Philly Cream Cheese

Philly cream cheese or Philadelphia cream cheese is known by this name because in 1880 Philadelphia was considered as the top producer of quality food. Philly cream cheese is a white, mild tasting smooth cheese. It contains 33% milk fat. Philly cream cheese used in making many baked items and savory desserts like bread, bagels, cheesecakes and fruit salads. It is also included as a min ingredient in an American Chinese dish called ‘Crab Rangoon’. Sometimes, Philly cream cheese is used instead of butter and olive oil.

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Philly's Best - Chicago, Il

Philly's Best - Chicago, Il On : 16-Dec-2007 By : CookingMyWay

So I had to go to Chicago for a meeting. I was there for a few days so I got to eat some good pizza. This was at a little shop down the street from my hotel. I got one spinach, and one cheese slice to go and ate it in the room... I was quite pooped and...

5 Unconventional Uses Of Cream Cheese Frosting

 5 Unconventional Uses Of Cream Cheese Frosting On : 24-Mar-2011 By : Antioxidant

You are wondering what the  unconventional uses of cream cheese frosting  are! Here is a sneak peek at some of the most exciting uses that you might read on.         Cream cheese is one of those...

How To Use Cream Cheese Instead Of Mascarpone

How To Use Cream Cheese Instead Of Mascarpone On : 27-Jan-2011 By : priyam

Cream cheese can be used as a substitute for mascarpone cheese. How to use cream cheese instead of mascarpone is outlined below. Mascarpone cheese is a rich, creamy cheese usually adding a sweet flavor to dishes like tiramisu. Mascarpone is not easily...

How To Eat Cream Cheese Dips

How To Eat Cream Cheese Dips On : 17-Mar-2011 By : antioxidants

  Most of us go gaga over the cream cheese dips . Even though the normal available ones are rich in calories, there are various low calorie cream cheese dips also. These dips compliment crackers and chips and can be served as...

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