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Pizza Hut Launches ‘overstuffed’ Pizza For The Gluttons

You have had the stuffed-crust pizza at the Pizza Hut, the hot-dog-stuffed as well as the Cone Crust pizzas but are you ready for the ‘Overstuffed Pizza”? The latest pizza variety to come out of the Pizza Hut kitchen is an entire pie made with one big... -

Celebrate Pizza Pie Day With Pizza Hut’s Tiny Pies

It is the National Pizza Pie Day on February 9 and even though you may be sick after eating too much pizza during Super Bowl, the day calls for trying out the new tiny pies that the Pizza Hut is rolling out on the occasion.   The... -

Pizza Stone: Pizza Stone Directions And Use

If you make pizza at home there are many ways to make them. The medium that you choose to bake your pizza on will make or break the quality of your finished product, your pizza! You know the deal: The secret of the pizza is in the crust! There are many ways... -

October - National Pizza Month Celebrates America's Obsession With Pizza

October is celebrated as the National Pizza Month and therefore, it is the right time to discuss America's obsession with this fast food, being served throughout the country in mind-boggling varieties. But before we sing paens in praise of this... -

Pizza Vending Machine In Italy - Pizza In 3 Mins

Vending machines have definitely been an integral part of our lives. Want a drink rush to the vending machine across the street. Now you can do the same when you wish to dig into a pizza. It is all about walking across to the pizza vending machine and the... -

Get Just A Slice Of Pizza From Pizza Hut!

  Probably all our rants about oversized portions have finally reached the ears of Pizza Hut. The fast food company, which was only selling entire pizzas so far, has now decided to sell pizza slices too. This new option is now being... -

Hell Pizza’s ‘roulette’ Game Is Really Deadly

Wanna play a very cruel joke on someone on their birthday or want to get back to your nemesis? Just remember, Hell Pizza is here and it has laid out a deadly “Pizza Roulette” for you to play! However, before you roll your dice, remember that this game is... -

Pizza Brain: World’s First Pizza Museum Comes To Philadelphia

Philadelphia is, arguably, the rising pizza capital of America and its arsenal just got bigger with the world’s first pizza museum to be opened here soon. Pizza Brain, the brainchild of a 27-year-old Brian Dwyer, will showcase pizza-art, pizza-memorabilia... -

Subway Sandwich Or A Pepperoni Pizza From Pizzahut?

Why is it always too difficult to choose between the two? Every time we plan to eat out, these are almost the only choices I and my peers got to choose from; or is it just we are so obsessed with both Subway and PizzaHut that... -

Free Pizzas For Saying 'pizza Por Favor'

  Have you ever got a pizza for free, just because you said "please?" Well, 120,000 customers got lucky on June 5, 2012, at Pizza Patron under its "Pizza Por Favor" program. In its goal to represent Hispanics better, and... -

Donatos Pizza Menu - Pizzas, Subs, Salads

The Donatos Pizza promises "To Serve The Best Pizza" and the Donatos Pizza Menu vouches for this fact. The pizzeria runs on the philosophy of treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated and this philosophy is the driving... -

How Four Roses Bourbon & Louisville’s Impellizzeri’s Pizza Make Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon Hot Brown Pizza

The Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon Hot Brown Pizza throws a new twist into the traditional pizza war by going beyond the crust and melding two well-known and cherished Kentucky classics, bourbon and the classic Louisville dish, the Hot Brown. In honor of Bourbon... -

Top 5 Pizza Equipment Suppliers

  Thinking of pizza equipment, look at these pizza equipment suppliers and then invest. Pizza equipment suppliers offer models such as conveyor ovens, pizza deck oven, half and full sized ovens and other models. Depending on your need pick the... -

Don't Consider Thin Crust Pizza A Healthier Option

Thin crust pizza a healthier option was the common belief until a few days ago.  However, a new survey conducted on the pros and cons of the pizza revealed that the thin crust pizza is not healthy, in fact they can be counted among the most harmful foods... -

Attack Of The Giant Pizza

We were invaded by a very large pizza the other night. We were in the mood for some pizza so we went through our collection of pizza menus on the side of the fridge. I saw the menu for Palermo's super extra large pizza. It's a 24 inch... -

Raw Pizza Party On "fun Food"

The raw pizza party was a great success! Dan McDonald demonstrated how to make raw pizza and shared his philosophy on raw food living. Lots of video coming soon! (Events, New York, pizza) -

