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Pasta Cookbook Review - Best Pasta Cookbooks

These pasta cookbooks are some of the best available in the market today. They all have their positives and yes, a minor negative or two as well.  Here is a succinct pasta cookbook review to help you out. You should be able to find all of them online on... -

Cool Pasta From The Iddba Show Nuovo Pasta

The  journey began in 1989 in a small kitchen with a wooden rolling pin, an imported tabletop pasta machine, and a passion for making authentic pasta products of superior quality. Today,Nuovo Pasta  has grown into a family of culinary trained associates... -

Basic Pasta Making Course

INTRODUCTION  Welcome Pasta lover! This is the right place for you to learn all you ever wanted to know about pasta. Pasta is one of the most relished, cooked and served dish around the globe. We know you love pasta and we are going to... -

How To Keep Pasta Fresh

    Many might wonder how to keep pasta fresh for long durations? This largely depends on whether it is homemade fresh pasta or dried pasta. While fresh pasta keeps fresh for longer when frozen, dried pasta can be ke -

Gift Pasta: How To Tips & Ideas

Pasta is one of the most easily available and thoughtful gift idea for any occasion, especially if the recipient is a pasta-lover. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right pasta for a gift and present it suitably.   ... -

Top 5 Delicious Pasta Recipes To Make Anytime!

  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love pasta? We all do, don’t we! Pasta can be cooked in so many different ways to appeal to our taste and needs. If you have always wanted to cook some real good pasta and want to know... -

Top 5 Pasta Dishes To Relish On Christmas

December 25! It’s Christmas time! For sure you must be going for cakes, puddings etc to treat your friends! Why not try something different this Christmas? Pasta lovers can go for nice pasta preparations to greet the guests. Look for some nice options here.... -

How To Lubricate A Pasta Maker

  Does your pasta maker squeak? Then, its time for your to learn how to lubricate a pasta maker . Making pasta at home has been fun but after using pasta maker for some time one should look at maintaining pasta maker as well.   ... -

How To Choose A Wine For A Pasta Dish

How to choose wine for a pasta dish? Choosing wine for a pasta dish depends on particular preferences and tastes. Frankly speaking there is nothing that holds right or wrong when it comes to wine pairing. Simply follow rules of thumb and pick up wine... -

How To Make Fresh Pasta?

For those who love cooking like me, making pasta from scratch is an enjoyable challenge. Of course things can get messy but the satisfaction of cooking self made fresh pasta is simply incomparable. Not only are they fresh but they are tastier too! ... -

Tips To Steam Pasta

One of the staple foods of Italy is pasta which has now become a very popular Internationally too. Steaming  is an important part of preparing it which tastes best when served hot. Pasta is available in different varieties and each of them needs... -

Top 5 Gay Friendly Pasta Brands

Barilla Chairman, Guido Barilla, advised the supporters of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights to ‘go and eat another brand.’ This move has the gay rights advocates up in arms who recommend giving the particular pasta brand a miss .... -

Pasta Broth Health Benefits

There are many consistent evidences regarding the health benefits of pasta and pasta based foods like pasta broth, pasta soup, etc. The following blog includes some of the well-known and lesser-known pasta broth health benefits. These scientific evidences... -

10 Easy Pasta Starters

If you are looking for some easy to prepare yet elegant pasta starters , then browse through this blog on pasta appetizer ideas. Ifood offers you a wonderful opportunity to enhance and show your culinary skills to your near and dear one with these simple,... -

How To Serve Pasta

How to serve pasta after preparing it at home? When we have pasta in our favorite restaurants, we love the way in which our favorite dish is presented, but when we try to do it in the same way at home, it becomes really difficult and we run short of ideas.... -

How To Eat Sopa De Pasta

If you are fond of Mexican cuisine then you will know that  Sopa De Pasta is a Mexican pasta dish. Sopa de pasta is great served on it's own or as a side dish! Do you know how to eat sopa de pasta ? If not, do not worry. A wide variety of... -

