Pineapple Chicken Recipes

Pineapple Chicken, such a combination of fruits and chicken would strike most people as being unusual. However, the fruity flavors of the pineapple cooked with the chicken give the dish a deliciously sweet and sour ... More »
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Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1) Set the oven to 350°. MAKING 2) Take a paper bag and put flour into it seasoned with salt and pepper. 3) First put half the chicken pieces into it and shake until well coated. 4) Repeat the same procedure for the remaining chicken pieces... - 47.6401

South Seas Pineapple Chicken

Place chicken in a flat dish and prepare a marinade from soy sauce, wine, lime or lemon juice, sesame oil, crushed garlic, curry powder, ginger, thyme, oregano, rosemary, pepper and pour over the meat. Marinate for several hours, turning at least twice. Heat... - 45.9944

Chicken And Pineapple

GETTING READY 1) Cut the chicken from the bones and cut into cubes. 2) Chop or pound chilli peppers, salt, garlic, shallots and shrimp paste, together to a fine paste. 3) Roll the chicken in the mixture and let it stand for 1 hour. MAKING 4) In a saucepan... - 45.5963

Chicken With Pineapple

MAKING 1) Scrape out the chicken and remove the bones. Cut in bite-sized pieces. 2) In a bowl mix salt, soya sauce, pepper, monosodium glutamate and 1 tablespoon oil. 3) Mix chicken and marinate for 10 minutes. 4) In a heavy skillet add oil and cook garlic... - 45.4061

Chicken Nuts And Pineapple

GETTING READY 1) In a saucepan, put chicken, water, onion, salt and pepper. 2) Bring to a boil and simmer for 35 minutes or until chicken is tender. 3) Remove the chicken, strain and reserve the broth. MAKING 4) Cut the chicken into pieces and discard... - 45.2822

Chicken And Pineapple

Sprinkle chicken quarters with 1 1/2 t. salt. Place skin side up in shallow 3 quart casserole. Brush with melted butter or margarine. Bake in moderate oven, 375° F. for 45 minutes. While chicken is baking, prepare sauce. Drain syrup from pineapple and yams... - 44.8249

Chicken Pineapple Bamboo And Chestnut Stir-fry

This Chicken With Pineapple is amazing ! Try out this chicken with pineapple gravy with noodles or any main course of your liking and tell me what you liked it best with ! Your suggestions for this Chicken With Pineapple are welcome ! - 44.4409

Pineapple Chicken

MAKING 1) Rub chicken all over with ginger and dredge with seasoned flour. 2) In a skillet brown butter. 3) In a bowl mix soy sauce, vinegar, water and brown sugar. Pour the mixture over chicken. 4) Spread pineapple over chicken and cook covered in simmering... - 44.3141

Chicken With Pineapple And Lichees

To make sauce, heat peanut oil with ginger root in a saucepan. Stir in soy sauce and white wine. Add lichees, pineapple chunks, and all but 3 tablespoons of pineapple juice. Mix reserved 3 tablespoons pineapple juice with cornstarch. Blend cornstarch mixture... - 44.2863

Cacciatore Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1) Save the juice on draining pineapple. 2) Add garlic powder to chicken. MAKING 3) Take a nonstick skillet; heat oil and fry chicken in it until browned. 4) Add in onion and oregano and sauté until onion is translucent. 5) Stir in tomatoes,... - 44.226

Chicken With Pineapple

GETTING READY 1. Trim fat off the chicken pieces. 2. Sprinkle with seasoned flour and keep aside. 3. Peel and slice onion thinly 4. Cut pepper in half, deseed and slice thinly. 5. Drain the syrup from the pineapple chunks, and reserve for later. 6. Measure... - 44.2215

Chicken With Flaming Pineapple

Sprinkle chicken with lime juice, salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes. Heat oil in 12-inch skillet or Dutch oven until hot. Cook chicken over medium heat until brown on all sides, about 15 minutes. Drain fat from skillet. Add tomatoes, onion,... - 44.1214

Chicken Breast With Pineapple

Using a high flame, heat pan and add 1 tablespoon of oil, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and ginger. Add Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts. Stir for 30 seconds. Next add stock and cover for 2 minutes. Remove and set aside. Reheat pan and... - 44.0181

Microwave Pineapple Chicken

Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper to taste. In a glass 2-quart baking dish place Brown-in-Bag. In the Brown-in-Bag arrange chicken with larger pieces around edges. Place onion and green pepper over chicken. In a small bowl blend tomato sauce and... - 43.9384

Chicken And Pineapple Casserole

Sprinkle chicken quarters with 1 1/2 teaspoons salt. Place skin side up in shallow 3 quart casserole. Brush with melted butter or margarine. Bake in moderate oven (375°) for 45 minutes. While chicken is baking, prepare sauce. Drain syrup from pineapple and... - 43.8174

Chicken With Pineapple

Cut chicken into thin slices. Drain pineapple. If in rings, cut into small wedges. If fresh cut a slice and remove peel; core and cut into small wedges. Heat half the oil in a frying-pan and fry pineapple and onion for 3 minutes. Remove and set aside. Wipe... - 43.795

