Part 1

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the grill on high heat. 2. In a bowl, toss the arugula with olive oil and salt. Set aside. MAKING 3. In a large bowl, combine flour with yeast, salt and sugar 4. Pour in the warm water and gently stir using a spatula. 5. Add olive... - 132.812

Taco Pizza

Taco pizza? Really, really? You will be pleasantly surprised at how good this tastes! Make your own pizza dough or use store bought. What ever you decide you will end up with a pretty delicious dinner! - 131.341

Fancy Pizza With Roasted Butternut Squash And Bacon

Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon on a pizza? Yes, please! - 130.317

Gluten Free Pizza

Make your own gluten-free pizza and make everyone happy! - 129.334

Sausage Pizza

If you cannot do without your pizzas, try this amazing Sausage Pizza. The specialty of this pizza is that it is layered with a special homemade pasta sauce, which when baked with the filling makes this dish takes divine! It is worth trying this recipe out at... - 128.213

Healthy Whole Wheat Pizza

Pizzas are always comforting! How about pizza minus the fat, add in more health? A great whole wheat pizza with veggies is what you are going to learn today! Right from the base to the toppings. The toppings are all healthy veggies topped with soy cheese. ... - 127.811

Fruit Pizza

A delicious summertime dessert that's quick and easy to make! Great for the 4th of July or anytime! - 127.711

Tuna Cheese Pizza

Pizza lovers are surely going to love this dish! This Tuna cheese pizza is a delightful variation of a regular pizza. The specialty of this Tuna pizza recipe is that the flavor of the dish is enhanced by making tomato sauce and onion paste from scratch. - 127.107

Bacon And Crab Pizza On The Weber

This was my first attempt with pizza on the grill.. - 126.893

Healthy Turkey Sausage And Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza

Nearly 40 percent of Americans like to consume cold, leftover pizza for breakfast! Gladly eat pizza for breakfast! Check out this healthy breakfast pizza recipe instead of stuffing your mouth with a whole lot of fats and carbs in the morning! This quick and... - 126.474

Pizza Indian Style

Many Indians like their food to taste Indian and those who have not yet tried their Pizza yet can now do happily. We have Chef Manjula who is making pizza in Indian style. Her instructions are simple to follow as she gets into every detail for us to get a... - 126.439

Caramel Apple Crisp Pizza (dessert Pizza)

Ready for some dessert pizza?! If you love apple desserts then you are gonna really like this one. Buttery, homemade pie crust topped with spiced apples, topped with streusel mixture, baked to perfection and then drizzled with caramel. Yes ma'am! It's as... - 125.433

Pizza Dough

Hello everyone, and welcome to the kitchen at GialloZafferano. I'm Deborah and today, just for! Getting it take-away is always a pleasure, but would you like to see the satisfaction of preparing it on your own at home? - 125.168

Wegmans Pizza

This perfect pizza from Italian kitchen can be a dish for lifetime. - 124.738

Easy Tomato Pizza

Looking for a light appetizer or snack, here is a pizza recipe that perfectly serves the need. Catch up with Caitlin making Tomato pizza with topping made of ripe tomatoes along with a few simple flavors. Easy and quick in making, this pizza is a sure delight... - 124.567

Three Cheese Garden Pizza (pampered Chef)

There is nothing like a superb pizza topped with a good amount of melting cheese! The Three Cheese Garden Pizza might just satisfy your cheese cravings. It is pretty simple to make. Watch and learn from this video. Bon Appétit, folks! - 124.088

Angry Birds Tortilla Pizza - Myvirginkitchen

Barry shows you how to make an Angry Birds themed pizza with a tortilla base. - 124.07

Malaysian Pesto Pizza

Here is a homemade pizza which is sure to impress your family and friends! It is made in a simple manner and can be decorated with a few sprigs of fresh basil before serving. - 123.837

Cooking For Kids - Pizza Pinwheels

Everyone loves pizza, but these Pizza Pinwheels will impress even the greatest pizza lover. Perfect for a school lunch, snack or any time of day! - 122.885