How To Dry Pasta

  How to dry pasta  can be quite a tricky question. Drying pasta is the perfect way to keep it free from spoilage when storing it at home. All individuals who use fresh homemade pasta should know a few ways to  store it for later use.... -

Tips To Cook Frozen Pasta

Frozen pasta is a great option to tot up a quick dish on those  hungry evenings when you wish you had something easy and yummy at your disposal. Cooking frozen pasta   is no more or less difficult or complicated than cooking fresh or... -

Pasta For Breakfast Is Healthy Or Not

  One might have to counter quite a few raised eyebrows if caught eating pasta for breakfast, not only because it is not a traditional breakfast dish, but also since the recent trend is to shun away all high carb foods, with pasta topping the... -

Making Pasta And Much More

  I really haven’t made serious pasta before. It just happened that there wasn’t much left in the kitchen except some pasta and some canned stuff. So I ended up experimenting and making Pasta with a sauce of cream of mushroom.   ... -

How To Identify Italian Pasta & Macaroni?

The moment we hear about pasta and macaronis, we think of Italy. Yes, pastas and macaronis are the staple food for the Italians. But what is so special about Italian pasta and how to identify Italian pasta and macaroni ? While there are no hard and fast... -

How To Cook Pasta

Pasta Cooking Tips Light Tips for Pasta Dishes Prepare dishes flavored with vegetables and herbs rather than meats and cream sauces. When possible, use low-fat cheese, such as ricotta or... -

How To Cook Pasta Right?

When one thinks of Italian cuisine , Pasta is what comes to mind first. Pasta cooked perfectly and with the right combination of ingredients can be an absolutely mouth watering dish- a real treat for your taste buds. It is light on the... -

How To Freeze Cooked Pasta

Cooked pasta freezes well and knowing how to freeze cooked pasta can be a great way to store it for another meal. Frozen, cooked pasta can be used for up to 2 weeks. It is always better to freeze the pasta and sauce separately. Let us see how to do it... -

How To Cook Pasta In Slow Cooker

It is a very tricky technique when it comes to cooking pasta using a slow cooker . Cooking for a very long time in low heat would make it soggy and cooking on a high temperature may turn them brown. But once you pre-boil and blend it with sauces and then... -

5 Uncommon Pastas To Make At Home

The thought of having pasta for dinner fills you with delight. But are you keen on making anything else besides spaghetti, penne and elbows ? Well, you may want to but don’t have the knowledge or the skills associated with it. Its now time to take stock... -

How To Store Pasta?

How to store pasta? The most sought after question in the minds of all the pasta lovers out there is here to find its most convincing answer. Pasta comes in umpteen variety and forms. The way of storing them is not distinct and you can store the uncooked... -

Pasta Gift Basket Ideas

  A pasta gift basket is an easy gift idea for any occasion. Customize the gift basket according to the specific choices of the recipient. Pasta can be bought from a local grocery store. If you are looking for different pasta variations,... -

How To Use Pasta Bread Bowl At Gatherings

Pasta bread bowl  is a fun concept to introduce at gatherings. The fad has caught on even more since Dominos introduced their pasta bowl preparations. So what are the uses of a pasta bread bowl, you may ask? It enhances the decorative value of your dinner... -

Easy Pasta Casserole Ideas

  Pasta is most preferred among the Italian foods, and is a common ingredient in numerous casseroles. Easy pasta casserole recipes are not just simple, but are delectable also. Ifood presents a rich collection of quick pasta casserole... -

How To Store Pasta In Mylar Bags

  Pasta is well-liked for its unique taste and it is the taste which needs to be preserved while you are storing pasta. Storing pasta in mylar bag keeps the pasta fresh for 10 or more years. If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way... -

Pasta For Weight Loss

For years pasta hasbeen notorious as a fattening food but recently it was cleared of all bad publicity and declared as a food which serves fewer calories and lots of nutrients. That means one can try pasta for weight loss. Yew! This can be great news for all... -

Is It Safe To Eat Pasta During Pregnancy?

The staple foods of traditional Italian cuisine, pastas are preferred by people of all ages, worldwide for its yummy, lip-smacking taste and versatility. But are pastas safe to be consumed when pregnant? Are the allergic reactions and digestive problems... -

Pizza Hut Is Now Pasta Hut !

