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Pachadi is a spicy, savory, sweet or tangy South Indian accompaniment dish, usually made of vegetables or dals(lentils), traditionally served as an accompaniment to rice, Indian savory pancakes or breads. Generally ... More »
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Pineapple Pachadi

Pachadi is a traditional Kerala cuisine dish made using a fruit or vegetable. Because of abundance of coconuts in Kerala almost all the dishes from there are prepared with coconut where curd forms the base. And this dish is no exception. It makes a great... - 49.1395

Uppumanga Pachadi

1. Slice salted mangoes with a stainless steel knife and cut into a small cubes. 2. Put into a cooking vessel along with mango seeds. 3. Finely slice onions. Slit 2 green chillies and add along with onions to the mangoes. 4. Grate coconut and prepare first... - 44.4841

Doodhi Pachadi

1. Wash, peel and dice the gourd. 2. Chop ginger, slit green chillies and slice onions. 3. Cook all ingredients with just enough water to cook the vegetable. 4. Remove from fire, add beaten curds and salt. 5. Heat oil. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, sliced... - 40.0131


Heat oil in pan, add cumin seeds, as they turn dark, remove pan, set aside to cool. Mix yogurt with tomato and cumin in a serving bowl, refrigerate. Just before serving, add sliced banana and salt. - 32.9259

Pachadi Of Ripe Mangoes

Grind the coconut very fine. Add to it the coarsely ground onion, green chillies and the mustard powder. Mix all these items into a glass bowl. Whip the curds and add it to the bowl. Add salt to taste and lastly the chopped mangoes. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil... - 27.3953

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Unakka Munthiri Pachadi

Unakka munthiri pachadi is a very special kind of pachadi prepared and served during sadhyas. This pachdi is not regularly prepared in homes and is very specific to certain regions in Kerala. This pachadi tastes sweeter than other variants prepared using... - 38.0672

Ethapazham Pachadi

Ethapazham pachadi or nenthrapazham pachadi is a side dish prepared and served during regular meals and special occasions. Ethapazham or nenthrapazham or banana is a very typical ingredient in many curries and is also used for making dessert - 37.1859

Beet Root Pachadi

Beet root pachadi is a colorful side dish, which is served during sadhyas. This simple pachadi can be easily prepared using beetroot and curd. - 32.7922

Vellarika Pachadi

Vellarika pachadi is a very popular cucumber raitha prepared and served in many Keralite homes on regular basis. This dish is easy to prepare and it requires fewer ingredients too. - 35.3989

Mango Pachadi

Mango Pachadi is sweet, hot, has mango's light sour taste. Easy to make and irresistable to stop relishing..! Enjoy! - 38.8056

Vendaikai Pachadi

This pachadi is a nice way of adding okra to your diet, apart from the poriyal. Okra is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, and fiber. You can make this as a second vegetable side dish for your lunch. - 47.2787

Manga Pachadi (mango In Yogurt Gravy)

Pachadi is a Kerala delight that is made with curd or yogurt and coconut as a gravy. You can make a Pachadi for a variety of vegetables and fruits. This recipe is a Mango version of the same. It is very delicious and is a perfect side dish to any spicy curry.... - 43.3056

Cucumber Pachadi

Kerala cuisine boasts of liberal use of coconut in its curries, desserts, etc. This Pachadi also is an easy way to make the traditional pachadi without any cooking involved. - 44.583

Carrot Pachadi

This pachadi is sweet sour in taste. Carrot gives the sweetness and yogurt the sour taste. This combination has always been a hit. It is very easy to make and its addition to the menu can perk up even a simple dal. - 47.3458

Vendakka Thayir Pachadi

Pachadi, especially vendakka pachadi is a very common part of a sadya or wedding meal. Its simplicity balances out the heat of the other curries and side dishes that are seen as more important. This recipe has lightly fried lady’s finger (okra) added to a... - 107.192

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