Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a kind of food made up of wheat, flour or buckwheat. Dough is shaped as pasta. Egg and vegetable extracts are also sometimes used to make different varieties of pasta. Under Italian law, pasta can only be ... More »
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Oriental Hot Kakiage Soba

Looking for something to prepare on a cold winter night? You have .hit the correct page because this video has just the correct recipe. This traditional Japanese soup with noodles and vegetable immersed in it make for a great dish. Watch the video now and... - 144.163

Pasta Salad With Eggplant And Sun-dried Tomatoes

Another express summer recipe by Deb, using typical Mediterranean ingredients: the pasta salad with eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes. - 141.876

Simple Pasta Salad For Potlucks

Arranging a potluck party? Make this summer-special and perfect pasta salad for the potluck. Its easy and simple; moreover you can add any item of your choice to this salad. Your friends will surely be amazed with your creativity. - 141.014

Easy And Simple Bahama Penne And Seared Mahi-mahi

Italians just love pasta..what about you? Yes, pasta is one of the dishes loved by almost all age groups. Try this easy penne and seared mahi-mahi. Watch the video for more recipe detail - 140.318

Tasty Angel Hair Pasta Made With Tilapia

Angel Hair Pasta is a very popular Italian dish. It is usually made with fish, which is tossed with cheese. Try this authentic Italian dish anytime. - 139.978

Pasta Boscaiola

When the porcini mushrooms are in season, you can prepare a great pasta boscaiola with bacon, olives, tomatoes, garlic and parsley... let's see how to do. - 139.128

Linguine With Clams In Cream & Wine Sauce

This is not health food by far but once in a while it is absolutely delicious! It is also very easy to make. - 138.144

Raw Zucchini Pasta With Spaghetti Sauce

For all you raw food lovers, here is a vivacious recipe of zucchini pasta with citrus sauce. You won't believe how easy it is to make and if you have never tried it, try this raw food, it will change your perception for sure. Take a look at the video for this... - 137.811

Pasta In Due Modi

Pasta Two Ways... One for the Meat-eater. One for the Vegetarian. Sean welcomes his first guest, live via satellite, to the Guerrilla Culinarian, Rhode Island native, Adam Carbone. While Sean prepares rigatoni with chicken in a red sauce, Adam will... - 135.91

Sweet Ravioli With Ricotta And Chocolate Chips

Deep-fried treats are a staple of Carnival food and this one will make everyone happy: the sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate chips! - 135.904

Fresh Tomato & Basil Pasta

There's no better way to showcase Summer's abundant tomatoes, fragrant fresh basil, and garlic than with this wonderful recipe made with Angel Hair pasta. It is summer on a plate! - 135.824

Big Eddie's Rigatoni

Tried & true, this is one of our all-time favorite casseroles! It's easy to put together, and if your family loves Italian food, this will become one of your all-time favorites, too! - 135.355

Baked Pasta - Italian

Baked pasta is the Sunday lunch par excellence. Tasty and rich, this recipe is sure to be loved by everyone. - 135.283

Ravioli With Sage Butter

Let's face it, it’s some work to make homemade ravioli. Many people have never even thought of making their own but it's so rewarding and fun to do. This ravioli recipe has “special” written all over it and is a great way to convert holiday leftovers... - 135.133

Fettuccini With Crab And Prawns In A Dill Cream Sauce

This is a great dish because it is really easy to make and it is what many people consider gourmet cooking for the home chef! This Venetian-style Seafood Fettuccini is definitely a winner when entertaining non-meat eaters or seafood lovers. In this dish the... - 134.605

Sausage And Mushroom Pasta Pie

You need a few simple and rustic ingredients to cook a great and elegant pasta bake... the sausage and mushroom pasta pie! - 134.515

Wholesome Penne With Greens And Cannellini Beans

Looking for low-sodium and low-fat food? Here, you can find a very healthy recipe of Penne cooked with greens and cannellini beans. Try this recipe to give a nutritious meal to your family. - 134.371

Vegetarian Pasta, Potato, Artichoke And Pea Casserole

The pasta, potato, artichoke and pea casserole is a delicious vegetarian alternative to serve for Easter dinner! - 134.141

Seafood Ravioli

Seafood ravioli is an elegant and tasty dish, just perfect for New Year's Eve. - 134.09

