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Pakistani food potrays the true muslim culinary culture that is predominant in Pakistan. The food culture is also prevalent along the northern border of India and from its neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Iran ... More »
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Lahori Fish - Fish In A Crispy Fried Batter

This is a delicious batter that is great coating any kind of filet fish. A special from Lahore, Pakistan, this fish is fried in a crispy batter. Great as a snack, appetizer or even a main snack. - 124.334

Lahori Aloo By Tarla Dalal

A potato dish with rich gravy! Serve hot with parathas or puris. - 121.808

Pakistani Aloo Paratha

This weekend try Pakistani aloo paratha for brunch. The recipe is in the video, which has a detailed recipe and a nicely shot video to show how to prepare it successfully. The method of rolling out the paratha seems to be pretty easy which makes it an easy... - 117.771

Masala Crusted Whitebait On Lime Ranch Red Onion

I've selected a recipe which is terrifically quick, laughably simple and commands rock star status in the taste category. Masala Crusted Whitebait will earn you new best friend prominence. - 116.146

Prawn Roll

Here is an amazing appetizer recipe for seafood buffs. In the video, chef is making prawn rolls using pastry rolls. For spice and flavor she uses freshly crushed garlic, chili and spring onions and adds a bit to it while wrapping prawns in pastry rolls. Her... - 114.868

Pakistani Cuisine - Kofta

A delicious spinach (palak) spicy malai kofta recipe with a coriander twist! - 114.443

Restaurant Style Chicken Jalfrezi

The Perfect Chicken Jalfrezi Curry from the Executive Chef at the Rajput Restaurant, Harrogate. I've been cooking for over 14 years and finally decided to share a few secrets. - 113.41

Kadai Bhindi Pakistani / Indian Okra And Tomatoes

MAKING 1. In a pan heat the oil and add in the cumin, garlic and ginger. Sauté for few seconds. 2. Add in the onion and sauté for 1 minute. 3. Stir in the okra and stir for few minutes. Followed by tomatoes, cayenne, turmeric and salt. Stir all the... - 104.64

Once A Week Kitchen - How To Make Turkey Curry

Turn Christmas leftovers into this delicious turkey curry. This turkey curry is quick and tasty and uses a jar of ready curry spice paste and leftover Christmas dinner turkey meat and veggies. Serve it over fragrant basmati rice and accompany with chutney... - 101.963

Peshawari Chole / Spiced Chickpeas (garbanzo Beans)

Learn how to make Spicy chickpea curry Peshawar style popularly called Peshawari Chole. - 99.8216


Want a little twist to your classic faluda? Follow the chef in the video, for she is making Faluda with Jelly and Ice Cream. This faluda is as colorful as the classic one but this one has the flavors of vanilla ice cream and the jelly which every child likes.... - 82.5103

Pakistani Pigeons And Pilau

1. In a heavy kettle heat two tablespoons of the butter, add the squabs and brown on all sides. 2. Remove the kettle from the heat and pour five cups water over the birds. Add the ginger root, garlic, coriander, fennel and the quartered onion. Return the... - 34.6766

Pakistani Meatballs

Pinch each of thyme, oregano, curry or turmeric for colour. Mix all ingredients together and form into little meatballs (walnut size). - 27.4474

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