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How about something savory, crispy, and delicious? Yes that's right - let's make Potstickers! - 146.258

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp is the perfect party appetizer, and easier to make than you might think! Let's get started on this toasty recipe! - 140.517

Asian Wraps

These delicious Asian wraps are going to give you a pleasant change of taste. Preparing them is so easy, but before that you should get a bunch of rice paper wrappers. Watch the video to learn the detail process. - 137.911

Chicken & Shrimp Kabobs

These Kabobs are absolutely wonderful. You can cook these on the grill or in a large skillet or griddle. Make sure you allow enough time to marinade the chicken so it turns out super moist. - 137.015

Fresh Spring Rolls (how To Make Rice Paper Spring Rolls)

Fresh spring rolls are so easy to make, and great for hot summer nights! - 132.2

How To Make Shrimp And Scallop Kabobs

These oriental styled shrimp and scallop kebabs can be a great crowd puller for your backyard party. These gorgeous appetizers make a perfect combination with tangy pineapple salsa. Follow the instruction given by the chef, and cook up these fabulous... - 129.968

Wegmans Asian Bbq Slow-roasted Pork

Executive Chef Mark Makovec helps you turn a shoulder cut (AKA "pork butt") into a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece. Scoring the fat properly and marinating overnight work magic when it comes time to roast until it falls off the bone. - 128.681

Sweet And Sour Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are always fun to eat and they are very easy to prepare. In this recipe we will be making a sweet and sour sauce that we will use to glaze the chicken after it roasts for a bit. You will end up with delicious, sticky drumsticks that... - 128.137

Simple Roast Chicken

If you have a whole chicken, this is the recipe you must try. The chef is using herbs and spices that are available in her kitchen and so can you. It is important that the chicken is with the skin and follow the marinating process which ensures that the... - 128.104

French Dip Sandwich Goes Asian

MAKING 1. In a medium bowl mix together beef broth, garlic, ginger, black vinegar, soy sauce, honey and sesame oil. 2. In a crock pot place the beef and pour in the beef broth mixture. Cover the crock pot and cook on low for 480 minutes. 3. Take out the... - 124.092 - Mangothai Chili Glazed Shrimp & Lobster Tail Kabobs Grilled On The Scottsdale

Colossal shrimp and lobster tail on skewers mopped with a Mango Thai Chili sauce and grilled over an oak wood fire. If your looking for a shrimp dish big in flavor with a nice kick of sweet & heat you have to try this. Not only is it tasty but its easy to... - 124.071

Asian Inpired Fried Pork Ribs

A killer recipe for FRIED ribs, by Chef Roy Choi, out of L.A. - 124.056

Five Fold Pork Dumplings

A delightful appetizer to woo the guests that are swinging by! These dumplings are steamed to perfection. Little pockets of parcels filled with flavorful pork Watch Ken do his thing in the kitchen! - 123.758

Pan Asian: Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Skiz Fernando shows you how to make the best Korean Chicken Wings with a Sweet & Spicy Chili sauce on this latest installment of Pan Asian. - 123.348

Southeast Asian Style Sticky Wings

These Southeast Asian Style Sticky Wings are definitely the next sticky wings you have to try. Inspired by Ike's Sticky Wings from Pok Pok in Portland Oregon, I wanted to make my own version of a finger licking, bone sucking wing dish. The Vietnamese... - 123.322

Caramel Salted Nut Brittle

As a kid we have always loved nut brittles. This is a classic Salted Caramel Nut Brittle recipe from Sobeys. I know for a fact that all the kids will love it. This will make a good Halloween candy for those little Trick or Treaters knocking at your doors!... - 122.753

Sardines Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style

Bored of your regular spring rolls? Bring variation in your menu by making Sardines spring rolls Vietnamese style. This is an excellent summer time appetizer which contains sprouts, cucumber and sardines. Garnish with basil, cilantro and lettuce and serve it... - 122.658

Classic Karipap Sardines

If your stomach is rumbling for some snack, have this Classic Karipap Sardines! A famous Malaysian snack, this dish is very simple to make. Serve it with a spicy sauce. - 122.591