Super Pasta Al Forno With Veggies

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson shares a veggie filled pasta meal idea the whole family will love. - 133.741

Plin Ravioli In Sage Butter Sauce

Plin ravioli in sage butter sauce is an exemplary demonstration of Italy's simple and exquisite culinary richness. Take a look at this video recipe for the details of this mouth watering twisted pasta dish. - 133.622

Tagliatelle Mimosa

The tagliatelle mimosa consists of fresh green tagliatelle, served with tiny yellow fish balls, to resemble mimosa flowers and celebrate the International Women's day in a tasty way! - 133.059

Quick Goat Cheese And Artichoke Pasta

The goat cheese and artichoke pasta is an easy and flavorful vegetarian dish, ready in less than half an hour! - 132.685

Stuffed Pasta Shells

This is a quick, yet yummy recipe, to pamper your friends and guests: jumbo pasta shells stuffed with mushrooms, ham and béchamel sauce! - 132.084

Penne Arrabbiata

I'm Sonia and welcome to the Giallo Zafferano kitchen where we'll be preparing Penne Arrabbiata: a very quick pasta dish, perfect for when you have unexpected guests drop by. - 132

Penne With Pumpkin Sauce

When pumpkin are in plenty, it can be used for making a delicious pasta sauce. Chef Matteo is making an Italian pasta sauce using pumpkin cubes and puree along with finely chopped bacon and parmesan cheese topping. This is an easy to make pasta sauce and the... - 131.896

Orecchiette Pasta With Sausage Sundried Tomatoes Basil And Scrambled Eggs

The first time I learned of Orecchiette was when I worked at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles called Stomboli! It was owned by a man named Frank Mele' and he was from Bari, in the north of Italy. The pasta originates from Puglia which is Southern Italy.... - 130.454

Tomato And Tortellini Soup

Soup Lovers, here comes another great soup recipe for you- Tomato and Tortellini Soup. You will love its Italian flavors and the rustic textures. The combination of cheeses makes it even more desirable. Watch this video and try it out. - 130.341

Italian Traditional Pasta With Broad Beans Sauce

Want to learn and try a traditional Italian dish at home? In this video, chef is making Italian Traditional Pasta with Broad Beans Sauce. If you have seen his garganelli pasta recipe video, this video would help make a perfect sauce for it. Those who... - 129.954

Fettuccini With White Beans And Swiss Chard

Fettuccini with White Beans is a complete meal full of carbs, protein and fiber. Check out the video for this healthy recipe. - 129.887

Farfalle Pasta Bake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. MAKING 2. In a skillet, heat the olive oil. 3. Add the cooked sausage rounds, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and Italian herbs and heat throughly. 4. Add the mix into a lightly oiled 9×13 baking dish. 5. Spread... - 129.523

Epic Healthy Pomodoro Sauce!

This classic sauce serves 4 people, and it will get you away from using the store bought Pomodoro Sauce, Marinara Sauce, or Arrabiata Sauce. The Store bought stuff typically has lots of preservatives, sodium, oil, sugar, or even High Fructose Corn Syrup. This... - 129.351

Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta- Raw Cuisine By Melissa Henig And Jon Ham

Here's Jon Ham and Melissa Henig cooking (or not) up some raw Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta using a food processor, and the ingredients above. The advantage of eating raw food is that all the enzymes and proteins are not denatured, thus provide more of a... - 128.873

Seafood Stew With Rotini

A warming stew doesn't have to weigh you down. Try this tomatoey seafood version. It's packed with vegetables, shrimp, firm white fish, and especially flavor. Paired with Dreamfields pasta, it's a lite approach to a hearty dinner. Give this Seafood Stew a... - 128.366

Pasta With Cavolo Romanesco Sauce

If you love true Italian food, then you must try this Pasta with Cavolo Romanesco Sauce recipe. Chef is making this simple pasta dish with Cavolo Romanesco, a type of cauliflower. It takes few ingredients but it’s actually very flavorful with the use of... - 128.166

Fullyraw Pasta With Cinnamon Beet Basil Marinara

Are you hungry for a little spaghetti Italiano?! Get ready for the most delicious FullyRaw vegan pasta with marinara sauce that you have EVER tried! Can you say MAMMA MIA?! - 127.946

