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Palestinian food is a mix of the local cuisine, the Diaspora as well as of the neighboring states; the majority of Palestinian food styles were influenced by the Arab Ummayad conquest followed by the Persians and ... More »
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Best Makloubeh

Maqluba, or Makloubeh, often pronounced as Maalouba or Maglouba is a Palestinian upside-down rice and eggplant casserole, hence the name which is literally translated as "upside-down". It is sometimes made with fried cauliflower instead of eggplant and... - 121.337

Palestinian Omelet

Egg Omelet Palestinian style. - 86.006

Fatima Saada's Palestinian Style Olives

MAKING 1 Create 2 slits around the circumference of each olive or use a wooden block or hammer to break the skin of the olives and slightly bruise. 2 Prepare a salt-water solution with enough salt. 3 With a tea towel covered with a glass plate,... - 40.7851


In a large mixing bowl, mix together all the ingredients, except for the pine nuts. Blend until smooth and creamy. Chill. Transfer to a serving bowl, sprinkle with the pine nuts, and serve with squares of Pita bread as an hors d'oeuvre. - 33.0993

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Palestinian Musakhan

Palestinian musakha is a show stealer of Arabic family meals. It is a great combination of chicken and bread making it a complete meal. The exotic flavors of Palestinian olive oil and pine nuts make it a favorite of family gatherings. Watch the video for... - 116.789

Palestinian Kanafeh

Here is a fantastic video that displays how Arabic sweet, kanafeh can be easily prepared at home with shredded phyllo. It is very interesting to see the chef make this elegant sweet so easily. Serve this dish for dessert or even as a breakfast and enjoy! - 110.525

Lentils And Eggplant

MAKING 1. In a large pot add in the lentils and eggplant. Cook for 25 minutes. 2. Season with salt and black pepper. Add in the pomegranate molasses and stir well. 3. Meanwhile make the corn-starch slurry by mixing corn starch and water. 4. Add in the... - 91.8459

Arabic Freekeh

As funky as it sounds, Arabic freekeh is a power house of protein and the best characteristic of this grain is that it can be cooked in many ways and used with many other ingredients, making it a versatile side dish. In this video the simplest way of cooking... - 108.306


Kunafa is one of the most exotic and luscious Arabic desserts. The sweet cheese melts in your mouth while you try to figure out the flavors of the syrup it is soaked in. This video shows an easy way of making it at home. - 113.988


Maqluba is probably one of the most exotic rice and meat dishes you would have ever come across. It is not very well known outside the Arab world but its subtle flavors will blow you away. Take a look at the video for the steps of preparing this wholesome all... - 114.089


Musakhan is a one of its kind dish as it is a complete meal in itself. It tastes wonderful with its subtle flavors and looks so exquisite and deserves the centre place on the table. Take a look at the recipe details in this video. - 115.918

Vegan Mujaddara Hamra

This is a great high-protein dish for vegetarians but is loved by non-vegetarians alike. It is very filling, high in fiber, iron and protein. It is so versatile because it can be served any time of the day and still be satisfying. Serve it with pita bread,... - 123.46

Best Mujaddara

Cooked lentils are popular all over the Middle East and form the basis of many dishes. Mujaddara is a popular Levantine dish, and may be served on its own or with other vegetables and side dishes: it is equally good hot and cold. This dish is a main staple of... - 110.68

Laban Ummu

Laban ummu means “his mother’s milk,” the implication of the name being that the young lamb is cooked in its mother’s milk. This Palestinian preparation is also popular in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. But this business of the mother’s milk is just... - 40.6953

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