Beef Rice Pilaf

This Beef Rice Pilaf Recipe is originated in Uzbekistan. It is fragrant, full of flavor version of pilaf that can feed a crowd! Enjoy! - 122.591

Black Sesame Wonton Crackers

Wonton cracker is a very popular Chinese dish. Now need to go out for this dish as you can make in your own kitchen. Gather all the ingredients and make a delicious black sesame wonton crackers. Get the recipe detail right here. - 122.138

Beef And Tomato Over Noodles

This spicy-sweet Korean style stir fried beef and tomato noodles is a great option for a midweek meal that is high protein, quick, easy and cheap. You can mix and match the vegetables or meat to your liking. - 122.112

Asian Style Chicken Wings

I don’t know about you, but I love having football parties! There’s nothing better than being with your friends and family sitting on the couch drinking a cold beer and eating good food while watching football. Most people for the games buy those chicken... - 122.102

Tuna Spring Rolls

It is snack time! So try this Tuna spring rolls. It is a healthy alternative to the traditional spring rolls because it contains tuna. Tuna is low in fat and rich in omega 3. Serve it with chilli sauce. - 122.066

Appetizer Recipes: Sweet And Sour Shrimp Puff Appetizers

Here is a beautiful appetizer recipe that will give your party table some extra 'zazz. These shrimp puffs are easier to make than they look. Lauren Chattman from Pillsbury demonstrates a quick and easy way to put them together. - 121.558

Salad : Thai Beef Salad And Affogato Sexy Dinner For 2 : Thai Cuisine : Asian At Home

Today, I will share with all of you my kinda sexy dinner for two! This is great idea for valentines day or your special day with your love especially you are a very busy person, it will takes only 30 minutes to prepare and make a main dish and dessert! So... - 121.07

Ginger Asparagus Flank Steak Stir Fry

This simple stir fry combines the punch of fresh ginger with wonderful spring asparagus and tasty flank steak. The combinations of flavors here is amazing and also very inexpensive. - 119.831

Beef With Broccoli

When you want a recipe that balances your diet with meat and vegetables, you should be making this Asian Beef with Broccoli. In the video, chef is making it very easily by mixing the seasonings and adding to the browned beef. And cooking broccoli by all means... - 119.689

Pan Fried Noodles With Beef Broccoli

These Korean noodles have oodles of flavor. The crispy and crunchy pan fried noodles makes a wonderful bed for the thick, spicy-sweet sauce with beef and broccoli. This delicious crispy pan fried noodle dish is a comforting and speedy supper! - 119.333

Party Food : Turkey Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

These Turkey Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts will be the perfect hors d'oeuvre for your next holiday party or get together. View this video for the details of this healthy and tasty bite. They'll have your guests thinking you slaved away making them when in... - 119.173

Turkey And Lettuce Wraps

Oh boy, if this isn't the perfect dish to serve as an appetizer. More ideal for Thanksgiving actually! It is super that this recipe is broken down in simple steps in this video. Watch and learn y'all! - 118.573

In The Kitchen With Ken: Spring Rolls

Ken shows how to make some neat sweet and savory spring rolls using strawberries in one blackened fish in the other. These spring rolls can be dipped into a raspberry vinaigrette and savored! See the video for more! - 117.697

How To Make Chicken Wings

Want to make something easy and cheap? The answer is Chicken wings. The chef makes a sweet and spicy marinade in the video for the chicken wings. You are ready in 20 minutes to eat your tasty chicken wings. It can be served with baked potatoes. - 117.053

Asian Grilled Ahi Tuna Over Green Salad

Do you need a healthy dish for your entire family that can be prepared in almost no time? Join Chef Scott in this video and find out how to make Asian Grilled Ahi Tuna over Green salad side dish. As the name suggests, he is seasoning tuna with Chinese 5... - 116.576

How To Make Coconut Shrimp + Dipping Sauce

How to get that coconut to STICK! Plus, a 2 ingredient sweet & spicy dipping sauce. - 116.177

Paella : Filipinos Paella : What Is Paella? : Asian At Home

I uploaded this Filipinos Paella video long time ago, but I never uploaded the written recipe! I thought I did it already?!? Sorry for that! - 116.167

