Persimmon Cake

Persimmon cake, delectable gooey sweet baked product with ripe persimmon pulp as a predominant ingredient is a favorite dessert fare with many. The basic recipe is made by baking a batter made from persimmon pulp, all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla extract. The oven fresh cooled and sliced persimmon cake is a delightful teatime or dessert snack.

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Persimmon Health Benefits

Persimmon Health Benefits On : 03-Feb-2011 By : ambica

  Persimmon health benefits were used to treat many ailments in China.  The persimmon health beneifts can be reaped from the dark-colored and sweet fruit with  non-astringent nature. They have to be consumed before they get soft. A native...

How To Eat Persimmon

How To Eat Persimmon On : 22-Jul-2010 By : survie_sompriya

Persimmon is an edible fruit which can become anybody's favorite fruit. But do you know how to eat persimmon ? Many of us does not know the proper way to enjoy the taste of persimmon. Knowing how to eat persimmon is really important if you...

How To Select A Persimmon?

How To Select A Persimmon? On : 25-Apr-2010 By : FitGal

Persimmon is a sweet fruit belonging to the genus Diospyros, which in Greek language means “the fruit of the gods.” Persimmon name itself is an amalgamation originating from the Algoniquian language, prevalent in the eastern part of the US. ...

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