Buffalo Tofu Pasta Bowl

This is a delicious and zesty bowl of fried tofu and pasta in a Buffalo Style sauce. A quick and easy winner. Game On! - 127.704

Lemon Gnocchi With Peas & Kale

Recipe for Lemon Gnocchi with Peas & Kale, Gnocchi is the perfect weeknight meal! It takes only 2-3 minutes to cook and can be paired with any number of sauces for an easy to prepare yet delicious dish! Lemon Gnocchi with Peas & Kale is both fresh and hearty.... - 127.196

Wegmans Tortellini With Spinach & Roasted Tomatoes

You will feel like you just learned the secret to preparing a restaurant pasta specialty....this one will become a regular for sure. Absolutely delicious! Guaranteed on the dinner table in 10 minutes. This is a great quick meal for a sudden dinner date! Watch... - 126.937

Clam And Chorizo Angel Hair Pasta

This is a great tasty recipe for Clam and Chorizo Angel Hair Pasta! One pan and less than 20 minutes to prepare... Why wouldn't you make this for supper? - 126.921

Way Better Mac & Cheese

GETTING READY 1. Soak cashews for 1-6 hours. 2. Preheat oven at 350F. MAKING 3. In a pot, boil some water for the pasta. 4. In the blender, add cashews, onions, bell pepper, nutritional yeast and blend well. 5. Add the pasta into the boiling water in... - 126.072

Bacon And Mushroom Pasta

Bacon pasta - a quick, delicious and flavorful meal, which is just ideal, when you are short on time. You can prepare this for dinner on any busy weekday, as it does not require any special ingredients. Watch the video and get into cooking. Your meal will be... - 126.053

Fettuccini Alfredo

Take a look at this recipe video of Fettuccini Alfredo that shows you how to make a quick and easy pasta at home. While this might seem a little intimidating to some, Rebecca shows that with the right ingredients and a little timing this dish can be made and... - 125.886

Pasta With Ham, Peas And Cream - Quick

Let's cook an internationally renowned dish, loved by adults and kids: pasta with ham, peas and cream! - 125.831

Dreamfields Healthy Pasta With Authentic Pasta Taste

If you love pasta and want to know more information on pasta, this video is for you. John Hall from Dreamfields Healthy Pasta shares his opinion on this product. You will get a variety of pasta products from this company, using which you can prepare new pasta... - 125.827

Low Fat Raw Fettuccine Alfredo

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw shows you how to make Raw Fettuccine Alfredo (Low Fat Vegan & Oil Free!) This recipe liberates you forever because you get to enjoy one of your favorite dishes without worrying about stuffing... - 124.867

Sweet Potato Ravioli

I'll admit that this dish is more labor intensive than most of our other videos. But you don't have to make your own pasta. A simple and delicious way to make ravioli is using gyoza skins. And you can fill them with anything you desire. A simple and delicious... - 124.77

My Pasta With Bacon Tomato And Onion. Simple Yet Delicious By Rockin Robin And Milo

GETTING READY 1. Chop the parsley, mince the garlic, dice the yellow onions, and keep everything aside in separate bowls. 2. Cut the bacon slices into small pieces. 3. Heat up a pot of salted water for the pasta. MAKING 4. In a frying pan over medium heat,... - 124.716

Cheesy Chicken And Spinach Stuffed Shells

I can never resist a good cheesy chicken and pasta dish so it was no surprise that I loved these cheesy chicken & spinach pasta shells the first time I made them. They are packed with 4 different cheeses, chunks of roasted chicken, fresh spinach, onions and... - 124.513

Italian Mixed Seafood Pasta

What can be more delicious than a pasta cooked with clams, mussels, scallops, calameri and shrimp? If you are drooling at the thought itself, why not then watch this video and learn how to make the delicious Italian seafood pasta. - 124.468

Calamarata - Italian Recipe

The calamarata is a traditional Neapolitan ring-shaped pasta with squid sauce, full of Mediterranean flavours, such as tomatoes, garlic, parsley and chili pepper. - 124.152

Fettuccine With Prosciutto & Peas

Wegmans Executive Chef Mark Makovec prepares this rich, rustic dish made with Italian Classics Parmesan Cream Sauce, and shares tips for perfect pasta cooking. Typically, pasta with cream sauces can be heavy but this is light and delicious and the lemon zest... - 124.122