Ceviche: Southeast Asian Inspired Ceviche

Ceviche is nowadays a popular international dish prepared in a variety of ways. However the Chef makes the Ceviche Southeast Asian Style. It's simply delicious and I'm sure your family and friends will definitely like it. - 116.086

Pork Dumplings

Whether you are looking for a perfect entrée for your Chinese New Year Celebrations or just a yummy treat to “pig out” on, pork dumplings is something that can truly satiate you. Megan and Paula whomps up this classic pork delight using simplest of... - 115.846

Kashmiri Turmeric Fried Rice With Sardines

Try this variation of a traditional Kashmiri dish! Kashmiri Turmeric Fried Rice with Sardines is a healthy and tasty dish. Serve it hot on a wide plate with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves. - 115.347

Spicy Salty Squid

Well, the holidays are now over so it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled program and make Asian dishes once again! This week, we show you how to make a favorite of yours–spicy & salty squid; it’s actually pretty easy… and tasty! - 115.312

Hundred Island Grilled Shrimp

Asian food does really well when served to a bigger group, as most of the people adore Asian flavors. To add on to your Asian repertoire, here is a hundred island grilled shrimp recipe. The chef has made it in a very easy manner, saving all the time of... - 114.949

Prawn Roll

Here is an amazing appetizer recipe for seafood buffs. In the video, chef is making prawn rolls using pastry rolls. For spice and flavor she uses freshly crushed garlic, chili and spring onions and adds a bit to it while wrapping prawns in pastry rolls. Her... - 114.868

Malaysian Chicken Puffs

All of you who enjoy Malaysian cooking have to try this recipe. These puffs look really delicious. You will enjoy watching the video as the chef explains all the steps so clearly and nicely. - 114.192

Stuffed Peppers/eggplant/tofu

This is the *real* recipe for our stuffed peppers/eggplant/tofu -- straight from our master chef, Boyd. - 113.913

Coconut Wings With Spicy Mango Ginger Sauce

A very easy recipe for coconut breaded chicken wings with an Asian inspired Mango, Ginger sauce. - 113.272

Curried Cocktail Meatballs (new Year's Eve Party Special)

Learn how to prepare Curried cocktail meatballs at home for your next get-together or holiday party. These bite size, make ahead curried meatballs can be enjoyed on their own or simmered in a tomato sauce. - 113.259

Grilled Vegetables Salad With Asian Dressing

GETTING READY 1. Cut eggplant into slices, cover them liberally with salt, and allow it to rest for 15 minutes. 2. After 15 minutes rinse eggplant slices and set them aside. 3. Preheat grill to high. MAKING 4. On a plate lay zucchini, pepper, and tomato.... - 113.065

Red Cup Cakes With Wonderful Frosting - Part 1 Ingredient & Measurement

Wonderfully rich and moist, this melt-in-your-mouth red caked topped with creamy frosting makes for sinful indulgence. This dramatic looking cake makes for a great Valentine Day treat. Surprise your loved one with this lip-smacking treat and get them beaming... - 112.686

Mini Meatballs With Asian Dipping Sauce For Cocktail Party

The holiday season is here and any exotic and creative but really easy appetizer recipe idea is welcome. This recipe video by Victoria Paikin is inspired by the retro Hors d'oeuvre classic, little cocktail meatballs. These are done with a very simple,... - 112.126

Asian Style Grilled Chicken Legs

Are you interested to try something different than the normal BBQ sauce for your outdoor grilling project? In this video, chef is using a combination of Oriental sauces to baste the chicken from grilling. Surely, these are delicious and right for any... - 112.019

Red Cup Cakes With Wonderful Frosting - Part 2 Preparation

This mini version of the classic red velvet cake, these delightfully good cup cakes topped with creamy frostings makes for delectable indulgence. Appeasing to the eyes as well as the palate, this tasty sweet treats can be easily baked at home following this... - 111.775

My Sister-in-law's Bok Choy Salad

GETTING READY: 1. In a medium bowl pour in the vinegar, sesame oil, soya sauce, canola oil and sugar and mix well till the sugar is dissolved. 2. Chop the bok choy into 1 inch pieces and place it in a zip lock bag. Refrigerate the bok choy till further use to... - 111.434