Pizza Night - Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

It is weekend night, that means it is pizza night! Don't call the pizza parlor to order a pizza. Watch this video and make it at home, with your favorite toppings. Here is a super easy recipe for pizza dough, so you can make pizza at home. It's easy and fun... - 122.774

Quick Grilled Pizza

If you have never experienced the unique taste of grilled pizza, you should not miss this opportunity to make one of your own. Yes, you can grill gorgeous cheesy pizzas at your backyard, with the help of this video. So, fix a date and call up your friends to... - 122.032

How To Make Rocky Road Cookie Pizza - An Easy Dessert

Chocolate chip cookie dough, nuts, marshmallows-they're all our favorite food groups. And if you put them together and bake them in a pizza pan, you just may have the perfect dessert. Pillsbury's Lauren Chattman whips up a rocky road cookie pizza that's fun... - 121.888

Bengali Mama Ep. 5 Stuffed Crust Chicken Pesto Pizza

Buttery croissant crust, stuffed edges in mozzarella cheese, slathered with pesto and topped with shredded chicken and more cheese, this dish is sure to please. It is super quick and easy to make and tastes SO good. May not look the prettiest, but who cares... - 120.957

Let's Make Homemade Frozen Pizza

Tired of cooking. Try these frozen pizza. This video shows quick and easy way to prepare these pizza with just about the right topping of your choice. An ideal option for a lazy dinner, this is quiet healthy and filling. This can actually even be a good meal... - 120.513

Vegan Flat Bread And Pizza Crust

Even if you are not a vegan, this recipe is something you will certainly like to try at home. It is gluten free and vegan and extremely simple. Watch the chef as she prepares the flat bread or pizza crust with the simple ingredients. - 120.406

Bay Scallop And Pea Pasta

How about cooking some beautiful baby scallops? To go with it some lemon and pea pasta! Steve does a fantastic job of cooking all this and presenting this beautifully too! - 119.772

Healthy Homemade Pizza Crust

"Healthy pizza" sounds like an oxymoron right? But here is an attempt to make pizza from scratch no fat and whole wheat flour. Making a dough for the pizza crust can be tricky because their is no ideal water to flour ratio. Those who have tried making healthy... - 119.622

Homemade Pizza

GETTING READY 1. Pizza Dough: Using a mixer on low speed, blend together flour, salt and yeast. 2. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil and then the cold water until combined. Crank up the speed and let it beat for 5-7 minutes. 3. Once done, place the dough on a... - 119.613

White Pizza With Garlic Chicken Spinach & Sun-dried Tomatoes

Watch Rosalie Fiorino Harpole as she teaches you how to make White Pizzas. - 119.58

Taco Pizza

Don’t make the tough decision on wether or not to have pizza or tacos for supper, have both. This recipe will be a family favorite, with the delicious combinations of all the staples on a taco, then placed on a pizza pie! - 119.08

Blueberry Pizza

A fun and unique dessert pizza that will really get your taste buds going! Pizza for dessert! Meant for pizza lovers and for those who don’t like baking pies! - 118.891

Valentine's Day Pizza

I know, it's kinda cheezy right? Well, first off because it's pizza...which is always cheesy. But also because there are heart-shaped beets all over it. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to do a Valentine's Day recipe that was festive but not pumped full of... - 118.605

Pizza On The Grill

A pizza that is made to transform your eating habits from a greasy to a healthy way! Ken gets this pizza going on the grill! See the video for more. - 118.601

English Muffin "pizza" (betty's Kitchen Fare)

Make your life easier with this English Muffin, Tomato and Cheese Pizza. It might not taste like the gourmet pizzas, but it is definitely a great choice to have when you are out of time and need something to fill in your belly. Delicious and healthy! Get the... - 118.211

Strawberries And Cream Tortilla Pizza

Learn language concepts while making this dessert recipe with your preschoolers....great for older kids too for direction following, fractions, and family together time! - 118.181

Sweet Potato And Sausage Pizza

Pizza lovers, here is another unique pizza recipe for you. This Sweet Potato and Sausage Pizza will definitely draw your attention. Watch this video to see how you can make this sweet and spicy pizza at home. - 117.852