Good Fortune Chicken With Pineapple Piquant

Beat the egg, water, and milk with a mixture of flour, cornstarch, cornmeal, and baking powder in a bowl until smooth. Dip each chicken leg into the batter and drain over bowl a few seconds. Fry pieces in hot fat 15 minutes, or until chicken is crisp brown... - 43.1029

Pineapple Chicken

Heat oil in large frying pan. Add chicken, ginger and pine nuts; season and cook 4 to 5 minutes. Stir once. Drain pineapple and reserve 1/2 cup (125 ml) or juice. Add pineapple chunks to pan and continue cooking 3 to 4 minutes over low heat. Remove chicken... - 42.916

Kowlong Chicken With Pineapple

Cut pineapple slices into bite size pieces. Mix the cornflour, salt and pepper in a bowl and add the chicken pieces and coat them well with it. Add crushed garlic, sesame oil and soya sauce to the chicken and mix well. Heat oil in a heavy pan and fry the... - 42.8328

Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1 Remove the skin and bones from the chicken and cut into 2 inch pieces. 2 In a bowl, combine salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons cornstarch. 3 Add in the chicken pieces and toss together. 4 Drain the pineapple, reserving 3/4 cup... - 41.9198

Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1) Cut the chicken in 1 inch strips. 2) In a bowl, toss the chicken with a mixture of the flour, salt and pepper. 3) Drain the pineapples, reserving 1/2 cup of juice. MAKING 4) In a skillet, heat oil and sauté the chicken for 5 minutes. 5)... - 41.8057

Chicken And Pineapple

Dredge chicken in flour mixed with pepper. Brown on both sides in 3 tablespoons of oil. Add soy sauce. Cover. Cook 10 minutes. Remove chicken. Heat remaining oil. Add green peppers and onions. Cook until pepper is softened. Return chicken to pan. Add... - 41.5667

Baked Pineapple Chicken

Drain pineapple and reserve the juice. Combine reserved juice with garlic, cornstarch, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and rosemary. Arrange chicken in shallow baking pan or broiler proof dish, skin side up. Broil until browned. Stir sauce and pour over the... - 41.2939

Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1.Take a medium sized bowl, put teriyaki sauce and 1/4 cup pineapple juice in it and mix well. 2.Put the chicken pieces in it and coat them well by turning. MAKING 3.Take a 12 inch non stick skillet. 4.Use vegetable oil cooking spray and heat... - 41.1552

Pineapple Chicken And Rice Bake

Place chicken pieces, onion, and red pepper into a large plastic bag set in a deep bowl. In a small mixing bowl stir together undrained pineapple, orange juice concentrate, soy sauce, and cloves. Pour pineapple mixture over chicken mixture in bag. Seal... - 40.9473

Chicken With Pineapple

Chop the chicken into 3-cm (1 -in) pieces, marinate for 30 minutes. Deep-fry the chicken for 2 minutes, reserving the marinade. Drain the chicken well. Put the onion, reserved marinade, pineapple juice and water into a saucepan with the chicken and bring to... - 40.9112

Pineapple Chicken

Cut pineapple into one inch pieces. Heat oil, fry chicken till golden brown, lay in serving dish. In same oil, fry garlic and ginger till brown. Pour over chicken. In a pan, mix stock, syrup from pineapple tin, salt, pepper and cornflour till well... - 40.3482

Haandi Chicken With Pineapple Chunks

1. Reserve 6 of the cashew nuts and grind the rest in a spice grinder. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Dry roast the reserved cashews in a warmed frying pan for about 1 1/2 minutes, moving the cashews around the pan while roasting. 2. Drain the juice from the... - 39.2845

Pineapple Chicken With Sweet And Sour Sauce

Heat oil in wok and stir-fry green pepper 1 to 2 minutes. Push aside. Stirfry chicken 3 to 4 minutes, until done. Return green peppers to the chicken; add pineapple. Combine sauce ingredients and add to the wok. Heat and stir until sauce is thickened and... - 38.9778

Pineapple Chicken

Roll chicken in flour seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme. Brown in butter, turning to brown all sides. Transfer to a 2-quart casserole and sprinkle with cheese and ham. Add mushrooms and liquid. Drain pineapple and measure out 34 cup syrup; add the... - 38.6528

Baked Pineapple Chicken

MAKING 1. Drain the pineapple and reserve its juice; mix this juice with garlic, water, rosemary, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and flour 2. Arrange the chicken in a broiler and allow to brown; add it to a one and a half quart shallow casserole dish and pour... - 38.5575

Pineapple Chicken

GETTING READY 1) Remove meat from chicken pieces and cut it into chunks. 2) In a bowl, mix together potato flour or cornstarch, half the oil, the soy sauce, sherry and seasoning. 3) Add the chicken pieces and coat well. 4) Leave to marinate for 15 minutes. 5)... - 38.1559