After 50 years of delivering great pizza, today Pizza Hut revealed that efforts are currently underway to rebrand the chain as "Pasta Hut" in conjunction with the arrival of its new Tuscani Pastas, which are available starting tomorrow. ... -

Tips To Make Pasta Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

If you like pasta, you can easily make a luscious pasta ball as a snack or appetizer for a special dinner. This dish is very easy as you can boil and season the noodels beforehand. All you have to do is roll them with a range of ingredients and deep fry... -

How To Freeze Baked Pasta

It is not   favorable  to freeze baked pasta dishes, however, you can opt for this method of storage if you have a huge amount of leftovers. Always make sure that you store the pasta and its sauce separately so that the stuff is not spoiled. The oven... -

Side Effects Of Eating Pasta

The delicious pasta is a ready-to-cook food made from grain flour which is believed to be a complete diet. But there are certain side effects caused by pasta mainly because of its gluten content, which requires serious and immediate attention. Scroll down... -

Pasta Spreads Panic In Penguin Australia

The market is unpredictable and our customers and employers want the service providers to be real fast and the cost of getting real fast has always been there and is recently observed in an incident in Australia captured in an article entitled, "Cookbook... -

What To Do With Leftover Pasta Quick Ideas

Pasta is the most adored and savored Italian foods. However, when there are leftovers, you wonder what to do with leftover pasta . Throwing it out would be one option, but that is the same as throwing money. There are some wonderful things to do with... -

How To Fight Pasta Addiction

The traditional food from the Italian cuisine ,  pasta is one of the most renowned foods of the world. But, addiction to it must be taken care of properly and be treated since it may have potential health hazards. Scroll down for learning about the  ways... -

Carry Pasta: How To Tips & Ideas

If you have to send pasta to your friend or family members, read the following article and learn useful tips on how to carry pasta . Just by following simple dos and don’ts you will be ensured that your pasta package arrives at its final destination... -

Healthy Pasta Meals

Making healthy meal is not only a challenging job, it is also very difficult because while preparing meal for your family you need to prepare something that is tasty, healthy, and nutritious.  In such a scenario,  Healthy pasta meals are a perfect... -

How To Make Cheap Pasta Meals Interesting

Pasta is one of those meals which is easy to cook and is quite cheap also. However, many foodies lament that cheap pasta meals are not interesting – how to make cheap pasta meals interesting? If you learn to add a special tang to this pasta dish, you... -

How To Store Leftover Pasta

Often while cooking pasta it happens that more quantity is cooked than actually needed but there is no need to worry, instead of throwing you can store the leftover for reuse later. If you feel the paste more than required, apply about two to three teaspoons... -

Pasta Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Pasta allergy  is almost synonymous with  wheat allergy   since the product is processed from wheat. This type of allergy is more common in children and most of them outgrow it by the time they reach adulthood. It is necessary to... -

How To Freeze Mashed Pasta

The highly nutritious and yummy pastas can be mashed and stored to increase its shelf-life by a well-known and feasible preservation method , i.e. freezing. This process ensures the availability of mashed pastas for a longer duration which can then be used... -

Easy Pasta Dishes For Kids

Easy pasta dishes are a delicious and quick solution for kid’s meal. Moms can prepare pasta dishes easily at home, pack these for their lunch and even serve them. Vegetables, herbs, meat, poultry, and sauce enhance the taste of... -

3 Easy Pasta Cupcake Ideas

Give the cupcakes a new dimension with these pasta cupcake ideas . Yes, I do mean it. They are piquant delights and go well as breakfast items or with your evening tea as a snack. You can even pack one or two of these muffin like  cupcakes for your kid.... -

Pasta Menu

  The best thing about working with a pasta menu is that you can use your own imagination and experimentation in the kitchen and concoct something perfectly delicious. Think about the kinds of pasta you like, the various... -