Domino’s Brazil Campaign Sells Pizza-on-dvd

  Let’s get it straight first. The pizza we are talking about is not edible but it smells just like one if it is run on a DVD player. This is because it is actually a DVD, carrying a pizza scent . The Domino’s has launched this unique... -

Renna’s Pizza - Jacksonville, Fl

Renna’s has it going on... They have a nice crust, good sauce, slammin sausage, and good cheese to boot... Renna’s makes a pretty darn good cheese pizza too - I’ve always said if you can make a good cheese pizza you can make any pizza good... Most... -

Gift Pizza: How To Tips & Ideas

  This article has tips and techniques to gift pizza for any occasion. Pizza is the national dish of Italy, but it is now liked by people across the globe.  It is easily available at local grocery stores. A pizza lover will appreciate if... -

Pizza Makes The World Go Round...

I was quite facinated to read what I found on Wikipedia regarding pizza. I had no ideas there laws being written around it... Not that there isn't an abundance of information out there, but if you want to read some interesting facts about pizza... -

History Of Pizza As Food

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!! I simply had to have a slice of a yummy and filling pepperoni Pizza snd kept nagging my last Tuesday that I drove my hubby crazy. Strangely it was when I was helping myself to a pizza that I wondered about the history of pizza as food... -

How To Eat Pizza?

Ever heard about proper pizza etiquette? This guide on ‘How To Eat Pizza’ will discuss some of the popular methods of eating pizza or enjoying it without burning the roof of your mouth.     Pizza may be... -

Patrick Stewart Eats First Pizza Slice At Age 72

Would you believe that the legendary Hollywood star, Patrick Stewart, had not eaten a pizza till last week? Yes! At the ripe age of 72, the Star Trek actor tucked into his first ever pizza slice while out on a meal date with his fiance Sunny Ozell. ... -

Domino's India's Cheesy Boloroni Pizza Has It All

The world-famous American pizza chain, Domino's, is finally getting ahead of its bizarre pizza game. The latest to join the ranks of over-the-top pizza is the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza, which serves macaroni in bolognese sauce but in  different way . ... -

How To Make Deep Dish Pizza Crust Crispy

  Unlike other pizzas, deep dish pizza is 3/4 th part curst and just ¼ part topping, making the crust the focal point of the pizza. The world is divided between those who like a doughy crust and those who like it crisp, attaining a doughy texture... -

Proposing At Pizza Hut?!

      Super Ingredients Of The Super Pan Pizza   Pizza Hut sure comes up with some unique ideas to beat the competition, especially in its branches outside of the U.S. First, it was the Crown... -

Size Does Matter Especially When It’s A Pizza

Hungry for a pizza? Do send for a large one instead of the tiniest delicacy that comes in a cardboard box . Now, why should you do that? You are just a solitary person salivating at the thought of a pizza, but that will not make you greedy enough to wolf... -

Pizza Delivery On Train

  When most of us crib about late pizza deliveries, here is an incident which proves that pizza guys can do even the impossible if they truly want to! A woman train passenger orders pizza during her journey, and the delivery man manages to... -

Domino’s Pizza N Its Brilliant Apologies

Receiving a cold pizza or one with the wrong topping is common place now. More so, when it is Domino’s Pizza serving you. You are entitled to complain of course! The company usually promises to look into the matter and has been known to issue an apology... -

Joseph’s Pizza - Jacksonville, Fl

Given the day you go - Joseph’s makes a pretty good pizza... To me their claim to fame is they use cornmeal on the bottom of their pizzas to give them a nice crisp crust. They’ve been around for 50 years so they know a thing or two about mediocre pizza.... -

Tango Pizza Sub & Pasta - Jacksonville, Fl

I found out about Tango Pizza from a post in PQM’s Think Tank - it was close to work so I thought I would check it out. I’m glad I did - Their pizza is good! I took the pizza back to the office and before I could get a photo of it over half of it was... -

You’ll Love This Cute Pizza Cutter!

  Wanna cut your pizzas in style? Then, here’s something you may want to get. Take a look at this cute pizza cutter from DOIY . It is a mini version of a Fixie bike with elegant handlebars and sharp wheels.  All you have to do... -

One Big Pizza!

