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French Onion Soup In A Cheese-topped Onion Bowl

If you love being different, then this will definitely appeal to you…or anyone else!! A rather innovative way of serving a French Onion soup, this soup is simple and makes a great presentation. Be careful not to go soft on those whole onions while cooking. - 120.204

French Onion Soup

Soup is one of the main dishes in a 3 course meal. So all you soup lovers out there you are in for a surprise. Check out the video of the yummy and delicious Soupe à l'oignon also known as French Onion Soup. One of the most delicious and tasty soups. - 107.676

Onion Soup Au Gratin

Loaded with taste, this Onion Soup Au Gratin recipe is a real temptation! Best enjoyed as an appetizer, this recipe was taught to me by a dear friend who also happens to be a great chef. Treat your friends to this Onion Soup Au Gratin and let them know how... - 51.8345

Provencale Garlic Soup

Here's an exciting Provencal Garlic Soup recipe that i am glad to share with you. This is an all time favorite French recipe which is a hit as an appetizer.I bet you can't resist your temptation for Provencal Garlic Soup for long, go ahead and try it out now. - 51.4786

Onion Soup With French Bread

Here's an amazing recipe of Onion Soup With French Bread that you must try. This soup has a distinct flavor of onion cooked in beef stock with some crispy, garlic flavored french bread. This recipe is truly a soup lover's delight. The recipe is quite simple... - 51.0704

Vegetable Consomme'

MAKING 1) Take a medium saucepan and melt butter in it. 2) Add vegetables, sugar and seasonings. 3) Cover and cook over low heat for about 5 minutes or until vegetables become tender. 4) Take 1 quart of boiling water and dissolve bouillon cubes in it. 5) Add... - 49.0867


You ask why I am excited about sharing this vichyssoise recipe with you? simply because I think that this is the best recipe in the world. The vichyssoise is made with leeks and potatoes which can be easily found at any grocery store. This soup makes a... - 48.5474

Prawn Bisque

GETTING READY 1. Start by peeling the prawns, but reserve 6 prawns for garnish with just the body shell removed 2. In a pan, place the shells with the sole bones and trimmings, add 4 pints of water, lemon rind, bay leaf, parsley stalks and... - 47.681

Party Lobster Bisque

MAKING 1 Drain the lobster; remove any bony tissue. 2 Set aside several large pieces for garnish, then dice the remainder. 3 In a large saucepan,saute onion in butter or margarine until soft ; stir in flour. 4 Cook, stirring constantly, until bubbly. 5 Stir... - 47.6295

Petite Marmite

Place beef, veal knuckle and bones in large soup kettle with water, chicken bouillon cubes, salt and peppercorns. Bring water to boil. Cook gently for 2 hours. Skim surface frequently. Add turnips, carrots, leeks, celery, onion and cabbage. Add bay leaf and... - 47.4956

French Onion Soup With Beef Stock

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the grill. MAKING 2) In a pan, melt the butter. 3) In the pan, add sugar and onion. ... - 47.2025

Soupe De Poisson Espagnole

GETTING READY 1. Start by poaching the haddock in the stock with the bouquet garni for 15 minutes, then discard the bouquet garni 2. Take the fish and remove the skin and bones, also liquidise the fish and stock MAKING 2. In a pan, boil the garlic, thyme and... - 46.7498

Shellfish Soup

GETTING READY 1) Chop onion and garlic into thin slice. 2) Slice celery. 3) Crush saffron with pestle and mortar. 4) Peel and chop tomatoes. 5) Scrub and scrape fresh mussels and rinse under cold, running water. MAKING 6) In a skillet heat oil and fry onion,... - 46.5036

Gratin Lyon

Break bread into small pieces. Melt butter in saucepan. Add bread and fry until golden. Pour in hot bouillon. Add bay leaf, parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cover. Simmer gently 20 minutes. Discard bay leaf. Season to taste. Pour into 2 individual... - 46.0829

Avocado Bisque

Melt butter in a heavy saucepan. Add onion and saute until tender, but not golden. Blend in flour. Stir in chicken broth and heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil and thickens. Add lemon juice, vinegar, horseradish and seasonings. Cover and... - 46.0172

Clam Bisque

Surprisingly different and appetizingly inviting, this Clam Bisque can fire up any occasion! Try out this extremely easy and simple recipe for Clam Bisque and serve it to our dear ones. - 44.9173

Salmon And Tomato Bisque

MAKING 1. Simmer salmon along with tomatoes, water, and parsley, for 20 minutes. 2. Add onions to butter and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Mix in flour. 3. Take off from heat and slowly add evaporated milk. 4. Place the mixture back on heat and stirring... - 43.8603

Mushroom Consomme

GETTING READY 1. Start by trimming the mushroom stalks, also chop and slice mushroom caps MAKING 2. In a pan, melt the butter along with the onion, chopped mushroom stalks and also add the flour and cook for 1 to 2 minutes 3. In a pan, stir in the stock and... - 43.7888

Potage Julienne

GETTING READY 1) Julienne vegetables. MAKING 2) Heat butter and sauté vegetables in it with sugar until tender. 3) Pour in consommé and simmer for 10 minutes. 4) Mix in shells and cook again for 12 minutes more. 5) Stir in chervil and adjust... - 43.1801

Mushroom Cream Soup

Heat the oil in a pan, then add the butter. Add the onions and cook until tender, then add the mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes. Blend in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Gradually add the stock, stirring. Bring to the boil then simmer for about 5 minutes... - 42.9518