Mushroom Ravioli With Mushroom Sauce

In this part 1 of the video the chef shows us how to prepare mushroom ravioli with its sauce. Do check the other 2 videos for cheese and sweet potato ravioli. - 124.025

Bowtie Pasta With Shrimp

Now here’s a great, easy, healthy recipe with bowtie pasta and shrimp. It only has a few ingredients but the final flavor is wonderful because it is loaded with fresh herbs. - 123.842

Creamy Pasta, Sausage And Tomato Skillet Meal: Easy Weekday Dinner Idea

Simple, delicious, and a breeze to make, creamy pasts is just perfect when you feel like indulging! Packaged with loads and loads of cheese, this one dish can derail your diet considerably, but who cares when it can do such more to perk you up, appease your... - 123.796

Pasta With Bottarga And Tomatoes

This pasta dish is made with an uncommon ingredient, that is added only at the end and gives it a strong and appealing taste: let's make the pasta with bottarga and tomatoes! - 123.723

Creamy Chicken Pasta Carbonara

GETTING READY 1. Beat the eggs in a bowl, set aside. 2. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces, set aside. 3. Cut the bacon into strips, set aside. 4. Slice the mushrooms, set aside MAKING 5. In a bowl pour the beaten eggs, melted butter, gradually add the... - 123.408

Vegetable Pasta

The vegetable pasta is a quick vegetarian recipe made with onions, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and a large amount of basil, that enhances the flavor of the dish. - 123.363

Shrimp Scampi - With Lots Of Garlic And Wine

GETTING READY 1. Defrost, clean, devein and remove the shell from the shrimp, keep it aside. 2. Finely chop the garlic and parsley, slice the onions, keep everything aside. MAKING 3. In a frying pan sauté the garlic with olive oil and butter until brown. 4.... - 123.189

Pasta Puttanesca

Stir together all ingredients except pasta in a large bowl. Cook pasta according to package directions. Reserve one cup pasta cooking water and drain pasta. Add hot pasta and 1/3 cup reserved pasta cooking water to sauce. Toss to coat, adding more water if... - 122.994

Perfect Pasta

Spaghetti is one of the favorite pasta worldover. However, many struggle to boil and handle it properly while using it in a recipe. This video is for people who want to learn how spaghetti can be boiled in the right manner as well as tossed and served with a... - 122.626

Creamy Pasta With Spinach

Are you looking for a pasta recipe to please your Indian taste buds? Well, that's exactly what Chef Manjula is doing here. She is preparing Creamy pasta with spinach. The Indian chef is preparing pasta with great simplicity and care so as to give us a recipe... - 122.498

Fettuccini With White Beans And Greens

Looking for a nice change from your regular pasta preparation? Here is a recipe for fettuccini with white beans and greens. Watch this video and try out the recipe. The pasta is well flavored with herbs and garlic. Watch and learn. - 122.478

Blt Pasta

Served as a main, this hearty pasta features all the components of the beloved sandwich—just better! And the lettuce is substituted with leeks! This is an easy but flavorful pasta is great for a hearty lunch or romantic dinner. This recipe is just bursting... - 122.341

Chardonnay With Vegetarian Style Pasta

Today, chef Billy Parisi is going to show us how to serve Cupcake Chardonnay with a vegetarian dish. If you have been waiting for a vegetarian dish to pair with wines, Roasted Wild Mushroom And Tomato Wheat Pasta Paired With Cupcake Chardonnay is just for... - 122.161

Pasta Con Pancetta E Crema

Cooking a pasta is no big deal, but making a lush pasta like pasta con pancetta e crema calls for a lot of creative imagination and practical knowledge of playing around with different flavors. Watch this video to see how you can create this master piece in... - 121.843

Homemade Pumpkin Spaghetti Sauce

Watch as Chef/mom Ariane Duarte cooks one of DinnerTool's Slow Cooker Showdown contest finalist recipe submissions. - 121.718

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Tired of running to the store and buying pasta that might be months old? Then watch this video and learn to make fresh pasta right at home, in the simplest and most hasslefree way. Once you have made a batch at home, you will never want to return to the... - 121.591

