Partan Brei


‘Partan Bree’ is a traditional Scottish seafood soup, which is made from crab meat. The dish gets its name from ‘Partan’ which means crab in Gaelic and ‘Bree’ in Doric means gravy or brew or a soup. The Partan Bree recipe is thought to have originated in the north-eastern border of Scotland as the region is famous for fishing. The soup consists of considerable amount of rice, which leads to the conclusion that the Partan Bree soup is not an old dish. Since the availability of rice in Scotland began after the British colonization of India in the latter of the 1700s. The original recipe holds rice which was brought from India.


Ingredients and Popular method of Preparing Partan Bree


The traditional Partan Bree recipe consists of Crab meat, rice, chicken stock, salt, pepper, anchovy essence, and cream. The crab meat is cleaned and cooked separately, while the white claw meat pieces are separated from the meat. Rice is boiled with milk till it becomes tender. Later the cooked rice and crab meat is re-combined and mixed with chicken stock. Salt, Pepper, and Anchovy seasonings are added to the mixture. The claw meat pieces and cream are added to the soup and reheated, not letting it to boil. The soup is often served at room temperature though most people prefer it hot.


Popular Variation of Partan Bree


The crab meat used in the Partan Bree recipe can be substituted by lobster. The ‘Crab Bisque’ though a French cuisine, popular in the North America is believed to have evolved from Partan Bree.


Nutritional facts of Partan Bree


  • The soup contains nearly 586 calories per serving with 84% of fat, 51% of cholesterol, and 53% of Protein.