At the Orlando Pizza Show (part of the Florida Restaurant Show) Thanks to The Tortilla Guy for snapping the photo! (Funny, Cooking My Way, Florida, pizza, Ponte Vedra Beach, usa) -

Pizza Hut Made History With First Online Purchase

Pizza Hut is certainly one of most popular takeaways and pizza outlets at present. Together with Dominos they enjoy 48% of the online pizza market share . However, there is more to Pizza Hut’s innovation than crazy pizza toppings and crusts, it seems.... -

Domino’s Pizza Treads The Vegan Path

Domino’s Pizza has enthused the vegan community by bringing out a totally vegan edition of their famed pizza. It is not available in USA though! The no animal product pizza has been unveiled by an Israeli franchise of Dominos after a Facebook clamor led... -

Dial ‘pizza’ For Emergency Service

Ever tried hitting the pizza button on your phone when the urge for having a cheesy pizza becomes irresistible? No? Well, you are missing out on a lot for sure! The ‘Country Inn and Suites,’ Canada has decided to make the life of its guests easier... -

How To Make Healthy Pizza

Pizza is considered as a junk food – but if you wish you can prepare it in a way, which shall make it quite healthy. Here are some tips and guidelines which shall help you to learn how to make healthy pizza. Making healthy pizza is all about using the... -

A Cool Tool To Cut Your Pizza Effortlessly

  Do you love making pizzas? And do you like gadgets? Then, you will surely fall for this functional tool – a pizza scissors spatula! With this, cutting up your pizza will never be messy again, and you wouldn’t have to run your... -

This Is How Pizza Evolved And Came To Your Table!

  Who doesn’t love eating a pizza? Despite originating in Italy, the dish has become popular across all countries and is one of the favorite among foods. But have you ever wondered how the first pizza came about? Who... -

A 12” Pizza Gone In 41 Seconds

How fast can you eat a 12-inch pizza? 1 minute or less? Well, a ‘furious’ guy called Pete just ate it in 41.31 seconds and that included the time the first bite of pizza hit his mouth to the time his mouth emptied of the last morsel. Now that has been... -

Best Pizza In New York City

This blog aims at guiding you to the best  Pizza in New York City . Your visit to the New York City shall remain incomplete if you do not spare out time to taste some of its delectable pizza. While NYC has many delicious treats like deli sandwiches,... -

Pakistan Is Crazy About Domino’s Quesadilla Pizza

Pakistan is one place where you wouldn’t expect Tex-Mex food to be popular. However, that is exactly what is happening right now. There is renewed demand for the Quesadilla Pizza being sold by Domino’s in Pakistan.   Although the... -

California Pizza Kitchen - Durham, Nc

We went to the CPK for dinner and had a great pizza. Like most chains, CPK’s pizza is consistent. I find it odd that they press out their dough in a big press but take the time to bake it in a wood burning oven? Are they afraid to hand stretch the dough... -

Donatos Pizza - Columbus, Oh Io

Since 1962 Donatos has been making the world’s best pepperoni pizza. It’s the world’s best so what else is there to day? They built their business on their pepperoni pizza - I never get anything other than a pep when I go there - why would you? ... -

Decent Pizza - Tallahassee, Fl

I was in Tallahassee for a meeting - I was on my way to the client’s office when I passed Decent Pizza. It’s not good, it’s not Great - it’s just decent... I didn’t get a chance to stop and try it out but I had to stop and snap a shot... I’ve... -


The History of Pizza The derivations of the word "pizza" are believed to be from an "Old Italian" word meaning "a point", which in turn became the Italian word "pizzeria", which means... -

You Can Now Drink Your Pizza

  October is National Pizza Month , and do you need a better reason to invent something new, pizza-wise? Trattoria Neapolis based in Pasadena, California, has come up with a strange-tasting cocktail, every sip of which remind you of a... -

East Meets West In Pizza Hut’s Birizza

Pizza Hut , the fast food giant, has re-introduced Birizza , a unique combo of pizza and the fragrant rice dish, biriyani in its Sri Lankan outlets. This particular meeting of the East and West is working just fine and Pizza Hut is laughing all the... -

The 100-calorie Pizza Slice Is Here

  Are you tired of giving up your favorite snack - pizza - just because it has too many calories? A California-based restaurant chain, Blaze Pizza, has the perfect solution for your dietary woes in its cheap, healthier and custom-made... -