Bootylicious Foods

If you are serious to cut on extra fat and carbs from your food, but still want to enjoy delicious foods, then here is the option. This video displays 3 delectable preparations - Southwest pasta salad, Orange-glazed Tuna Kababs, and Spaghetti and smoked... - 121.513

Pomodoro Sauce

This easy-to-cook tomato sauce is the base for all tomato sauces. Heat olive oil and garlic until the garlic caramelizes. Then add canned tomatoes and heat. Add basil at the end so it doesn't wilt too much. It's great if you have a garden and grow tomatoes.... - 121.425

Lemon Shrimp Orzo From Maryann Ridini Spencer

MAKING 1. In pot with boiling salted water, cook orzo as per package directions. 2. Meanwhile, in a pan over medium heat, heat olive oil and sauté onions and garlic, until they turn light brown in color. 3. Pour in the wine and add in the butter and allow to... - 121.385

Penne Pasta With Spinach And Tomatoes

If you always enjoyed healthy, simple and delicious cooking, then this video will surely satisfy you. Famous chef Dani explains that healthy and simple food can be cooked to be delicious as well. However, you should have proper idea to do that. Watch the... - 121.306

Pico De Gallo Pasta With Seared Scallops

This handmade pasta has a slightly spicy Pico de Gallo cream sauce with hints of lime and fresh cilantro. The spectacular pan seared scallops are from Digby, Nova Scotia and are diver harvested. They're tender, sweet and so easy to prepare. So I hope you're... - 121.288

Curry Carbonara Recipe Experiment - Test Kitchen Vlog

Curry Carbonara mixes the exotic spice of curry with creamy egg yolks in this really easy pasta recipe. Carbonara consists of 4 classic elements: egg yolks, cheese, bacon and black pepper. I am experimenting tonight with some Szechuan peppercorn, a Chinese... - 121.207

Easy Cheesy Parmesan Pasta

MAKING 1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. 2. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente. 3. Drain and set aside. 4. In a medium saucepan, heat olive oil over medium heat. 5. Sauté green onions and garlic until tender.... - 121.129

Italian Classics, Sicilian Veggie Pasta With Sausage

MAKING 1. Place a pan over heat and pour olive oil in it. Add garlic and sauté until brown. Allow it to cool. 2. In another pot, boil water, put asparagus and spaghetti in it. Add one by one estimating the time for it to cook. Cook until they become... - 121.07

Baked Pasta In Garlic Sauce

Hey everyone! This week’s recipe comes from my friend Kayci! She made this pasta dish with her roommate, and seemed to really enjoy it. As a bonus surprise, it’s vegan! You can use any pasta you like - Hilary and I used gnocci, and that turned out pretty... - 120.878

Italian Lobster Raviolo

Would you like to try out a classic lobster dish? Here is an excellent video that shares an elegant and spectacular recipe for lobster raviolo with portobello, blanched scallions and lobster cream sauce. Watch this video and you would surely have a great... - 120.814

Handmade Pasta

We get all kinds of Italian in this simple and quick instructional for how to make a very easy, at home, fresh pasta! You will stop buying it at the grocery once you learn how to make it yourself...and you will thank me for teaching you. - 120.75

Pasta With Chicken And Vegetables

This video shows how Chef Joey has made pasta with chicken and vegetables in a few simple steps. There are so many ways of making pasta, but I bet this is the best one when it comes to a mix of flavors and textures and proper nutrition, its just a life giver.... - 120.572

Penne Alla Norma

Watch this video to try one of the most famous pasta dishes of all time- Penne alla Norma. This dish is simple, quick and loaded with the flavors of fresh vegetables and ricotta cheese. - 120.551

Herb Tomato Sauce With Zucchini Pasta

Try out this amazing recipe for tomato sauce paired with some zucchini noodles. The video here is simply incredible and shares a dish that is completely raw but flavorful and healthy. See this interesting video to prepare this raw aromatic herb tomato sauce... - 120.463

Easy Salami Pasta

If you're looking for some easy Italian recipes then this is a good one. Salami Pasta is very simple to make. Try out this delicious pasta and serve it with some garlic bread. - 120.462

Mushroom Stroganoff With Seitan

How about a great stroganoff for your guests today? Here is Katherine, in this video, showing you how to make a simple dairy-free mushroom, stroganoff with seitan! Flavored with pepper and loads of garlic this recipe seems delicious! This special recipe is... - 120.313

