Party Mai Tai Recipes

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Party Mai Tais

In pitcher, combine all ingredients except ice and garnish; stir to dissolve orange juice concentrate. - 24.4105

Mai Tai For 12

MAKING 1) In a large flask, combine all the ingredients together, mix thoroughly. 2) In tightly covered jars or bottles, pour the rum mixture and store in the refrigerator. SERVING 3) Serve Mai Tai over ice cubes in iced-tea glasses, garnish with a piece ... - 35.9259

The Perfect Maui Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is the perfect Polynesian cocktail for beachside sipping, and bartender Rico Supnet of the Royal Lahaina Resort does it best. Rico shows Joy Robertson how to mix the signature drink, which features rocker Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum. - 109.52

The Perfect Mai Tai Cocktail

Perfect Mai Tai Cocktail sort of a Polynesian drink. It has a sweet 'tiki' flavor that you might enjoy. A perfect party drink! Watch and learn how to make this drink from Derrick in this video. Cheers! - 97.8622

Classic Mai Tai

MAKING 1) Add ice into a tall glass. 2) Mix in all the ingredients. 3) Stir the mixture until sugar dissolves. SERVING 4) Serve with a pineapple spear, a sprig of mint, and a straw. - 29.6957

Mai Tai

MAKING 1) In a shaker, pour the grenadine, rums, sugar and lime juice together alongwith with ice cubes and shake well. 2) Strain the mixture in a glass over some cracked ice. SERVING 3) Garnish with a pineapple slice, cocktail cherry and lime peel and... - 32.9472

Mai Tai

MAKING 1) Take a double old-fashioned glass and half fill with finely cracked ice. 2) Pout into it. 3) Gently stir the mixture once or twice. SERVING 4) Garnish with sprig of fresh mint. 5) Serve with a straw. - 31.364

Easy Mai Tai

MAKING 1) In a double old-fashioned glass add lime juice, light rum, passion fruit liqueur, and sugar syrup. Mix thoroughly. 2) Add shave ice to fill the glass. 3) Top with dark rum. SERVING 4) Garnish with pineapple spear and sprig of fresh mint. - 33.3692

Oral Presentation Party Punch

Mix all ingredients in large punch bowl and serve "after" all oral presentations are completed. Enjoy - 19.3057