Tempura Fried Ice Cream

MAKING 1. Place a scoop of ice cream on bread. Patch it up with other bread slices as shown in the video. Do it carefully do not leave gaps for the ice cream to come out. 2. If it starts to look sloppy, grab it on to your hands and tightly squeeze to roll it... - 111.398

Betty's Fanciful Fruit Kebabs

What better way to get your daily dose of fruits than a fruity treat like this. In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make her fresh fruit kebabs that makes for a fanciful addition to the platter. Not only is it gorgeous and appealing, but also elegant... - 110.57

Kama Sutra Saki Teriyaki Salmon

When you are in a mood for seafood, you can consider this delicious recipe of salmon. In this recipe, the salmon fillets are marinated in fabulous saki teriyaki marinade, which enhances the taste and flavor. Check with the chef in this video, to know the... - 109.171

Asian Pork Wraps

You are going to love simple recipe that has a hearty flavor. Great to make wontons with as well for simple appetizers. - 109.06

Shrimp Egg Rolls

By popular request (or demand), at long last, here's our infamous Shrimp Egg roll recipe! These are delicious, and very, very popular around here. With shrimp, ground pork, a variety of veggies and crispy wrappers, they're an instant hit at any... - 108.954

Beef Curry Puffs

If you are thinking of preparing a snack, wait a minute! This Beef Curry Puffs recipe will be just the right one for you! It is simple and easy to prepare and what is more is that it can be made from ingredients available in your freezer. So get set and go! - 108.257

Sukiyaki Marinade 'grilled Striploin'

Do you enjoy experimenting with a variety of cuisines - here is the perfect way to combine Chinese marinade and American cooking style. In this video, chef uses soya sauce to marinate the beef striploin and then it is grilled as per desired doneness. Give it... - 108.16

Hawaiian Grown Kitchen - Hgk Uhwo Pizza - Segment 3

For Asian Pizza MAKING 1. On a pizza pan, place the pizza crust, spread nori paste all over the base. 2. Sprinkle cheese over the paste, till the edges of the crust. 3. In a bowl, place together the lobster meat and khimchi base and mix well. 4. Spread the... - 107.465

Chicken Recipe : Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings : (how To) Cook Chicken : Asian At Home

Looking for a quick and easy chicken wing recipe? In this video Seonkyoung Longest shares her recipe for Honey Sriracha Chicken wings which can be made in just 10 minutes. Watch the video to learn. - 106.237

Sweet And Sour Pork

GETTING READY 1. For Sauce – In a large bowl, mix together pineapple juice, water, sugar, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and honey. Set aside. 2. In a measuring jar, mix together corn starch, water and egg whites. Pour the batter over the pork along with... - 105.421

Peanut Chicken - Gluten Free

GETTING READY 1. In a large bowl, add in the chicken breast, Chinese rice wine, cinnamon and corn-starch. Mix with spoon and set aside for 15 minutes. It can also be kept overnight in fridge. 2. For Sauce – in a bowl, mix together corn starch, water, low... - 105.416

Asian Zing Wings

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 425°F. 2. Brush two baking tray with half of the vegetable oil. 3. Crush the garlic clove, using side of knife. 4. Cut onion, ginger and 1 green onion in chunks and leave it aside. 5. Finely chop the remaining green onion... - 105.38

Seared Ahi Tuna Appetizer

Seared ahi tuna is an amazing appetizer popular in California. Here the chef sears the tuna slices smeared in an Asian dipping sauce over hot rocks.Impress your guests with this wonderful appetizer and enjoy! - 104.983

Sticky Sesame Beef

If you're thinking of some snack ideas, then do try this snack. The snack is made of beef and is placed on the lettuce wrap. You can serve it with chilli sauce. Check out the video for this easy recipe. - 104.882

Vegan Blt (tlt) Tempeh

MAKING 1. In a quart pan, pour in the veggie broth, liquid smoke and molasses. Whisk well. 2. Stir in the soy sauce and bay leaves. Season with sage, chili powder and onion powder. Whisk for a few seconds. 3. Add in the garlic and place the pan over the stove... - 104.291

