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MAKING 1. Fill half of the tumbler with broken Ice and add the Orange Bitters. 2. Then add the Canadian Club Whisky, the Italian Vermouth, the Gin, the Cointreau and the Brown Curacao. 3. Stir well and pass through a strainer into a cocktail... - 37.296

Sunrise Summer Cocktail With Desi Twist

A nice chilled summer cocktail for all, the jeera powder gives it the additional punch and the fresh fruits keeps you refreshing and asking for more. - 35.7129

Classic Bombay Cocktail

Are you looking for a Classic Bombay Cocktail recipe that will blow away your senses? here's one for you that is really easy to prepare and will fetch you a bag full of compliments too. If you like this recipe of Classic Bombay Cocktail, please share with... - 35.3366

Blue Lagoon Cocktail /mocktail With Desi Citrus Twist

Blue Lagoon Cocktail /Mocktail With Desi Citrus Twist is a tantalizing drink that would surely add a colorful sparkle to all summer parties. Sweet lime and lemon squash imparts an exciting cool blue color to the cocktail/ mocktail and a real Desi substitute... - 34.5696

Summer Sin

An absolute summer cocktail. - 32.2006

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West Indian Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in grapefruit juice, fruit juice, sugar, angostura bitters. 2) Stir well. Add several pieces of ice. 3) Add in brandy, benedictine and rum. 4) Stir well. 5) Sprinkle grated nutmeg. Stir again. SERVING 6) Garnish the punch... - 41.1634

Indian Cocktails Anyone?

These Indian inspired cocktails are easy to make, delicious and will put a smile on everyone’s face. - 32.9816

Curried Cocktail Meatballs (new Year's Eve Party Special)

Learn how to prepare Curried cocktail meatballs at home for your next get-together or holiday party. These bite size, make ahead curried meatballs can be enjoyed on their own or simmered in a tomato sauce. - 113.259

Cherry Bomb Cocktail

Try this firework inspired cocktail from Three Olives Vodka! - 17.662

Bubble Bomb Cocktail

The Bubble Bomb Cocktail is a drink with some super powers! Three Olives Bubble vodka is your primary ingredient, and Derrick is mixing it with an energy drink. You can use Redbull or whatever you want. Watch and learn, folks! - 99.9729

Irish Car Bomb Cocktail

Want a really potent drink? Want to get drunk? Try this Irish Car Bomb cocktail. A word of caution, this is not meant for amateurs. - 102.786


MAKING 1) Into a cocktail shaker, add in the ice cubes. 2) Pour in Forbidden fruit, white creme de menthe and vodka. 3) Shake well. SERVING 4) Serve the Maiden in chilled martini glasses. - 32.535

Prinny Punch

MAKING 1) Into the teapot, add in lemon rind. Stir well. 2) Into a punch bowl, add in the 3) Add in the lemon-flavored tea, sugar, orange juice, lemon juice, brandy and rum. 4) Stir well. SERVING 5) Just before serving, pour champage into the punch.... - 39.4489

Phudina Aloo By Tarla Dalal

A very simple and quick snack of boiled baby potatoes coated with a pungent chutney of mint, coriander and other punchy ingredients. The lemon juice not only adds tang to the potatoes, it also helps highlight the other flavors. Phudina aloo is just the thing... - 122.717

Family Favorite Summer Mocktail – Slurrrpy Triple M

Made with three M’s – Melon, Mango & Mint, this Mocktail recipe is refreshingly delicious. You can prepare for it in advance and when you want to, just mix up the ingredients and slurp away. The best thing about this drink is that you can drink it warm as... - 38.5702