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Paul Hollywood, who is known as a baker, currently runs a successful baking company involved in the production of bread. Also, the baker is popular for his appearance on television on food show “The Great British Bake Off”, where the chef acted as a judge. Paul Hollywood recipes consist of breads based products which are highly popular in London and nearby areas.


Professional Career of Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood, who initially took his training for becoming a sculptor, instantly turned his career towards cooking where he decided to try his hands in bread making. Due to extreme level of passion for bakery based goods, Paul worked as a Head Baker in several highly reputed hotels, a few of which include Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Cliveden Hotel, and The Dorchester Hotel. The baker also provided a few years of his services to Annassa resorts and Cyprus at Annabelle.

Currently, Paul Hollywood owns a miniature factory which is involved in the production of artisan pastries and breads. The baker currently has a reputed client list which includes Harrods as the main client. Also, Paul supplies his bread based products to various restaurants near London and South East.  


Noteworthy Achievements of Paul Hollywood


Food Inventions

Sourdough bread recipe consisting of Roquefort and almond is one of the most popular Paul Hollywood recipes, which was considered to be highly costly bread in UK in the year 2008, where one loaf of bread was sold at £15.



Television Appearance

  • Paul Hollywood is immensely popular on food show “The Great British Bake Off”, where he is famous as “Bread Baking Guru”. Lots of bread based Paul Hollywood recipes are described every now and then on this popular TV show. A few popular recipes of the chef on the show consist of simple scones (fluffy and soft small baked quick bread which go nicely with afternoon tea), soda bread (paired very nicely with fruity jam, butter, crispy bacon or cheese) and cob loaf (a soft and delicious white bread which can be easily made at home).


  • Apart from his appearance on “The Great British Bake Off”, Paul Hollywood has also been seen on other TV shows like The Generation Game, The Heaven and Earth Show, and Ready Steady Cook for BBC channel. Further, Paul has been seen on “This Morning” TV show of ITV.



The cookbook “100 Great Breads” of Paul Hollywood is enriched with numerous recipes pertaining to bread which are really very simple to understand and implement, and can be easily prepared at home. The cookbook contains bread recipes containing likes of different countries such as France, Italy and Cyprus, thus representing the baker’s quest to locate hearty and good bread, while traveling throughout Europe. All Paul Hollywood recipes ranging from simple bread preparation to Mediterranean, breakfast, and traditional bread recipes are contained in this cookbook of the baker Paul Hollywood. All the ways to prepare cakes, muffins and pizzas, all of them being bread based recipes, have been described in this cookbook.

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