Party Food

Party food is mainly prepared as a celebration food. From Christmas party to birthday party, party food is always the centre of attraction for guests. Party recipes are usually elaborated and prepared with some exotic ingredients. Nowadays, theme parties are a craze; hence party recipes are formulated by keeping in mind the theme of the occasion. Party food menu is laid out in a manner that everyone can enjoy the party with some great food. From appetizing snacks to refreshing drinks, from sumptuous main course to lip-smacking desserts, all is included in a party food menu to please the appetite of the guests.

Be it a ‘baby shower’, a wedding or a New Year bash, all these occasions are much awaited as people get to relish some of the best party recipes. Each and every occasion has its own significance; hence party dishes also include some of the traditional and classic recipes as well. Throwing a party or celebrating an occasion means different in different cultures but one thing that dominates all parties is food. Party food can be of various types, for instance, kids parties include recipes that are relished by kids. Kids are fond of sweets, cakes, pizza and burgers. However, variations can be done to add excitement. Women-only parties may include party recipes that are little sour or spicy, as ladies are fond of these recipes. Formal parties such as business parties or formal wedding receptions comprise of a wide selection of gourmet and authentic party recipes on the menu. Wine and drinks are always present in abundance in almost all kind of parties; however kids parties only include soft drinks and juices.

Exotic delicacies ranging from goat-cheese stuffed mushroom, braised chicken and a variety of finger foods mainly constitute the stress-free party food menu, so that the host can get enough time to entertain the guests.

History of Party Food

There is no specific evidence for the introduction of party food in any food culture. However, it is believed that in olden times, Britishers had started the trend of tea parties. In England, between the time period of 1788-1861, the tea time was created by one of the ladies-in waiting in the reign of Queen Victoria. She used to invite her friends on tea time and offered high-class tea with some light snacks such as cookies, sandwiches as well as some assorted sweets. In this way inviting friends for tea party had become a popular trend.

Popular Party Dishes from Different Cuisines

  • American - Christmas party, New Year bash, Thanksgiving and Halloween as some of the most celebrated occasions in America, hence party food is specially prepared by keeping in mind these occasions. Christmas and Thanksgiving party food menu mainly centered around some classic party recipes including turkey as well as pumpkin pie. Angel cookies, blueberry crumb cake and beef in beer are some of the mouth watering party dishes served in American parties.
  • European – European parties are lavish and celebrated with delectable party food. Christmas and New Year parties are much loved and comprises of party recipes including artichoke bruschetta, mushroom tarts, eggplant caviar and various kinds of dips and accompaniments. Wine and drinks are the indispensable part of the European party food menu. A cocktail party is a regular affair in European culture. Variety of finger foods is the main attraction of the menu.
  • Asian – Asian style party food is world famous as it includes some of the rich and lavishly prepared party recipes. Indian parties mainly include party dishes made with rich ingredients. Traditional recipes are also a part of Indian party food menu. Baby shower is a traditional function in Indian culture and most of the party recipes are prepared by keeping in mind the taste of the ladies, as is basically a ladies-only party. Asian style cocktail parties are also incomparable due to some exotic cocktail recipes such as sushi bar cocktail and Tablatinis. Crab Rangoon, firecracker shrimp and candied walnuts are some Asian party favorites.
  • Middle Eastern – Persian lamb with couscous, Lebanese spinach triangles, minty lemonade and moghile (rice pudding) are some of the tried and tested popular party recipes from Middle Eastern cuisine. Hummus and tahini are the favorite Middle Eastern dips that are always a part of Middle Eastern party food menu.
  • African – African party food menu primarily consists of a perfect combination of both simple crowd-pleaser recipes and African exotic recipes. Plaintains are fondly used in African party recipes. In drinks, mainly soft drinks and beer is served. Some of the popular African party dishes are moambe stew (a traditional African soup made with any kind of meat and an African palm oil based sauce), Nyama choma (roasted meat) and chicken in peanut tomato sauce.

Party Food: Trivia

Potato chips are the most loved snack at the Superbowl party.

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