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Perfect Patron Margarita

Margarita is simply America's number one cocktail and to take it to the next level, here is a perfect patron margarita recipe from Bridget. She is an amazing mixologist and she knows how add a little zing, even to a classic drink. Watch her in action and you... - 131.912

Calvados Sidecar

Calvados sidecar is the new avatar of the classic French cocktail. In this video Bridget makes it in her own style adding her magical twist and preparing it with calvados. That drink looks so zippy with its funky color and the sugar rimmed glass that it will... - 121.228

Orange Rye V. Boker's Breakfast Cocktail

FOR THE ORANGE RYE MAKING 1. In a large tall glass add ice cubes; bullet rye whiskey, grand marnier and bitters. 2. Stir everything with a bar spoon and pour it in the coupe glass, garnish it with orange peel. SERVING 3. Serve the orange rye cocktail... - 109.972