Peach Cake

Peach cake, a pale brown spongy baked food with a predominant peach flavoring is a delightfully delicious dessert fare. The basic recipe is baked from a batter made from all purpose flour, peeled and sliced peaches, beaten eggs, grounded white sugar, salt, grounded cinnamon, vegetable oil and baking soda. Chopped pecans are irresistible add ons to the basic peach cake recipe. Peach cake slices with a cup of hot coffee are perfect for an evening snack.

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How To Use Peach In Recipes

How To Use Peach In Recipes On : 04-Nov-2010 By : yummyyum

Peach is a nutritious yet delicious fruit that can be eaten in raw form or cooked form. Do you want to know how to use peach in recipes to increase your daily intake of peaches?   Peach Cake Peach cake is the most popular peach...

3 Easy Peach Cupcake Ideas

3 Easy Peach Cupcake Ideas On : 07-Dec-2011 By : festivalfoods

The beautiful golden colored peaches share their goodness with the cupcake baked. It is no wonder the peach cupcake ideas give birth to delectable desserts with a very delicate and warm appeal. Moist and slightly peachy, these cupcakes are like the...

The Cake At The End Of All Cakes

The Cake At The End Of All Cakes On : 10-Nov-2010 By : chockyfoodie

  Pumpple – The new age cake! IT was recently reported that turducken (a turkey with chicken, and duck stuffing) has got a new dessert equivalent in Pumpple. Pumpple is nothing but “ the cake at the end of all cakes ”. Pumpple is the new...

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 31, 2007

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 31, 2007 On : 30-Oct-2007 By : stephenlinn

This Week's Menu: - Florida Honey Datil Wild American Shrimp Cocktail - Steak Jalapeno - Kickin' Corn on the Cob - Bulldog Tailgate Peach Cobbler I spent last Saturday in Jacksonville, FL with 100,000 or so...

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