National Pasta Day

Foodie fans today is National Pasta Day!  It's also Four Prunes Day...  Here's how I make my pasta...  2.25 cups flour 3 eggs 1 tbs olive oil pinch salt heap of love pile the flour on a cutting board and make a well in the... -

How To Eat Ditalini – The Soup-y Pasta

Being a pasta patron, Ditalini simply extends your ‘to-do’ pasta recipe list. What exactly is Ditalini and how to eat Ditalin i, such that you attain the fulfillment of having savored every kind of pasta, Italian cuisine has to offer? ... -

Healthy Pasta Dishes For Kids

Pasta dishes  when prepared using healthy ingredients are full of folic acid and fiber, essential for providing steady energy to remain active. Kids love to eat p asta . It can be served in varied ways by preparing healthy toppings at home. Check out some... -

Google Serves 3d Printed Pasta To Its Employees

  Google has been long associated with new technology and most innovative and unique ideas related to the information technology seem to emanate from its stables. Now, the employees of Google have taken it a step further by... -

How To Eat Agnolotti - Sumptuous Pasta

Every pasta lover knows how to eat agnolotti. This is very famous piemontese stuffed pasta which can be eaten in different varieties. Eating agnolotti is very popular during festivities and special events when friends and relatives gather to have fun and... -

Wheat Prices Rising For Local Bakers; Prices Going Up On Baked Goods, Beer, Pasta

With the start of the holiday season here, local bakeries are tightening their belts and trying desperately to absorb the rising costs of one of their most important raw materials. "It used to be about $18 for a 100 pound bag of flour, now it's... -

Tango Pizza Sub & Pasta - Jacksonville, Fl

I found out about Tango Pizza from a post in PQM’s Think Tank - it was close to work so I thought I would check it out. I’m glad I did - Their pizza is good! I took the pizza back to the office and before I could get a photo of it over half of it was... -

Prego Contest Could Net You 5k    They're looking for videos!  Right up our alley right?  Explore your passion...  (Contests, pasta sauce, Ponte Vedra Beach Florida USA) -

Couscous Confused With Whole Grain

By: Donna Miller Couscous (pronounced kuskus or kooskoos) is a typical North African food that has become popular in many countries. Couscous is often confused with being a grain, but in fact is more of a pasta and not a whole grain at all.... -

Chemistry In Kitchen

                               Chemistry, a science subject, is often thought to be the area for science students. But do we know that people from even other streams are also using chemistry in their... -

Spaghetti Shock...

Biofuel strikes again...  First there were issues with the rising cost of corn tortillas due to corn bio-ethanol production, now the Italian pasta makers are feeling the pinch due to wheat bio-ethanol production…   The more corn and wheat... -

Central Park Is Popular

Thanks for all the great emails. Keep them coming...maybe your idea will be featured on "Fun Food with Monica"! Be sure to join the "Fun Food with Monica" Group so I can keep you informed on all the happenings in New York. ... -

Fine Italian Dining At Mitchell International Airport

Travelers showing their despice of the lack of dining options at the Mitchell International Airport, Wisconsin are soon going to have a restaurant from the Bartolotta restaurant group. Bartolotta says, "it is going to open in mid-to late February". ... -

How To Drizzle Olive Oil On Food And Bring That Italian Flavor Back

  On what kind of food do we drizzle olive oil to get the optimum flavour? Well, ask anyone, they will come up with only one answer – Italian. Olive oil is closely associated with Italian food, and thus it is difficult to imagine any other... -

Fun Meal Ideas For Toddlers

  Getting new meal ideas for toddlers everyday is a difficult job for mothers. If the food is not appealing then the toddler will not even look at it – feeding it to them is a dream. So mothers have to be innovative and create new meal ideas... -

San Gennaro-monica's Weekend Update

The 80th Annual Feast of San Gennaro , New York City's oldest, biggest and best religious street festival is being celebrated through Sunday, September 23rd. Visit Mulberry Street to check out indoor and outdoor dining at 35 of Little... -

How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For Children

  Organizing a diet dinner party for children has become a fashion trend nowadays. Not only adults but children have also become health freaks and do not want to indulge in rich, sugary food. However, they want the food to be tasty and appealing.... -