Fruited Chicken With Pineapple

Rub chicken pieces with margarine and paprika. Place in 14-oz shallow casserole [two 14-oz shallow casseroles]. Cover with waxed paper and microwave on high (550 watts) until thickest parts are done, 1 to 2 min [2 to 3 min]. Mix remaining ingredients; spoon... - 37.6075

Pineapple Chicken In Patty Shells

Prepare patty shells according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, cook onion in butter until tender. Add orange juice, brown sugar, pineapple, cinnamon and cornstarch. Cook, stirring, over medium heat until thickened and smooth. Add chicken and... - 37.306

Pineapple Chicken

Arrange the chicken breasts in a shallow baking pan. Bake for 1/2 hour at 350°F. Combine the undrained pineapple, undrained mushrooms, soy sauce, the juice and any pulp of the orange in a small saucepan. Heat and thicken with cornstarch dissolved in... - 36.2338

Savory Pineapple Chicken

About 1 hour and 15 minutes before serving: Preheat oven to 400°F. Mix rosemary, salt, pepper; rub into chicken. Arrange chicken, skin-side up, in 13" by 9" by 2" baking dish. Scatter onions over chicken; sprinkle with ginger, pour on pineapple juice,... - 35.888

Chicken Pineapple Boat

Cut pineapple in half or quarter lengthwise. Do not cut off top. Scoop out pineapple from shell; remove core and cube. Combine remaining ingredients, except cashews, with pineapple; mix well and heap into shells. Sprinkle split cashews on top. Makes 2 to 4... - 33.9746

Chicken Pieces With Pineapple

Preheat barbecue at LOW. Mix pineapple, sugar and rum together in small saucepan; bring to boil over medium-high heat. Rub limes all over chicken pieces. Pour the pineapple mixture over and refrigerate 1 hour. Place chicken pieces on hot grill. Cook,... - 33.0538

Chicken Pineapple Kabob

1. Mix chicken, teriyaki sauce, sugar, oil, ginger and garlic in glass or plastic bowl. Cover and refrigerate 10 minutes. 2. Remove chicken from marinade. Thread 4 or 5 chicken pieces alternately with pineapple, bell pepper and onion on each of eight 8-inch... - 30.2535

Pacific Rim Pineapple Chicken

1. In a shallow dish, combine apricot nectar, vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger, and 1/4 cup mint. Add chicken and stir to coat completely. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour, stirring once or twice. Remove chicken from marinade. Stir cornstarch into marinade... - 29.9631

Chicken Cranberry Layers With Pineapple

Soften gelatin in cold water. Dissolve over hot water. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into 10 x 6 x1 1/2-inch baking dish; chill firm. - 29.5178

Chicken Pineapple Kabobs

1. Remove bones and skin from chicken breast. For ease in cutting, partially freeze chicken. Cut chicken into 5-inches pieces. Mix chicken, soy sauce, vegetable oil, sugar, ginger and garlic in glass bowl. Cover and refrigerate 10 minutes. 2. Prepare Peanut... - 29.0651

Rosy Pineapple Chicken

1 Rub chicken pieces with salt, rosemary and pepper; arrange chicken pieces in a 12-cup shallow glass baking dish. (Place large pieces in corners and smaller ones in the center.) Sprinkle shallots over chicken. 2 Combine crushed pineapple and juice, paprika... - 28.816

Chicken And Pineapple

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl mix together the cooked chicken, pineapple, yogurt, cucumber, dill and season. 2. Now, line the pita halves with crisp lettuce leaves and spoon the chicken and pineapple mixture in the pita pockets. SERVING 3. Serve Immediately - 28.6797

Party Pineapple Chicken

1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag,- add chicken breast. Seal and marinate in refrigerator 2 hours or overnight. 2. Prepare grill. 3. Remove chicken from bag, reserving 1/2 cup marinade. Bring reserved marinade to a boil in a small... - 28.5493

Pineapple Chicken

Pour sauce over chicken and pineapple. Bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes. Place chicken and pineapple on bed of rice. Meanwhile, add 1 tablespoon cornstarch mixed with cold water to sauce. Boil until it thickens. Pour over chicken and pineapple. - 27.814

Chicken Pineapple Bowl

In salad bowl arrange chicken or turkey, pineapple chunks, green pepper, and water chestnuts on lettuce leaves. Add Zesty Salad Dressing and toss lightly. - 25.1528

Brochette Of Chicken And Pineapple

Drain the pineapple spears, reserving the syrup for the Orange Glaze; cut each spear in half. Marinate the chicken in the glaze for several hours. Alternate chicken and pineapple on skewers; place about 5 inches from the heat source Broil about 15 to 20... - 24.1392

Chicken Pineapple Boat

In salad bowl combine chicken, pineapple, green pepper, and water chestnuts. Pour Zesty Salad Dressing over chicken mixture; toss lightly. - 21.9451

Pineapple Chicken Chow Mem

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Heat slowly to bubbling and serve over chow mein noodles. If more meat is desired, add 1 C diced, cooked and seasoned chicken. The celery should remain crunchy and green. - 21.6508

Quick Pineapple Chicken

Place pineapple slices on browned chicken. Mix together: - 17.0767

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