Us Military Pizza Will Remain Good For Three Years

No sight is as depressing as an empty pizza box because that means there is no more pizza left now. But what to do! You cannot keep a pizza forever , right? Well, not anymore! A US Military lab, in Massachusetts, is working on a pizza recipe, which... -

Domino's Gives Away Half A Million Pan Pizza Slices Free

  Domino's became so excited about its new menu entry, handmade pan pizza, that it gave away half a million slices of pan pizza to customers free of cost on October 23, 2012. A month after the new pizza was introduced by the CEO Patrick... -

Egyptians Hijack Pizza Making From Italians

  Pizza has become a global food despite its Italian origins. Sadly, the young Italians are no longer interested in the highly skilled job of pizza making and have turned their backs on it. Consequently, the pizzerias in the old country are... -

German Schnitzel Haus & Brick Oven Pizza - Jacksonville, Fl

I’m sad to report the death of really darn good pizza... Before it was the German Schnitzel Haus the joint was called Coals Pizza - Coals was a nice neighborhood pizza joint with a huge wood burning brick oven. Well the huge wood burning brick oven is... -

Al’s Pizza - Jacksonville, Fl

Al’s has a few locations here in the Jacksonville area - Oddly enough they are not consistent... I think the one on Beach Blvd is the best of all of them. They have a great lunch special - 2 slices w 1 topping and a coke for $5.00. They precook cheese... -

This 7-in-1 Pizza Has All Courses!

  How do you treat a big pizza-loving family with an all-course pizza meal? That’s quite a difficult task, isn’t it? But in Lebanon, it isn’t! A restaurant in the country hosts a full-course meal, all made of pizza! ... -

Let Your Car Order Pizza For You!

  Even if you fight the urge to stop gorging on pizzas, it looks like your car won’t let you in peace. Ford Sync, the built-in communications and entertainment system that allows telephone calls and other functions using voice... -

Order The World's Largest Commercial Pizza!

  If the 28-inch pizza is the only largest pizza you knew about, here is the largest commercially available option, which has earned a place in the Guinness World Records. This giant pie measures 46.64 sq ft and weighs about 100 pounds .... -

Pizza Hut Offers Solutions To ‘who Deserves The Last Piece’?

  Ordering a pizza for a solitary dinner or for sharing a quick bite with friends is the accepted thing now. Pizza Hut, the fast food chain recognizes the various situations where you might be tempted  to call for the Italian... -

The All-new Pizza Burger Is Here!

  Combining two different foods to create an exciting new dish seems to be the mantra the food industry is following these days. With the cronut and ramen burger as its predecessors, here comes the all new pizza burger – yes, a... -

Gamers Go Crazy With Xbox Pizza Hut App

Its Superbowl season and some stereotypes are bound to be repeated. For instance, the game-lovers want to munch on their pizzas while watching their favorite players bust each other on the field. The Xbox 360 makers probably knew about this fact,... -

Ban Pizza, Fight Crime!

Jim Graham, a Washington D.C. councilman, has an unusual proposal to fight crime in his neighborhood. He wants to ban the late night sale of single slice pizzas !     Graham feels that the “Jumbo Slice” pizza shacks... -

Meet The World's Largest Pizza Box Collector

  Meet  Scott Wiener – the world’s largest pizza box collector!  It seems like stamp and coin collections are not in vogue anymore. The current fad seems to be collecting things that no one would ever even think of.... -

Tips To Buy Pizza Equipment

  When you are thinking of buying pizza equipment, then there are a few tips and nuances that you have to know while choosing your equipments. Listed here are some of the tips and techniques that can come in handy while you buy pizza equipment. The... -

How To Make Yeast-free Pizza Dough

Baking pizzas are commonplace as are their recipes but do you know how to make yeast-free pizza dough? Now why on earth should you do that?  Well, we all know that the pizza dough can be made quite easily by sifting flour with the required amount of yeast;... -

Papa John's Fires Salvo At Domino's With Double Bacon Six Cheese Pizza

Papa John’s fires salvo at Domino's with double bacon six cheese pizza, its very latest offering that is quite unique as far as the choice of toppings go.   It seems to be an apt way to get even with Domino’s newest brand the Wisconsin 6 Cheese... -

10 Essential Pizza Equipment

    You will find these days that there are a number of Pizza equipments, which will come in handy from the beginning of the making of Pizza to the end of serving the Pizza in class. Some of the essential equipments that are used in the... -

Pizza Delivery Man Demoted For Self Defense

Have you ever heard of an employee being demoted just because he tried to defend himself against attackers while on job? Well, here is Sam Swicegood, a college student working as a delivery man for a Pizza Hut outlet on Maryland. The guy was defending himself... -

Vanessa Hudgens Eats Pizza

It’s always interesting to see celebrities eating junk food.   Here is a picture of Vanessa Hudgens chowing down on a slice of Pizza.   What do you think about this?   (Celebrity News, celebrity eating, pizza) -

How To Make Pizza?