Best Romantic Menus For Valentines Day

  Selecting menus for Valentines Day is nothing less than an event in itself. One takes care that the Valentines Day menu is special enough to win your valentine's heart. Before deciding on any exotic menu for your valentine first try to find out... -

Fun Ways To Use Breakfast Cereals

Pouring milk over some  breakfast cereal  and spooning it up has become synonymous with the morning chow. However, eating it with milk in the morning is not the only way to enjoy cereals. These fiber rich goodies can definitely be used in other ways... -

Introducing Freekeh - The New Super Grain

Now that you have learnt all about barley, oats and quinoa, it is time to welcome another super grain in your midst. Yes, it is the freekeh (pronounced freak-eh) that is the new grain on the block. It is touted as an immensely nutritious grain, which... -

How Important Is Bread In Daily Life

  Consumption of bread in daily life is with the purpose of intake of grains. That is how you defined the importance of bread. With the exception of rice and a few other grains that are consumed as such, wheat primarily and corn to some extent is... -

How To Add Sauce & Wine To Lasagna

I was introduced to Italian food by my roomie during the good old college days, when cooking something new-read cheap, fast, and easy was as essential as partying on Friday nights. It was during one such culinary adventure that I learnt how to add sauce and... -

Tips To Prepare Your Own Gluten Free Flour

Using a gluten free flour for baking may rob a dish of its taste especially if the flour is a conventional store bought one. However, there is no need to reconcile yourself to a tasteless existence if you cannot digest gluten. Why don’t you try to make... -

How Important Is Bread In Our Daily Life

In many pockets of the world, bread is a staple food item with almost every meal and it is a basic food product in cuisines such as Mediterranean, Italian and Indian cuisines. How Important Is Bread In Our Daily Life is a question that many of us are... -

How To Use Soy Flour In Daily Cooking

Soy flour is prepared from roasted soybeans which are then grounded in to a fine powder. We can use soy flour  in baked products like breads, crackers, cakes, brownies, cookies and many more. The faintly nutty flavor of the soy flour will give your baked... -

Interesting Facts About Wheat

Wheat is the backbone of most yeast breads. A wheat berry (the actual seed that is clustered on the stalk) is an edible power package. Within just one wheat berry is the near perfect balance of nutrients that so efficiently sustained our ancestors. Upto 19... -

How To Use Sorghum Flour

  Sorghum is commonly known as Milo and in Indian they call it as Jowar.  This flour can be substituted for any other flour and it is used to prepare gluten free foods, as it contains no gluten. There are various uses of... -

What To Do With Leftover Macaroni Quick Ideas

Just create a bonding between your leftover macaroni and cheese and you will find yourself answering what to do with leftover macaroni is an unconventional way. Ifood presents few interesting things to do with leftover macaroni which are simple, yet... -

Legumes The Source Of Inexpensive Dishes

I know many who won't eat legumes/beans for the fear of flatulence. Once you understand the cause of gas, it's fairly easy to remedy. Beans contain a sugar called oligosaccharide and we lack the enzyme required to break the sugar down. When the... -

Breakfast In Italian Way.....

A Healthier Breakfast in Italian Way....... .....with Egg Pasta recipe submitted by lovetocookalot  ! (Breakfast Menus, Europe, healthy diet, Italy, UK, usa) -

Tasty Breakfast Menu

    T oday morning, I got up late. I was sure to skip my breakfast if I had to be in the office in time. But my friend Dev surprised me when I show hot delicious pasta within 15 minute when I was out of bathroom. I know he is not a good cook.... -


Primavera This Italian phrase means spring style and culinarily refers to the use of fresh vegetables as a garnish to various dishes. One of the most popular dishes prepared in this manner is pasta primavera, pasta tossed or topped with diced... -

Spaghetti Recipes 3 Of My Favorite Spaghetti Recipes

Who doen't like spaghetti? I can't think of anyone in the world that does not like spaghetti.I eat some kind of spaghetti dish at least twice a week and I have hundreds of pasta recipes at my disposal so that I am never bored and I don't... -

A Special Italian Dinner Menu 1

Italian Dinner Menu: 1.Angry Pasta: 2.Mariana Sauce: 3.Vegetarian Lasagana: : 4.Antipasto Salad:   ... -

Is Paris Hilton Crazy For Icecreams?