Crispy Fried Pork Ribs

These crispy fried pork ribs are going to be real crowd puller for any occasion. They have a special Asian flavor and when you serve with some Asian sweet sauce on side, these become a real delicacy. Watch the video to learn about the process and enjoy a... - 104.223

Scallion Pancake Wraps

GETTING READY 1. For dip, in a small bowl, add soy, hoisin sauce, sweet chili sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, chili garlic sauce, brown sugar, and fresh ginger. Mix well and set aside. 2. For sauce, in a medium bowl, add fresh garlic, soy sauce, hoisin sauce,... - 103.833

Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings

Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings - The perfect appetizer for your next house party! Irresistibly Delicious and simple to make, do try out this recipe and your guests will be impressed! - 103.226

Making Mum's Poh Pia

For all Spring Roll lovers, this non-fried Malaysian style rolls is always an integral part of a typical Asian meal. Tofu and veggie rolled in paper thin pancake or crepe truly makes for a delish fare. Follow the recipe presented in the video and get rolling... - 102.632

Salt And Pepper Calamari/squid

Salt and Pepper Squid is a popular dim sum dish that's crispy, salty and savory. Make this easy dish at home and serve it to guests, family and friends. One bite and you'll want more, but be careful! Just because it doesn't have MSG like most restaurant style... - 101.941

Embutido With Raisins Part 2

This is part 2 of the Filipino style embutido recipe video series. Watch the video to see complete instructions to make this fabulous dish. The video is in Filipino language. - 101.681

Chicken Satay Stir Fry

Barry makes an easy, tasty and filling satay stir fry. - 101.652

Filipino Cheese Puffs

This video is in Filipino. - 101.564

Ice Cream : Green Tea Ice Cream : Homemade Ice Cream

GETTING READY 1. In a large bowl, keep some ice ready for an ice bath. MAKING 2. In a heavy bottomed pan , pour milk, add eggs and sugar. Heat on very low flame and whisk until foamy. 3. Move the pan to the ice bath, whisk for another five minutes. 4. In a... - 101.067

Christmas Special Tofu With Spinach

This is a Christmas Special recipe. It's something different from the regular recipes. You can serve this appetizer to your friends and family and I'm sure they will love it. - 101.031

Steamed Oriental Style Sea Bass

In a mood to have some healthy food? Check out the video of the yummy and healthy Sea Bass - Steamed Oriental Style. A great dish that is not only tasty but very healthy too. Everyone should definitely check this video out. - 100.78

Happy New Year (2010) Appetizer Dumplings

A pocket filled with a meaty stuffing are what dumplings are! These are good to be served as entrée's anytime! A video with some clean and easy step shown. A home made video with an easy recipe to follow! - 100.423

Asian-style Fresh Tuna Burger

If you have some fresh tuna, turn it into delicious tender and tang burgers. This is a fantastic recipe that shows you how to turn fresh tuna chunk into mince and has Asian flavors added to it. These burgers served on buns topped with an avocado mayonnaise,... - 99.0222

How To Make Bake Tomatoes With Crabmeat

Looking for a stuffed baked tomatoes recipe? Here is a wonderful baked tomatoes with crabmeat recipe for you! The chef here has used a very few stuffing ingredients apart from crabmeat. This easy stuffed baked tomatoes recipe is simply amazing and worth... - 98.9438

Well Seasoned Bake Chicken

GETTING READY 1. In a large bowl, clean and put the chicken. 2. Add ginger, onion and garlic and mix it well with hands. 3. Put the barbecue sauce, sugar, seasoning soya, schezuan seasoning, salt and soy sauce. Continuously mix the chicken with the seasonings... - 98.7338

Asian Style Bbq Chicken Wings

Barbecue party is incomplete without some appetizing chicken wings. Watch this video that demonstrates a recipe to make gorgeous Asian style bbq chicken wings. Take a look and surprise your guests with these scrumptious chicken wings in your next backyard... - 98.2756

Embutido With Raisins Part 1

Want to try something different for your evening dinner menu? Then take a look at this Filipino style embutido recipe video series. The chef has divided the video in 2 sections, here she provides ingredient details and get started with the preparation. The... - 98.1588

