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Black Eyed Peas With Jalapenos Pie - Part 1 - Mushrooms

Every true Texan, and almost everyone who loves Texan food, is always on the lookout for a good recipe for Black Eyed Peas with Jalapenos Pie. Thanks to Ramona Werst, your search ends here. This is a detailed 5 part video on making the Texan New Year... - 109.761

Black Eyed Peas With Jalapenos Pie - Part 5 - Garnishing

In Part 5, the pie is ready to be savored! Just a few garnishes, the ones Ramona is sharing here, and you are set! Guests will not want to leave once they get a taste of your homemade pie. - 108.11

Black Eyed Peas With Jalapenos Pie - Part 3 - Spinach Mixture

A thick spinach mixture, the one Ramona is teaching how to make in Part 3 of the video, is the perfect addition to the pie. Watch and learn how to make it to perfection. - 107.622

Black Eyed Peas With Jalapenos Pie - Part 2 - Chorizo Mixture

Part 2 of the video series details how to make the famous Chorizo mixture. It is really simple and makes a great filling for the pie. - 107.114

Black Eyed Peas With Jalapenos Pie - Part 4 - Baking

In Part 4 of the series, Ramona is baking the delicious pie. Watch and know how to ensure that it is cooked perfectly well. - 106.723

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie Part 2 - Finalization

Part 2 of this video to get the layer right for this pie! The first layer being already put, the second layer being the peanut mousse! The third being the whipped cream! A lovely pie being shown by chef aubergine! See the video on making this creation! - 82.9867

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie Part 1 - Preparation

A peanut butter mousse pie is a dessert dish that has the savory part coming in from the peanut butter and the sweetness from the cookie crumb shell! A nice recipe to try out! Watch the aubergine chef make this wonderful peanut butter mousse pie! - 82.8624

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