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Pie Topping is an important constituent of a pie as it adds to the overall flavor and also enhances the visual appeal and appearance of the final dish. In order to make Pie topping one requires the basic usage of crust toppings, whipped cream, meringues and crumb toppings depending upon the filling and the size of the pie. Meringues, which are made up of egg whites beaten together with sugar, and also whipped cream, are high in calories, hence certain types of crust and whipped toppings are prepared as low-cal substitutes in order to appeal to the health conscious connoisseurs. Some of the popular pie toppings include the Granola topping, the Chocolate topped rum pie and the batter-topped chicken pie. Pie Toppings may vary according to the region, availability of ingredients and individual tastes.

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Cherry Pie Topping Ideas

Cherry Pie Topping Ideas On : 29-Dec-2011 By : barbecue

  Tart cherries are in season and you must be looking forward to making cherry pies with these. However, are you bored by the same old cherry toppings for your pie recipes? Why not choose some innovative ingredients and create heavenly...

Blueberry Pie Topping Ideas

Blueberry Pie Topping Ideas On : 29-Dec-2011 By : barbecue

Luscious blueberry pie with a fabulously spiced topping can be a heavenly treat for your guests at a party. The classic pie with gourmet toppings is one of the most sought after summer desserts. You can always experiment with different shades of flavor...

Pecan Pie Topping Ideas

Pecan Pie Topping Ideas On : 04-Jan-2012 By : festivalfoods

Topped with bourbon whipped cream or garnished with fa ew toasted pumpkin seeds, the pecan pies form irresistible Thanksgiving desserts. You need not always try to stick to the classic toppings; think different! This write-up on pecan pie topping ideas is...

Apple Pie Topping Ideas

Apple Pie Topping Ideas On : 02-Jan-2012 By : festivalfoods

Apple pie, an integral part of American traditions, makes a wonderful dessert due to two reasons – a delightful homemade crust and the mesmerizing filling it has. Do you want to kick your  recipes up a notch? With these easy apple pie topping ideas, you...

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