Egg-o-pizza - Leftover Pizza Egg Breakfast

Learn how to turn Leftover Pizza into a Flavorful Breakfast! - 117.809

Homemade Pizza Dough

Always wanted to make pizza at home, but had to settle for takeouts because you didn't know how to make pizza dough at home? Worry not, for this video brings you an excellent recipe that teaches you how to make pizza dough from the scratch. Just master the... - 117.738

Roasted Butternut Squash Pizza With Gluten-free Cornmeal Crust

Watch as the Sexy Vegan dishes out a unique vegan pizza- with roasted butternut squash and a gluten-free pizza base. This pizza with a twist is sure to delight your taste buds and might actually make you forget about the conventional pizza. - 117.596

Scrambled Eggs Pizza - Mother's Day Breakfast

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for a mother's day scrambled eggs pizza. - 117.557

Homemade Organic Vegetarian Pizza

Have you ever dreamt of baking your own pizza in your own oven! It's going to be an exciting project, indeed. Particularly when you use all organic ingredients, then it is the healthiest choice of all. Watch the chef in this video in baking a pizza from... - 117.552

Healthy Pizza

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 400 degrees F. MAKING 2. For Making Tortilla Pizzas– Over a whole grain tortilla spread mozzarella slices, makes layers with pizza sauce, tomatoes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, red onion, basil, mushroom and... - 117.023

Carnivores Dutch Oven Pizza

Forget pre-packaged hot dogs, steaks and pancakes! Here's an easy to make recipe that you would enjoy making beside the campfire. Dutch oven pizza is just the thing for outdoor freaks that can be assembled using just a handful of pizza staples. Not only is it... - 117.022

Cracker Crust Pizza Dough!

A very simple recipe for a thin cracker crust pizza dough! - 116.64

Avocado Toast Pizza

Jaime K. is showing you some of her favorite at home staples. Pita break, avocado and a few topping will get you a quick and healthy pizza! - 116.502

Mushroom And Vegetable Stuffed Pizza Pockets

Won't you like your kids to join you in kitchen and make a great family affair. Then see this video and try out this simple calzone recipe that is filled with all the healthy ingredients. Watch this video and you would soon realize that cooking was never so... - 116.441

Bulgogi (korean Bbq ) Pizza

Korean BBQ divorces Rice and moves onto a bigger & softer platform! - 116.434

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza

In this video Barry shows you how to make some incredibly delicious yet, fast & speedy flatbreads. - 115.997

Home Style Pizza

There would be many pizza recipes out there but this home style pizza recipe is a special one as it shows how easy it is to make a pizza at home and you are not restricted with the topping choices. After all home cooking is not about fancy dishes, it is more... - 115.876

Double Dave’s Thanksgiving Pizza

Double Dave’s Thanksgiving Pizza is the perfect way to use up left overs from your Thanksgiving feast. This pizza combines stuffing, brown gravy, onions, mozzarella cheese, chopped turkey, and cranberry sauce. - 115.366

How To Make Brownie Pizza

How To Make Brownie Pizza EASY AND FUN RECIPE TO MAKE WITH YOUR KIDS!!! Kids of all ages will love this delightfully different way to serve brownies. - 115.225

Cream Cheese And Vegetables Pizza

Here is a unique vegetable pizza recipe that is an excellent treat for veggie lovers. View this fantastic video that shows a pizza recipe with cream cheese and topped with plenty of fresh vegetables. See the video and try out this appetizing vegetable pizza. - 114.365

How To Make Football Field Flatbread

Struggling to come up with a creative dish to bring to your Super Bowl party this weekend? This Football Field Flatbread takes only 6 ingredients and can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. Plus... it's a football field flatbread! Your guests will have a good... - 114.331

How To Make Pizza Mummies- Halloween

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for pizza mummies. - 114.08

Cheese Pizza

Easy cheesy...that's what this pizza is all about. An amazing video to prepare pizza with a crispy crust and topped with rich tomato sauce and cheese. Its all about the measurement which creates the right cheese pizza. The video makes this a child's play and... - 113.956

