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Pineapple Pie is a very sweet fruit pie variety with a filling that specially uses fresh or frozen pineapple slices, drained pineapple syrup, or pineapple fruit juice concentrate or a combination of all. A little of corn flour is added to the pineapple pie filling to bind together pineapple slices and juice. There is literally no need of adding sugar in pineapple pie, mainly for the reason that pineapples alone can render the desired sweetness to the pie. Both pastry pie crust and graham cracker pie crust go well with the pineapple filling, however, if the pineapple pie crust is homemade, remember to mix a teaspoon of lemon zest in the dough for an unforgettable taste experience. Fresh cream topping is always gives out the real taste of pineapple pie.

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