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Sweet Zarda Rice

Want a delicious sweet rice to serve with your Asian meat curry? Zarda rice would be the best combination for a scrumptious meal. Chef in the video is showing the simplest method for preparing this dish which actually looks like a gourmet and difficult dish... - 121.971

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Pakistani Pigeons And Pilau

1. In a heavy kettle heat two tablespoons of the butter, add the squabs and brown on all sides. 2. Remove the kettle from the heat and pour five cups water over the birds. Add the ginger root, garlic, coriander, fennel and the quartered onion. Return the... - 34.6766

Orange Rice And Orange Salad

This video is in Urdu - 72.0391

Once A Week Kitchen - How To Make Turkey Curry

Turn Christmas leftovers into this delicious turkey curry. This turkey curry is quick and tasty and uses a jar of ready curry spice paste and leftover Christmas dinner turkey meat and veggies. Serve it over fragrant basmati rice and accompany with chutney... - 101.963

Pakistani Cuisine - Kofta

A delicious spinach (palak) spicy malai kofta recipe with a coriander twist! - 114.443

Pakistani Pakora Kurhi

Want a hot and sour soup for a cold winter night? Something that is not so usual and vegetarian as well. In this video, chef is making Pakistani Pakora Kurhi in the most traditional or authentic way using the right mix of ingredients and spices. The soup is a... - 117.397

Lamb Chops Pakistani

1. Trim fat from chops; melt butter or margarine in large, heavy skillet with tight-fitting cover; brown chops on both sides; remove. 2. Saute onion until tender in remaining fat in pan; stir in rice, grapes, apricots, peanuts, salt, ginger, cloves, pepper,... - 33.5225

Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Who doesn't like Chinese egg fried rice, it has almost synonymous with fast food. We all eat them at restaurants without knowing the fact that it is equally easy to make at home with few ingredients from the kitchen cabinet. The chef is narrating in Hindi so... - 67.947

Lahori Fish - Fish In A Crispy Fried Batter

This is a delicious batter that is great coating any kind of filet fish. A special from Lahore, Pakistan, this fish is fried in a crispy batter. Great as a snack, appetizer or even a main snack. - 124.334

Mulligatawny Soup

Melt butter in a large kettle; saute onions, carrots, celery and green pepper until tender. Stir in flour, curry powder, salt and cloves; cook 1 minute. Gradually add water and Tabasco sauce; mix well. Add turkey and half the apples; cover and bring to a... - 47.6007


How about serving an egg chutney with appetizers for your next party? In this video, chef is making a delicious looking egg chutney called khakina with eggs, tomatoes, onions and spices. It’s easy to prepare and very flavorful as the eggs are stir fried in... - 114.669

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