Pate Casserole

Pate Casserole is an oven baked dish made essentially with pate, where pate commonly refers to ground or finely chopped meat which may consist of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood etc. It is often combined with several seasonings, spices, and vegetables for enhanced flavor and savor. Though, earlier, duck liver or ground goose were used to make pate; however, now-a-days any form of meat can be used ot prepare pate. Though, the key ingredient, i.e. pate, in the casserole normally refers to ground meat based dish; however, vegetable pates are also available which are made with ground mushrooms, beans, and several other vegetables. Among several pate casserole recipe variations, pate Chinois casserole is the most popular one, which is prepared with ground beef, corn, and mashed potatoes. The Chinois version of pate casserole is a popular French-Canadian dish, introduced by the Chinese immigrants.


Preparation Overview of Pate Casseroles

The Pate Chinois casserole recipe suggests using potatoes, milk, salt, pepper, butter, onions, oil, corn, and ground beef as the essential ingredients.


Potatoes are boiled and mashed along with milk and butter, seasoned with pepper and salt, and then cooked. Thereafter, onions and ground beef are sautéed in some oil, spread evenly onto a large casserole saucier, topped with creamed corn, and baked in preheated oven after pouring over cooked potato mix as the top most layer. A variant of this casserole suggests sprinkling grated cheese on the top and then baking the dish in oven.


Pate Casserole Recipe Variations

A few recipe variations of pate casserole have been listed hereunder:


  • A lighter variant suggests the use of ground turkey breast in place of beef.


  • Pork, ham, or liver can also be used as the meat product.


  • A few recipes suggest the use of seafood to prepare the casserole.


  • The vegan version of pate casserole suggests using ground vegetables which may consist of mushrooms, beans, onions, potatoes etc.




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