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Grilled Duck With Pepper Jelly Glaze

1. Mix salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary in a small bowl. Cut a few shallow slashes across the skin of the breasts. Rub the seasoning blend onto skin side of each breast. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 but no more than 6 hours. 2. Prepare a... - 36.4125

Rosemary Pepper Crust Tenderloin Steaks With Honey Shiraz Glaze

Please see videoThis video is a creation of LightsCameraCook. You can visit lightscameracook for complete recipes, and more videos. - 10.8014

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The Geeky Gourmet Ep 3: Red Pepper Glazed Salmon

A magnificent fish is the salmon! Try this wondrous dish of the glazed salmon. Mark the geeky cook does a perfect dish of this seafood concoction in this video! - 107.554

Spicy Pepper Ginger Glaze

Look at this recipe for a perky pepper ginger glaze for meats or veggies that can be prepared quickly and stored for several weeks. Try out this fantastic recipe to impart magical flavor to your vegetables or meat. See this terrific video and surely give it a... - 110.604

Glazed Chicken Kebabs With Pineapple And Peppers

1 Drain the pineapple, reserving 1 cup of the juice. 2 Make the basting sauce: In a small saucepan, combine the reserved pineapple juice, the vinegar, sugar, cornstarch, ginger and salt and stir to blend. Cook the mixture over medium heat, stirring... - 38.9198

Glazed Hot Peppered Onion

Cook and drain onions. Put in skillet with remaining ingredients. Cook slowly, turning to brown and glaze. - 27.4005

Black Pepper Crusted Pork With Black Cherry Glaze

This spicy crusted pork dish with the sweet and tangy black cherry sauce is a real elegant, restaurant-style dish that will help you woe your love. I made this for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day and she accepted my proposal for marriage cause she was... - 89.4361

Microwave Glazed Carrots Apples And Peppers

Microwave Glazed Carrots Apples And Peppers ! I cannot think of a better fruit and vegetable creation ever since I tasted this superbly delicious medley ! Do try this Microwave Glazed Carrots Apples And Peppers and tell me if you like it ! - 42.5849

Dr Pepper Glazed Ham With Prunes

1. Preheat the oven to 325° and position a rack in the bottom third of the oven. Set the smoked ham in a large roasting pan. Score a 1/4 inch-deep Crosshatch pattern into the fat at 2-inch intervals. Pour 2 cups of the Dr Pepper and the 2 cups of water into... - 30.4461

Chinese Spareribs With Glazed Fresh Peppers

Chinese Spareribs With Glazed Fresh Peppers has a Matchless taste. The muddle of pineapple, brown sugar, cornstarch, dry mustard, ginger and lemon juice gives the Chinese Spareribs With Glazed Fresh Peppers Exhilarating taste. - 42.1188

Ham Steak With Pepper Jelly Glaze

1 Spray a broiler pan with nonstick spray and preheat the broiler. 2 Meanwhile, to make the glaze, combine the jelly, mustard, honey, and vinegar in a small bowl. 3 Place the ham on the broiler rack. Broil the ham 5 inches from the heat until beginning to... - 25.6476

Microwave Glazed Carrots Apples And Peppers

Combine carrots, bell peppers and water in 1-quart microwavable dish. Cook, covered, on HIGH 3 minutes or until carrots are crisp-tender; drain. Gently toss apples with vegetable mixture. In small mixing bowl, combine brown sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon; cut... - 38.7374