Pizza – quick dinner recipe or comfort food? What would you term it as? For me it is both, a quick dinner idea and just the comfort food I would love to sit down with. Every part of the pizza – the crust, the toppings and the delicious sauce are all... -

Popular Sauces For Pizza:

Serving the right sauces for pizza can really enhance the taste of pizza you eat or choose to serve to your guests. You might be serving deep fried, grilled, white, lamb, cheese, vegetables, chicken or any type of pizza, serving it with a few exceptional... -

Pizza In A.....b.....c........

  Pizza   is the name of an oven -baked, flat , usually round bread covered with tomato sauce with optional toppings. It is a typical dish of Neapolitan cuisine .   ... -

7 Crucial Pizza Mistakes

Hurrah for October coz it gives you yet another excuse to stuff yourself with pizza . Yes, it’s ‘ National Pizza Month’ guys - time to don your aprons and bring out your rolling pins. Wait a minute though! Are you sure, you... -

Pizza Hut Makes Dip Music

Well, food certainly seems to be the music of life for Pizza Hut, Canada. It has unleashed a video, which has various dipping sauces responding musically as a piece of pizza is twirled in it . This strange yet amusing action has been triggered off by the... -

This Pal Will Help You Get A Pizza

  You are hungry while at work. No time to head out for lunch or even make a call to order something. If you find yourself in this situation often, then PiePal is just what you need. Wonder who this pal is? It is a little device that... -

Tower Fight Involves Pizza

Jon Stewart, the ‘Daily Show’ host, sounded pretty outraged on November 13 as he took up the cudgels on behalf of the ‘One World Trade Center’ building being named as the tallest skyscraper in America, beating Chicago’s very own Willis Tower in the... -

Supreme Court Justice Rules Out Pizza Status For Chicago’s Deep Dish Delicacy

Chicago’s trademark food, the deep dish pizza  has succeeded in raising hackles yet again . This time it was the controversial Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court who declared that, “It’s very tasty, but it’s not... -

Italians Reclaim World's Largest Pizza Title

By baking a 130ft Margarita pizza , five Italian chefs have brought home the title of baking the world's largest pizza. The title previously belonged to South African supermarket, which had claimed the title way back in 1990 with a 122ft pizza. It... -

Serve A Spooky Pizza For Halloween!

  Halloween is almost here! Ghosts, witches and pumpkins are beginning to make their appearance, adorning houses, supermarket aisles, and yes...menus! While chocolate and candy typically dominate the food selection this time of... -

Little Baby’s Pizza-flavored Ice Cream Is A First

There are two things, to which people never say no. One is pizza and the other is ice cream. But what happens when you are offered both these choices at once? You obviously have to choose just one of the two. Well, not anymore because the Little Baby’s Ice... -

Exchange Your Lousy Gift For A Pizza!

You are not always happy with the kind of gifts you receive during holidays, right? Well, in the past, you were not able to do anything about it but not anymore. Fast food chain, Pizza Hut, has found a solution to your problem and it is in the “Pizza... -

Reheat Pizza

The task of reheating pizza after the day it was ordered can be really grueling and troublesome at times. How to reheat pizza using your microwave or even pan, while maintaining its texture, firmness, and taste can be a real tough task since pizza tends... -

How To Store Pizza

In case you face the challenge of storing the leftovers, you are keen to know how to store pizza read on... The initial crispy and tasty morsels of pizza might not be guaranteed when you consume it in second phase, but by storing it... -

How To Ship Pizza

Do you want to ship pizza to your friend, but do not know the right way? Stop worrying. Ifood brings to you the complete information about how to ship pizza the right way. Read on to know more…   What Is Required To Ship... -

Domino’s Tosses Handmade Pan Pizza For You!

