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Peach chutney, a spicy sweet and sour condiment from the Indian cuisine is essentially peeled and diced peaches cooked with spices and seasonings. The peach chutney recipe starts with frying garlic, shallot and jalapeno. Peeled and diced peaches are added and seasoned with salt and pepper. Peach chutney is a lip smacking accompaniment to Indian flat bread and fried snacks.

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10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney

10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney On : 12-Nov-2010 By : foodoholic

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Chutney: Makes Food Crispy

Chutney: Makes Food Crispy On : 25-May-2007 By : Ganesh Dutta

A Chutney is a term for a variety of sweet and spicy condiments, originally from South Asia. Chutney may be dry or wet. Dry chutney is generally in the form of powder. In India, a chutney is often made to...

How To Use Peach In Recipes

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Peach is a nutritious yet delicious fruit that can be eaten in raw form or cooked form. Do you want to know how to use peach in recipes to increase your daily intake of peaches?   Peach Cake Peach cake is the most popular peach...

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