Pizza With Toppings

Having kids around and pleasing them making a lovely pizza can be so easy through this recipe. Check out Chef Tamra making pizza starting right with the dough and delicious toppings as well. Great pizza playdate with kids! - 113.932

Fruity Pizza

Fruit Pizza is wonderful dessert for a crowd, loaded with fruit. And one of the best things is that whatever fruit you have on hand will work! This one has a sugar cookie crust with a sweet cream cheese spread. - 113.888

3 Easy Flatbread Pizza Snack

For Buffalo Chicken Pizza: GETTING READY 1. Season chicken with salt, pepper, paprika, and chili flakes. Mix to coat well. 2. Line a roasting pan with foil. 3. Preheat oven to 350 degree F. MAKING 4. Place chicken pieces in roasting pan and drizzle olive... - 113.772

Homemade Pizza

Make you own pizza at home with a homemade crust and your favorite toppings. In this video here, the pizza dough is made using a bread machine adding fresh basil and sundried tomatoes to make the crust more flavorful. See this incredible video and gear up for... - 113.665

Turkey And Zucchini Pizza

An Outlet for cooking up the plentiful zucchini's is to make a Pizza! Patty shows how to get these wonder-baked pizza's through! - 113.562

Perfect Pizza At Home

How to make great pizza at home. It's quick and easy! - 113.517

Grilled Pizza

I love pizza and grilling it is great for the summer. Store bought pizza dough will make this even easier. - 113.419

Quick Pizza Dough

Forget the takeaway pizza. Now you too can bake perfect pizzas at home following this pizza dough recipe. Just add your favorite topping to your pizza and voila! you have an amazing pizza at home. A mustr try for all pizza freaks. - 113.389

Barbecued Chicken Pizza

Tailgating has its own fun and if you can prepare dishes like this Barbecued Chicken Pizza then it becomes all the more fun. Watch this video to learn the details of this fabulous dish. - 113.27

Easiest Homemade Pizza

Want the easiest recipe for homemade pizza dough that is also tastiest of all the recipes that you have ever tried? Scott is showing his homemade pizza dough recipe which is the easiest and the best. It neither needs any special equipments nor any hard and... - 113.141

Star Gazers Pizza

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, add olive oil and garlic. Mix and let it set. 2. Preheat oven at 400 degree. 3. Cut yellow bell pepper into large slices. Then with a cookie cutter cut and create 7 yellow stars. Chop the remaining pieces. 4. Cut 7 thin slices of... - 113.124

Barbecued Gluten Free Pizza

Barbecued gluten free pizza might sound a little odd but take a look at the video to see how exotic this dish is. It cooks well, looks good and you can say by looking at it, how good that would taste? So go ahead and show off your skills at the next weekend... - 113.089

Homemade Aussie Prawn Pizza

GETTING READY 1. Dice the onions, tomatoes, green and red bell pepper and ham slice the mushrooms, set aside. 2. Clean and devein the shrimps, set aside. 3. Preheat the oven to 200 – 210 degree C. MAKING 4. Place the pita bread on a pizza pan; spread some... - 113.054

Homemade Pizza Dough

You too can bake restaurant-like pizzas at your home, if you know how to prepare a perfect pizza dough? Preparing a perfect pizza dough is not that difficult, but it becomes better with practice. Before you start, you should learn about the procedure from... - 112.816

Pizza - Muffaletta Pizza

A simple appetizer which gets prepared in 20 minutes. - 112.763

Bbq Chicken Pizza With Cauliflower Crust!