Domino’s has proved it again that to lead the pizza market, you need to be on top of the game, be it the thin-crust, cheese-filled, or handmade! Three years after introducing its hand-tossed pizza, Domino’s Pizza is now offering a fresh take on it – the... -

Vodka Is The New Topping At Salvatore Pizza, Hic, Hic!

Now producing an ID for a pizza may sound a bit outrageous but doing so to buy an alcoholic-pizza sure makes some sense. The Salvatore pizza chain has put up a new menu item, called the “21-plus Pizza”, which is topped with, among other things, vodka. The... -

Like To Have A Python On Your Pizza?

  It seems like pizza making is coming of age. If ever you get fed up with your regular veggie and meat toppings and want to move on to something different, then you’ve got to visit " Evan's Neighborhood Pizza"  in Fort... -

Why Do We Find Pizza Tempting After A Hard Day

A cheesy pizza is so tempting after a long day at work! But have you ever wondered why we find this calorie laden fast food so tempting after a hard day? Scientific studies indicate that exposure to stressful situations at the workplace might be the answer. ... -

Pizza Oven Or Disco Ball - Its Both

  You’ve heard of a disco ball, and you know about the pizza oven. But did you ever imagine that somebody would club both together as one? The unique “ disco ball pizza oven ” has been created for a new pizzeria in Vienna. How did... -

Pizza Chains Gear Up For Busy Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow and this means big business for the pizza chains across the country. People typically like to stay in on this day, switch on the telly, call their friends over, drink a lot of beer and order pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza... -

How To Bring A Leftover Pizza To Life

Sending for a pizza  is the most natural thing in the world. Right? But what do you do with the leftovers? A mess of oozed out cheese and irregular remains of a stone cold pizza looks unappetizing to say the least and will... -

Seasoning For Pizza-how To Tips & Ideas

If you are planning to bake a fresh, aromatic pizza at your home; then you must learn about the seasoning for pizza . Using different types of pizza seasoning will make your pizzas more delicate and unique in taste each time you prepare them. You can buy... -

Gluten-free Pizza & Cookie Dough From Pillsbury

If you are suffering from gluten allergy, you don’t have to give up eating pizzas anymore! Wondering how? Pillsbury has now come up with refrigerated gluten-free versions of pizza, pie and cookie doughs, with which you can make your favorite dishes right at... -

How To Fix Chicken Pizza

How about fixing chicken pizza for dinner tonight? I think it's a great idea! This chicken pizza is my mom’s l recipe and the family loves it. Here’s how to fix the chicken pizza Things required for fixing chicken pizza Leftover... -

Carry Pizza : How To Tips & Ideas

Are you travelling and getting tensed about how to carry pizza ? If it is so, then the solution is right here. In this article you will find few essential tips on how to carry pizza when you are travelling by car, bus or airplane.   ... -

Here Comes The Garlic Bread Pizza!

  The new item on the Pizza Hut menu has everybody going gaga over it and with most of those asking why didn't the restaurant chain think of it earlier! The Garlic Bread Pizza is made with, what else, but garlic bread, topped with... -

Impress You Sweetheart On Valentines Day With A Heart Shaped Pizza

While chocolates, candies, cakes still are the most sought after Valentines Day edibles, heart shaped pizza has carved a niche for itself among the various goodies too. The search results from Google  shows an amazing 230% increase in its search statistics... -

Raw Pizza Party + Demo On Sat. Feb. 24th In Nyc!

Greetings Everyone! I am a new member of and I look forward to putting up a multitude of my recipes and some interesting blogs. Until then, I wanted to right away let you know about a raw pizza party and demo I am throwing on Saturday, Feb.... -

Gluten Free Pizza Health Benefits

  The thought of having a gluten free pizza might seem a bit far-fetched. However, it becomes mandatory when you are unable to digest the wheat protein due to bodily disorders and cannot think of giving up the delicious food entirely. The ... -

Russian Man Turns Kidnapper For Pizza

Would you dare to kidnap four people for a takeaway pizza and a soft drink? Well, not everyone is as crazy as a man in southern Russia, who took four people hostage for many hours because he wanted a pizza and drink for himself.   The... -

Porta-pizza Oven For Cars!

Do you love pizzas and long drives?? Are you wondering what kind of a question this is…?! Well then, if the answer was yes, then this latest invention from the world of culinary and cookware is about to fulfill your gastronomical dreams. Behold – ‘The... -