Picnic Food

Picnic food refers to an assortment of dishes specially prepared for outdoor get-togethers. Usually, picnic is arranged in the daytime but in few instances night picnics at beach are also organized with special friends or family members. Picnic recipes are decided by keeping in mind the time of the meal. It is specially taken care of that dishes are easy to carry and contains some exciting ingredients that are well-liked by everyone invited for the picnic. Typical picnic food comprises of dry dishes that can easily be served without creating any mess. Sandwiches, burgers, pasta, fruit salads, cookies and muffins are some of the popular food carried out for picnics.  


Another factor that influences picnic recipes is the theme of the picnic. If it’s an adult picnic then, normally picnic food is prepared according to the preferences and tastes of the adults. And in kids’ picnic, almost all dishes are based upon their favorite foods. For example adult picnics mostly include barbeque dishes with exotic ingredients, whereas recipes made for kids typically includes junk food such as, meat burgers with cheese, French fries, noodles and sandwiches made in exciting shapes  to attract kids. Kids do not like authentic picnic recipes with special ingredients so their picnic food should be simple and easy-to eat.


History of Picnic Recipes

History of picnic food is quite interesting and closely related to the Hancock town in New Hampshire. The trend of picnic had started in 1879 when all people who lived in Hancock were invited for a family picnic. It has been more than 120 years that ‘Old Home day’ is celebrated in Hancock in a form of picnic and town parade. This ‘Old Home Day’ is still celebrated in order to celebrate the stay in the town. Since then various kinds of picnics have been arranged with typical picnic food for fun and enjoyment with entire family or friends.


Popular Picnic Dishes in Different Cuisines

  • Indian – Indian picnics are typically arranged during winters in a shining sun day. These occasions are spend with either families or close friends. Picnic food in Indian cuisine mainly includes chutney sandwiches, tandoori chicken, poori bhaaji, assorted pakoras and chips. Beverages such as tea, fruit juices and cold drinks are especially served in between.
  • Chinese – In Chinese cuisine, egg rolls, pork buns, chicken wings and potato salad are some of the dishes that comprise the picnic food menu. Almond float is a very popular picnic dessert eaten in Chinese picnics.
  • American – Americans are quite fond of picnics even on the special holidays such as 4th July and Easter. Classic fried chicken is the most popular of all picnic recipes in American cuisine. Their picnic food also includes hot dogs, salami and grilled peppers and zucchini salad. Among the drinks, wine is the most popular of all.
  • European – Like Americans, Europeans love to picnic on hot sunny days. Their special picnic food includes chorizo and tomato salad, grilled zucchini with herbs, nut rich baklava and of course the wine. Most of the European food for picnics is wine pairing. Barbeque is the most favorite picnic idea in European cuisine.
  • African – African picnic food typically includes lime-vinaigrette corn topper, banana spring salad and no picnic is complete without African picnic bread.
  • Mediterranean – Crostini with mushroom and toasted walnut spread, grilled eggplant and potato and roasted bell pepper salad are some of the picnic dishes with Mediterranean flair.


Picnic Recipes Trivia

  • Picnic food was first prepared in 1899 in Hancock town during ‘Old Home Day’.
  • Sandwiches are the most popular of all the picnic recipes in almost all cuisines.

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