A really easy...REALLY EASY, gluten free pizza recipe with a cauliflower crust. This crust can be made in minutes! - 112.758

Dessert Pizza

Have you ever thought of making a sweet tasting pizza? Here is a recipe video that shows how to make a sweet fruit pizza for dessert. Top the pizza with cream cheese and fruits of your choice. See the video and enjoy this sweet pizza for dessert ! - 112.745

Elba's Breakfast Pizza Supreme

For all the pizza lovers, here's a must try recipe. Watch the Chef prepare Pizza Supreme Italiano that can be simply made at home. Surprise your family with this Italian delicacy today. - 112.557

Taco Pizza

GETTING READY 1. For pizza dough, in a small bowl mix yeast and warm water. Set it aside for 5 minutes. 2. In food processor throw flour and aerate it. Add salt, and olive oil. 3. Pulse constantly and gradually add water and yeast mixture into it. 4. On... - 112.454

Easy Grilled Sourdough Pizza Crust

Craving for some yummy home-baked pizza? Try grilling this luscious spurdough pizza at home that can be easily prepared at home using the freshest and easy-to-use-ingredients. Top it with your favorite topping and voila! you are done. - 112.394

Easy Mushroom Pizza

Cooking with Caitlin host Caitlin shows you how to prepare a mushroom pizza that is super easy - and super tasty. Caitlin's mushroom pizza is loaded with flavor and will make your house smell fantastic! - 112.358

Baked Pizza Crust

Another recipe being shared by Chef David to involve the little ones to cook! Get them to bake this pizza crust and get to make their own topping! Easy to follow instruction in this video, see it for more! - 112.279

Rawgosia006 - Raw Food

If you’re a raw foodie in the mood for some pizza here is a recipe video that will satisfy your craving! This video illustrates the preparation of not one but two raw and vegan pizzas. One with avocado, parsley and cucumber – Green Pizza. Another with... - 112.276

Easy Lowcarb Pizza Rats

Lowcarb pizza rats is a quick and easy pizza recipe using packaged flat out wraps. Here the toppings are simply arranged over the wraps to resemble a rat. Then these thin wraps are crisped for just a few minutes and served. - 112.251

Blt Pizza - This Week's Feast

If you love Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwiches, you're sure to love this pizza! - 112.087

Healthy Mexican Pizza

Join Toby preparing this speedy and healthy pizza recipe on loan from fellow Registered Dietitian Heidi McIndoo and her book "When To Eat What" - 112.084

Easy Homemade Pizza With Mushroom Sauce

Pizza lovers know it well that pizzas offers variety of flavors when it comes to sauce and the toppings. A pizza lover like you is this chef who is trying a new kind of sauce and toppings for her pizza. Watch the video to know more. - 111.676

Japanese Curry Pizza With Fried Shrimp

GETTING READY 1. In a cup, mix in the warm water with the yeast and sugar. Stir and let it stand for a few minutes to allow the yeast to bloom. 2. In a mixing bowl or on your cutting board, take the all-purpose and the bread flour. 3. Make a well and add the... - 111.49

Halloween Veggie Pizza

Why order a takeout when you can make your own pizza at home? This veg pizza recipe is so simple and flavorful that you won't miss the meat at all. Perfect for sharing party food. Just follow the instructions to the T and bake yummy pizzas in your kitchen,... - 111.217

Baked Beef And Cheese Popover Pizza

Looking for a pizza recipe that is out of the ordinary? Then watch this video by LynnsRecipes and learn to bake delicious pizza pop-overs, the perfect snack for every event! - 111.143

Meat Lover's Deep Dish Pizza

On this video, I'll show you how to make a delicious deep dish pizza on the grill! - 111.041

Homemade Pizza

GETTING READY 1. In a mixing bowl, combine bread flour, yeast, sugar, salt and luke warm water. Mix it well. Add olive oil and combine well. 2. Take the dough out on flat surface and knead it well with your hands. 3. Put the dough back in the bowl and cover... - 110.953

Quick Mexican Pizza

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F. 2. Line the baking sheet with aluminium foil. MAKING 3. Spread beans evenly over the tortillas. 4. Top with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. 5. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. SERVING 6. Top the Quick... - 110.652

Easy Grilled Pizza

In a mood of tasting a different kind of pizza, then do try this one. Chef Victoria shows how to make BBQ Pizza. It's something different but yet tasty and easy to make. - 110.364

Pizza Dough

A perfect lean pizza dough is most necessary requirement for a nice and crisp home-baked pizza. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the process of making the super pizza dough from an experienced chef. Watch the video and be an expert in homemade pizza. - 110.128

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