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Oysters With Mignonette Sauce

Wondering how to include oysters in your menu? Watch this video and learn this simple recipe by Chef Tse that can be easily replicated at home. Watch the video now. - 108.292

Oysters Piquante In The Half Shell

Set out 12 small shell-shaped ramekins. (If oysters are purchased in shells, use deep half of each shell.) Drain oysters; discard liquor; place 3 oysters in each ramekin or shell. Blend the mayonnaise, chili sauce, butter, mustard, lemon juice, Tabasco, and... - 36.1175

Baked Oysters On The Half Shell

Thoroughly wash oysters in shells in cold water; open each with an oyster knife or other blunt-tipped knife. Remove oysters with knife; drain. Discard flat upper shells; wash deep bottom shells. Place each oyster in a shell half. Combine bread crumbs,... - 34.5078

Fresh Oysters On The Half Shell

To open the oysters, scrub the shells and hold over a bowl in a folded cloth, the deep shell down. Insert the oyster knife into the hinge, pry open, cut the hinge muscle, and work the knife around to open the shells. Any juice that has escaped should be... - 34.0708

Oysters On The Half Shell

1. Scrub and rinse the oysters, open them and discard the smaller half shell. 2. Fill 4 soup plates half full of cracked ice. Arrange 6 oysters on their lower shells on each of the soup plates. In the center, place a small cup of cocktail sauce. 3. To make... - 30.9978

Oysters On The Half Shell

Make bed of crushed ice on six deep plates and place in freezer. Shuck oysters, retaining as much liquor as possible in cupped bottom shell. Discard flat upper shell. Balance oysters in bottom shell on bed of ice. Garnish each plate with lemon wedge and... - 29.2853

Oysters On The Half Shell

Wash oysters well to remove sand and grit. Prepare beds of lettuce or ice. Open oysters with oyster knife just before serving. Discard top shell; loosen oyster from bottom of shell by cutting ligaments. - 25.2135

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