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Peanut brittle is a confectionery that is popular with children and adults alike. As per a large number of peanut brittle recipes these consist of flat pieces of sugar candy that is embedded with peanuts. The procedure of how to make peanut brittle is very simple and all that needs to be done is to heat a mixture of water and sugar to a temperature of about 150 degree C or 300 degree F to caramelize it. Then peanuts need to be added to this caramelized sugar. Most peanut brittle recipes also advise adding peanut butter to enhance the taste and flavor by a great deal. Peanut brittle now needs to be cooled and then broken into pieces. It is sweet and provides an instant source of energy. The best part is that peanut brittle is relatively easy to make and is hence extensively consumed in various parts of the world.

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