Pumpkin Alfredo Over Linguini By Rosalie Fiorino Harpole

Wanna celebrate the season of pumpkins in a unique way - this recipe is all about that. This authentic Italian cuisine is creamy, wholesome and most delectable. Learn the tricks from Rosalie Harpole, behind this fabulous dish and serve a special dinner to... - 120.308

Pasta With Shrimp And Zucchini Patties

GETTING READY 1. Dice the apple and drizzle the maple syrup. Broil in oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees F. MAKING 2. Heat a pan and pour in the olive oil, sauté the garlic for a few minute. 3. Add in the grape tomatoes and canned tomatoes, sauté for few... - 120.25

Pasta With Tuna Sauce - Quick Italian

Here is an easy and quick recipe for those short of time or that are not so good at cooking yet... Deborah shows us how to prepare the pasta with tuna sauce! - 120.243

Meat And Vegetable Pasta Bake

On the lookout for an easy recipe that you can whip up within minutes and serve as a side dish, appetizer or even a main course dish? Then watch this video and learn to make a pasta bake so tasty that guests will keep asking for more! - 120.221

Pan Seared Pasta With Asparagus, Sundried Tomatoes And Scallops

Pan cooked pasta is very simple and quick to make. If you to believe in this, you will enjoy this video. Chef makes pasta with asparagus, sundried tomatoes and scallops. It is amazing and worth a try. You will enjoy the recipe and the tips which come along. - 120.143

Butternut Squash Pasta Carbonara

Being a pasta lover, how can you resist yourself from a creamy pasta dish topped with bacon. What could be better?! It's like a grownup, fancy version of Chili Mac. Watch the video and treat yourself. - 120.131

Summer Pasta Salad

When you have kids and adults as guests, a common dish for all works best for you. And when its summer, it is good to make a summer pasta salad. Weelicious host is making this salad using organic vegetables from the farmers market. She steams the corns on the... - 120.126

Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Who can resist fancy holiday food? And when it's something as scrummy as garlic shrimp pasts, the bet gets all the more drool-worthy. Simple and delicious, this dish is also ideal for a busy weeknight. And the good news is that it doesn't take much labor or... - 120.123

Buttered Pasta With Pistachios

GETTING READY 1. For the clarified butter: Clarify butter by melting in a skillet over medium heat. Continue cooking until butter is foamy on top. and set aside. 2. Allow solids to sink to the bottom and skim remaining solids from the top. 3. Pour off... - 120.073

Vegan Baked Pasta With Butternut Squash And Kale

Butternut squash and pasta is actually a surprisingly good combination of ingredients. This recipe includes butternut squash, gluten-free pasta and kale and it is simply delicious. It may sound super ordinary and not that exciting, but all the spices and... - 120.013

Classic Orzo Primavera

Orzo or rice-shaped pasta is a good source of nutrition. You can serve this by preparing the cheesy and creamy orzo primavera. It is simple to cook but yet delicate in taste. Watch the video and make your plate of orzo primavera today. - 119.98

Kosher Super Creamy Linguini Alfredo (gluten-free Sauce)

GETTING READY 1. In a pot, boil water, add salt, and throw pasta in it. Cook until done. Drain and set it aside. MAKING 2. Place a pan over heat, and melt butter in it. Add garlic and sauté until light browned. 3. Throw cream cheese, and allow it to melt.... - 119.706

Nostalgic Mushroom Pasta

Fit Foodie Graziella Baratta re-creates a dish she discovered in Orvieto, Italy, where she fell in love with mushrooms! - 119.45

Grilled Lamb And Turkish Ravioli

Take a look at this impressive video that shares a fabulous recipe for a gourmet style grilled lamb and Turkish ravioli. Watch this video for a great cooking experience and try out the excellent recipe that is bound to amaze your guests. Check it out... - 119.444

Pasta Sauce With Ricotta Cheese

How about some fettuccine and some nice ricotta cheese sauce! Its the marriage of the two that brings out the flavors in this dish! Jeannie shows you how to get this lovely pasta sauce done! - 119.363

Penne With Baked Beans

Looking for pasta dish where you can play around with the ingredients? Try this Penne with baked beans. The minced beef sauce in it gives it an amazing flavor. So watch this video and get cracking. - 119.353

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