Healthy : Salmon Poke In Wonton Cups (appetizers) : Healthy Food : Asian At Home

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven for 375 F. 2. Using a sharp knife, chop garlic, red chilli, perilla leaves and green onions. 3. Cut the salmon in strips and cut in dices. MAKING 4. In a bowl, put together all the ingredients for sauce and mix well. 5. Put... - 97.7569

Filipino Spicy Gambas

Here is an excellent gambas recipe which is a traditional Filipino dish. With the simple instructions provided here you will find it super easy to put together and the added flavors of oyster sauce and chili paste adds a spicy kick to it. Worth a try for all... - 97.1062

Episode #24 Grill'n With Tequila Intro

When life hives you tequila and taco shells, make tequila tacos instead! Funny it may seem, but tacos stuffed with tequila-marinated veggies and meat not only makes for yummy hors d’oeuvres for the guests, but is quite a cinch to make too. Just try grilling... - 96.5284

Sweet Chilli Chicken Prawn Skewers - Myvirginkitchen

Barry shows you how to make some super easy, quick sweet chilli chicken and prawn (shrimp) skewers. - 96.2308

How To Bake Perfect Taste Biryani Chicken Wings

Web chef, Kimberly Edwards, shares with you How to Bake Perfect Taste Biryani Chicken Wings! Such a gorgeous dish - unbelievably tasty & super easy to use. - 96.0208

Pan Fried Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

A super easy yet fail-proof appetizer for a party, these bacon wrapped shrimp are an all time favorite. Large shrimp tend to get rubbery when cooked. Cooking them in butter is an excellent alternative. The bacon keeps them from drying out. - 95.8123

Karaage Shrimp With Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Please watch the video for direction. - 95.7911

Chef Alan Chaves Presents Rainbow Rice (2/2) 大廚艾倫查維斯示範彩虹飯

Whether you are looking forward to "wow" your guests or just impress the fussy eaters, this lip-smacking, vibrant dish would surely hit home. Replete with the goodness of veggies and other fresh ingredients, this no-fail recipe will garner you all the... - 92.5286

Superbowl Chicken And White Bean Chili

The Chicken and White Bean Chili is perfect for your Superbowl spread. It is so easy and pretty cheap to make, and feeds a lot of people. Watch and learn how to make this protein rich dish in this video. Enjoy! - 91.0748 Sauce

If you prefer pork on top of other meats, then you should always be in a lookout for some new preparation. Here the chef presents, sliced pork and vegetables cooked in savory orange sauce. You would definitely love this delicate pork dish to serve for any... - 90.8048

Tofu Wonton Bites With A Chili Honey Dip

An Asian inspired platter of tofu wrapped in a crispy wanton skin can be the perfect ice breaker in a party. Easy to make, this dish is done in a whiff with little effort. The crispy tofu bites lights up the platter and palate alike and is a perfect recipe... - 89.8018

Oriental Salsa With Baked Wonton Chips

A healthy fare with flavors inspired from Asia can make up for a perfect platter to entertain guests with. Easy to make, this salsa combines crunchy and fresh vegetables dressed up the Asian way along with wonton wrappers baked golden brown. This one... - 88.7241

Pork Dumplings

This recipe video is for Asian Food lovers! If you have always savored Pork Dumplings, here is your chance to cook it at home. This recipe is very simple and easy and makes delicious dumplings. Make it for family and friends; they are surely going to love... - 81.4443

Shrimp, Chicken, Veggie & Bacon Kabobs

Please watch the video for direction. - 81.2861

Sweet Leche Flan

For all this Filipino food fans this traditional leche flan recipe is a must try for you. Take a look at this video to learn how the lady chef combines some basic ingredients to make a succulent leche flan with a lemony zest. Certainly a great dessert idea... - 81.1382

Stir Fried Chicken With Cashews

Looking for a great chicken recipe with a variation? Try this delicious Stir Fried Chicken with Cashews recipe. The dish scores high on taste and you are sure going to bag a lot of compliments from your friends and family. - 80.1693

Oriental Satsumaimo Croquette

Have you been looking for some easy to make appetizer recipes? Take a look at this video to learn a simple and tasty Oriental Satsumaimo Croquette recipe. You will certainly like it. - 74.1213

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