    Did you know that Paris Hilton is a pure vegetarian and likes pasta very much? Is Paris Hilton crazy about ice creams? (Celebrity News, celebrity diet, usa) -

Todays Food Question - Satriales From Sopranos

In the series The Soprano's what type of hang out was Satriales ? a) Pasta Shop b) Deli c) Chop Shop d) Itailian Gelateria   Image Credit: ... -

Health Benefits Of Couscous

Most of us must not be aware of what couscous actually is and how it tastes. Here in this article I will tell you about couscous and the health benefits of couscous . It is basically a grain food which is much like rice or pasta. It is the staple food ... -

Fregola Sarda

Fregola Sarda ( freh -goh-lah sar -dah) Toasted breadcrumb-like pasta from the island of Sardinia In its March 2006... -

Healthy Lunch ideas For Weight Loss

  Are you thinking of weight loss program then this is necessary to have some interesting healthy lunch ideas for weight loss. Listed here are some brilliant,  ingenious ideas for healthy lunch food to lose weight. Test your culinary skills by... -

How To Eat Eliche?

All roads do not lead to Rome, but the road paved here to teach you how to eat eliche …will take you to Rome and also to the gastronomic heights of Italy’s culinary delight !   Here is all reason to go ‘Mamma Mia’ about eliche,... -

Rocking My Brains

I have been trying hard looking hear and there and trying to please myself. But I just can't seem to find one good pasta salad recipe which is completely different from what I ahve had before. I am not saying that I have had all the kinds of the salad... -

Stirring The Senses With Sacla

                             Stirring the senses with Sacla’!   Sacla’, those irresistible Italian food people, have recently introduced a new addition, Red onion & Gorgonzola to its range... -

Uses Of Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a hard, sharp and dry Italian cheese which is prepared from cow's milk. Parmesan is generally aged for a period of 12 to 16 months. It is made by blending together two different types of cow's milk. The full cream milk which is... -

What Are The Substitutes For Semolina Flour

  The substitutes for semolina flour really depend on the purpose the recipe is calling for.   Semolina flour is used in making Italian puddings and pastas. It is made from the hardest type of wheat called durum wheat. The flour is... -

Italian Food For Kids

Does your kid like Italian food?   Read this article and find out some of the best homemade Italian food for kids . Italian dishes are the most kid-friendly cuisine on the planet. Making Italian dishes is fun and does not have to... -

Delicious Italian Dinner Menu 2!

DELICIOUS ITALIAN DINNER MENU: 1.Wedding Soup(Meat Ball Soup): 2.Chicken Parmigiano: 3.Pasta with Vegetables: 4.Tomato Salad: -

Special Italian Lunch Menu

A Special Italian Lunch Menu:   1.Tuscan Ministroni Soup:     2.Cheese Pizza:     3.Salmon Pasta Salad: (Lunch Ideas, Europe, healthy diet, italian... -


Pancetta   An Italian bacon that is cured with salt and spices but not smoked. Flavorful, slightly salty pancetta comes in a sausagelike roll. It’s used in Italian coking to flavor sauces, pasta dishes, forcemeats, vegetables and meats.... -

George Carlin Food Funnies

Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny? What was the best thing before sliced bread? If you ate pasta and antipasto, would you still be hungry? Why is there an expiration date on sour cream? Can vegetarians eat animal... -

Penne Menu

A penne menu doesn’t have to mean just different kinds of pasta with a sauce on it. You can really get creative with this type of pasta and make some creative dishes that will make your menu stand out. Here are some spectacular ideas for a phenomenal... -

Say Hello To National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

February 7, 2013 is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day . Fettuccine, a flat ribbon-cut noodle, comes together with butter, cream and melted Parmesan cheese to make a delicious past dish called Fettuccine Alfredo. Pasta is such a popular dish across America... -