French Onion Soup

Brown the onions slowly in the butter. Add the sugar and cook for a few minutes. Add the flour and cook for 1 minute. Add the stock and bring to the boil, stirring. Simmer 20 minutes then add salt and pepper if necessary. Toast one side of the bread then... - 42.7445

French Quarter Bean Soup

Rinse beans. In Dutch oven combine beans and enough water to cover. Bring to boiling; reduce heat and simmer 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover; let stand 1 hour. Drain; add 6 cups fresh water and ham hocks. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer 1... - 42.6144

Potage Champagne

Blend chicken soup and cream in saucepan. Stir until smooth. Mix curry powder with wine. Add to soup mixture. Simmer over low heat 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat. Stir in lemon juice, salt and pepper. Chill in refrigerator for at least 1... - 42.5122

Cauliflower Soup

Heat the butter in a large, heavy pan. Add the onion and garlic and fry slowly until soft. Add the cauliflower, water and stock cubes then cover and simmer for 1 hour. Sieve the soup or puree in a blender. Return it to the pan and check seasoning. Stir in the... - 42.4139

Salad Nicoise With Tomato Soup Dressing

MAKING 1. Take a bowl and combine oil, soup, vinegar, onion, sugar, salt, mustard and salt -pepper. Shake them well and place them in a tightly covered container. 2. Add potatoes into a bowl and mix it up with ¾ cup of dressing. Similarly add green beans and... - 42.1213

Rich French Onion Soup

Adapted from Sharp Microwave and Convection Cookbook. - 42.0187

Sweet Corn And Chicken Soup

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the onion and green pepper and fry until softened. Stir in the flour and cook for 2 minutes, then gradually stir in the stock. Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring frequently, for 5 minutes. Add the potatoes, chicken and... - 41.9868

Fragrant French Onion Soup

Place onions in a 3 quart casserole or soup tureen. Cut butter into pieces and distribute over onions. Cover with a lid or wax paper. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. Stir in flour and microwave, uncovered, on HIGH (100%) for... - 41.742

Carrot And Parsnip Soup

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the carrots, parsnips and onion and try, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. Add the consomme and bring to the boil. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are very tender. Allow to cool slightly, then... - 41.0855

French Market Soup

MAKING 1. In slow cooker combine all ingredients and cook with cover on Low for 8 hours. 2. Turn to High and cook an additional 2 hours such that beans are tender. 3. Deboning ham, cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and stir back into soup. SERVING 4.... - 40.7383

Mae Clarke Boula Bouillon

Blend cooked peas in an electric blender with 1/2 cup turtle soup until well pureed. Place in saucepan with butter, salt, pepper and remaining turtle soup. Mix and blend well. Add sherry. Heat to boiling point. Pour soup in heatproof serving cups. Garnish... - 39.3914

Potage Sante

Heat the oil in a saucepan; saute the scallions and onions 10 minutes but do not let brown. Add the potatoes, spinach, parsley and broth. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat 30 minutes. Puree in an electric blender or force through a sieve. Stir in the... - 38.8859

Iced Cherry Soup Chantilly

MAKING 1. Reserve 100 g whole cherries and then simmer the remainder with the water, orange rind and juice and cinnamon stick for 20 minutes 2. In a clean pan, strain the juices press the cherries properly, add sugar and boil it. 3.On a basin, stone the... - 38.5813

Easy Classic French Onion Soup

MAKING 1) In butter, saute the onions till they are tender-crisp. Put them in a slow cooker. 2) Add the broth, bay leaes and Worcestershire sauce. 3) Cover the cooker and cook over low heat for about 5 to 7 hours, till the onions are tender. Remove the bay... - 38.1877

Pumpkin Bisque

In 3-quart saucepan, over medium heat, melt butter. Add shallots; saute until tender. Stir in broth, pumpkin, thyme, pepper, nutmeg and allspice; simmer, uncovered, 5 minutes. Add cream; continue cooking until hot but not boiling. (If using homemade broth,... - 35.1789


1. Combine onions, parsley, bay leaves, garlic, tomatoes, wine, clam juice, water, basil, thyme in 6-quart Low Pressure Cooker/Fryer; season with salt, pepper to taste; clamp on cover; bring up pressure on setting #9 (high heat); reduce to setting #2 (low... - 34.9809

Cherry Potage

Combine cherries and relish in a blender. Blend on high speedfor 1 minute. Stir in nutmeg, water and lemon juice, mixing well. Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours or more. Serve in chilled mugs with cinnamon sticks, if desired. Makes 6 servings. - 34.6435

Easy Green Bean Casserole With Cream Of Mushroom Soup

MAKING 1 In a 1-quart casserole cook the green beans according to the package microwave directions. Drain the beans. 2 In the 1-quart casserole stir together mushroom soup, sour cream, and pimiento.Stir in beans. 3 Cook, uncovered, on 100% power (high) for 4... - 33.4675

French Onion Soup

Looking for a perfect soup to serve as an appetizer? Why not give this French Onion Soup a try and believe me it can just win even the most descrete palate. And I bet, this recipe for French Onion Soup can be the easiest you can ever find, so make the best... - 33.3189

French Onion Soup

Heat a large saucepan. Add the oil and onions and saute until tender and golden brown. Add the flour and cook over low heat for about 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the hot broth and simmer 5 to 10 minutes. Season to taste with sea salt. Serve hot with... - 32.0069